Richard with George Knapp on C2C Tonight

By | June 26, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I just want to give you a heads up that I will be on for the last two hours tonight of Coast to Coast AM with guest host George Knapp. This will have a lot to do with the 75 anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and of Roswell. And I imagine we may discuss some contemporary issues in ufology as well. We’ll see. Whatever we do, I always appreciate George Knapp and have no doubt it will be engaging. 


22 thoughts on “Richard with George Knapp on C2C Tonight

  1. T. J.

    George “knapp” used to be the only reason I was a premium member of c2c, then covid hit and we found out how crazy asleep he was. You know he thinks people like us that were not jabbed are crazy conspiracy theorists, right? I probably should go back to Coast to Coast since (at least the last time I checked) George “Noory” was one of the few people talking about how crazy the response to covid was.
    Would be great if you’d take an opportunity to make it clear where you stand on things, but unfortunately you’re smarter than that 😉 but you could certainly talk about the coincidence it is that the globalists had publicly available plans for it ahead of time and are now using it to their advantage. What the hell, take it out on knapp, Noory will always have you back if you piss knapp off.

    1. elevator

      There have been plans to combat gobla pandemis for many years. Are you saying that is a bad thing?
      Globalists plans….conspiracy theory right?
      I’m not knocking conspiracies as there are and have been multitudes since man has been around. One must be discriminating however.

    2. T. J.

      Apparently George Noory has been censored, or at least that’s how it appears after listening to several shows since resubscribing to catch Richards appearance.

      I was a pretty staunch lefty but slowly began to wake up during covid and George was one of the few voices speaking out but apparently he’s been silenced, because he doesn’t do his news piece at the beginning anymore where he would give all of his commentary 🙁

    3. BiliousBob

      People who think the jab works are the knuckle heads and goofballs who will follow the sheep to the slaughter house. I thought knapp would be smarter than that but I guess not.

  2. T. J.

    George “knapp” used to be the only reason I was a premium member of c2c, then covid hit and we found out how crazy asleep he was. You know he thinks people like us that were not jabbed are crazy conspiracy theorists, right? I probably should go back to Coast to Coast since (at least the last time I checked) George “Noory” was one of the few people talking about how crazy the response to covid was.
    Would be great if you’d take an opportunity to make it clear where you stand on things, but unfortunately you’re smarter than that 😉 but you could certainly talk about the coincidence it is that the globalists had publicly available plans for it ahead of time and are now using it to their advantage. What the hell take it out on knapp Noory will always have you back.

    Knapp was one of the reasons I left UFO Twitter, not to mention Twitter in general, he was always posting things that were so antithetical to your view on things of late

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I must have been in a cave because clearly there are things I’ve not been paying attention to. I will say I’ve known and respected and liked George K for years. Regarding Covid and the jab, I can still respect people I disagree with on that matter — as long as they believe what they do in good faith (which I think is usually the case). For the record — and I have said this publicly several times — I have never taken a Covid jab and as far as I can see I never will. However, there are people on this site whom I respect greatly that I know HAVE taken it. Both sides of this one see dire consequences coming from the other side. One side is probably (more) correct than the other, but I see no point for me to lose a friendship with a good person over the matter. I realize that’s not exactly what you were saying but I just thought I would make my position more explicit on this.

      1. Joshua Ringer

        It’s been 5 years since I got into the UFO field. I’ve always been a believer but The NY Times article just captured me and I’ve been deeply involved since. One thing I’ve learned in this field is that I still can like and respect someone that I disagree with. It’s hard though sometimes but it’s healthier for me to find some common ground. I wasn’t aware of George K’s stance on the jab but it’s definitely an issue that brings out the worst in people. I still love George and think he’s a great reporter. As for me I think everyone should make their own decision if they want to get it or not. If George doesn’t feel that way then it’s his business.

      2. Clifford Ribaudo

        I love Knapp. One of the true gentlemen of the air and a great reporter IMHO. Why I subscribe to C2C! He is incredibly reasonable & logical, incredibly rational, and VERY well informed.

