Richard, Steve Basset, & Chris Lehto Mini Conference this weekend – LIVE ONLINE

By | November 17, 2023

[This event took place Nov18/19 – VIDEO REPLAYS AVAILABLE  – CLICK IMAGE]

Hi everyone,

I thought I would add a link to our recent mailout and any relevant info for the conference event this weekend to answer any questions you may have.

[Mail Annouoncement Nov 17/23]

As always Richard is throwing his best into this to make his content fresh and new for everyone, including members.

It’s $29 for 3 x90 minute lectures, and 1 panel.

There are breakaway private VIP sessions with limited seating for each speaker for $39 each. You can choose to be on camera or not. You can ask questions or just watch the small group interaction. There is always gold treasure in private VIP sessions that researchers won’t say in a large formats.

Here’s a link to a quick video and our schedule of events.

Hope to see many of you this weekend if you can make it.

And as always, Richard appreciates your encouragement and support in any form.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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One thought on “Richard, Steve Basset, & Chris Lehto Mini Conference this weekend – LIVE ONLINE

  1. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    Possibly I missed it as I didn’t have an opportunity to watch all the presentations today, or this weekend.
    Though I don’t believe we can discuss the politics of disclosure without defining “Politics”.
    “Politics (from Ancient Greek πολιτικά (politiká) ‘affairs of the cities’) is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations among individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status.”
    Though many associated with the investigation, and research of the UAP/UFO phenomenon may share that they sincerely are not political, and that this is a bi-partisan issue. In the end it does come down too groups making decisions about the distribution of resources.
    In this case both knowledge, and technology, and who should oversee that distribution which will confer status on the deciding groups or their appointed, or elected representatives.
    As such, all matters in this regard are political regardless of party affiliation.
    Over the last 75 years the political landscape has changed greatly.
    When we look back at the past i.e. 1947, I’m reminded of a quote from the novel “The Go Between” by L.B. Hartley “The past is a foreign country, and they do things differently there.”
    In 1947 the U.S. population was only 141,126,071.
    Only 8000 homes had television sets in 1946.
    There was no internet or direct telephone connections overseas.
    Most all International News still came via Newspapers or radio.
    As the U.S. was emerging from World War 2 with the worlds leading economy, millions of displaced Europeans, and Asians were still struggling to return to what was left of their homes and rebuild. Distribution, disease and starvation was universal.
    The accidental acquisition of an Alien space craft