      3. Harry Harris

        The ‘Covid Jab’? Close to 1 million persons in the US have died from complications from this virus. You have never mentioned this and probably never will. You have danced around this subject so long its embarrassing. I understand your hesitancy for being straightforward on your thoughts about the virus as not wishing to offend some of your listeners. So many have lost friends and relatives due to this scourge and yet you treat it as a political football. It is not a game and low are you to treat it is as such. If it is political or a vast agenda to rule the world, please give some evidence and be specific.

      4. ufoguy

        Thanks for your vaccine status disclosure, not necessary to me but much appreciated. I’ve always loved listening to George Knapp sometimes he can come off as a bit of a hustler but I love his enthusiasm on the topic of ufos. I’m in Canada struggling under the obsessive mandates of the boy king Trudeau. I don’t know if I have ever seen such a complex and divisive subject in my entire 60 years + as this entire covid experience. I can only speak on what I know and in my family circle , our children and their children, who number 20 soles all tolled of which 5, are fully vaccinated out of necessity for their jobs and two are partially vaccinated. One, my oldest daughter gave up her nursing career for her stance on “the jab”. We’ve all had it. My wife and I had the delta variant she was down for about a week with mild symptoms mostly fatigue while I was classified as asymptomatic. There are immune deficiencies among the 22 of us, including chronic bronchitis, asthma, MS, Epilepsy, obesity and probably more we don’t know about. Everyone has had it and some twice, nobody has been hospitalized treated medically, except for my oldest son-law but that is much to long of a story to get into. Strangely the only one who has had it 3 times is my youngest fully vaccinated daughter. We all talk openly about it at family gatherings and everyone agrees there is far more going on than meets the eye or reaches the ear. Some of us hold mildly differing political opinions but all agree the government is following a different agenda then what they say publicly. Cheers.


  3. Matthew Palmer

    I hope there is a way you can make this interview available on this site Rich, Coast To Coast severed membership for Australian listeners years ago, without any explanation. George is a great interviewer and I never get tired of the Roswell story.

  4. PressToDigitate

    WHEN our Quisling Elites formally, publicly hand over control of the planet to the Brain-Sucking Aliens, I hope it rates more than a passing mention on the C2C “In The News” summary, the Headlines at the top of the show or Knapp’s News bits. Of course, since all the “normie” media will be reporting it as “The Second Coming”, everybody will get their fill of the news, whether it meets their expectations of “The Arrival”, or not.

    There will be a plethora of competing narratives; we can see that now. The Proglodytes will imagine them as “undocumented space migrants” that we must unquestioningly accommodate, banishing the very word “Alien” as too “Othering” to avoid offending their feelings. The Government will portray them as “Partners in Peace”, here to “help us” with our [self-induced] “Energy Crisis” and overcoming the bogus “Climate Change”, by “sharing with us” the Free Energy/Overunity technologies they’ve been murdering our inventors to keep suppressed since WWII, with great fanfare. These wondrous deliverers from the Heavens will make it possible to “Green the Deserts”, which we could have done for 50 years or more already, on our own, had progress not been artificially stymied, to much applause. This will help us to feed our [dwindling] multitudes [for whom food is no longer a problem] amidst the artificially contrived “food shortage”. The rash of [artificially created] plagues that began with the C19 “Kung Flu”, and then the Moneypox, followed by several newer and even more creative Frankengerms, will be majically cured with the medical gifts these Celestial Visitors will bestow on Mankind, to prostrations of gratitude. They will help ‘upgrade’ our Metaverse, making it even more zotsy and compelling, perhaps adding the Smell, Taste & Touch that keeps folks from ever wanting to log-out from it again, and the kids will love them for it.

    As the Agenda21/30 “Rewilding” effort forcibly clears Tens of Millions of Americans from Hundreds of Millions of acres of rural “Flyover Country”, evacuating it as “Lebensraum” for the Alien Colonists, new techniques of farm automation – and new crops never before eaten by Humans (and perhaps inedible to Humans), will gradually replace our lovingly tended “Amber Waves of Grain”. But from within the Metaverse Hive Mind, the vast majority of remaining Humans won’t know and won’t care about the pogroms purging Humanity from the rural areas, and any who do find out, and happen to care, will simply be neuromodulated not to any longer.

    When it is revealed that Millions of Aliens have already been living among us, as our Doctors, Employers, Landlords, Bank Managers, Police Officers, News Reporters, Clergy, Therapists, Lawyers, Judges, Teachers, and Bureaucrats, in increasing numbers for decades, it will be less shocking to people than we might think. When it becomes obvious that most of the offspring produced by IVF (i.e. most of the babies born after 2025 or so), are somehow “kin” to these resident Hybrids, even the muggles will begin to sort out what has happened. Gradually, millions of less “passable” Hybrids will be repatriated to Earth, from their Lunar and Martian workplaces, but new false excuses for comprehensive “Masking” in public will keep most of them obscured until they’ve become acclimated to living here, as our dwindlement continues.

    New public measures will be instituted for the administration of Estates, as more and more Humans expire without heirs; the “New Normal”. Artificial Wombs will be introduced through the IVF system, to reduce the “burden” of Motherhood on the increasingly scarce biological women equipped to do so. Through universal neurotech, both Human and Alien, the GMO children of IVF will be educated to post-doctoral levels in their first five to ten years of life, during which their physical growth to maturity will be radically accelerated.

    Will the last Organic Human departing Visceral Reality for Endronement into the Metaverse, please remember to turn out the Lights?

    1. elevator

      Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait. ‘Bout time someone shook stuff up. Seems to be the natural order of things.

  5. Andykub

    George Knapp is a pro, and I’m glad he had you as a guest! With your background in history, you are perfect for this crazy field of ufology. And I mean that you can make sense of a lot of things within the historical frame. But I felt for you, Richard, you couldn’t have gotten much sleep! I was once a subscriber to C2C, but the commercials were getting longer which meant the interviews themselves were shorter and broken up.

    C2C does sometimes make YouTube clips available, but I doubt it would be the entire two hours.

  6. Pyroxide_Martini

    I had a subscription to C2C for almost a decade, I really enjoyed listening to the shows and the various topics but in the last 2 years they had a policy change and became insular, closed their borders to anyone outside the US / Canada (I think that’s it) and terminated my subscription because I’m Australian. Their policy shift to this day makes no sense but they are worse off for it IMO.

    I do miss the show though.

    1. Christina

      I’m in Denmark, and the same happened to my subscription at that time. I emailed them more than once to ask if it was just temporary, but I never got a reply to that part of my message… I miss the show too…

      1. Pyroxide_Martini

        Yeah they responded to me about it and didn’t explain why except that they were just not servicing countries outside their own domain anymore. The Anti-thesis of business and what I would have thought was great exposure for the various topics but people do strange things.

        Restrictions such as that make no sense – it’s like region blocking on dvds – it doesn’t work – ultimately people find a way around it to access your content OR they go to your competitors, either way, you lose.

  7. Dan Jensen

    Missed it but reminded me of listening to coast to coast in the 90s . Got into UFOs after reading Above top secret and The day after Roswell. Be nice if it gets on YouTube but it’s all about money now. I just got rid of a Amazon add on so I can continue my subscription here. Looking forward to more fascinating content.

  8. TomTort

    I find it interesting how many people actually argue about taking the “JAB.” One should be more concerned about where and how the covid19 originally came into existence. I think our approach would be dramatically different if we understood this “thing”came from a laboratory and is not an evolutionary product of nature. There are far too many strains in a short time which continue to mutate. I have never blamed anyone for not taking the JAB or taking it. It is best to follow your instincts when it comes to your health, especially if there are flaws in the legitimacy or practicality of the “JAB.”
    I think both George Noory and Richard Dolan have legitimate reasons and I appreciate their comments. I have spoken to people who have and have not taken the “JAB” and each side have legitimate reasons for their decision. I took the “JAB” simply because my wife was required to do so by her employer.
    My Big Complaint is that there has been too much “under the rug” B.S. hiding the fact that this is a laboratory creation.
    There are many distractions and this is just one of many yet to come.


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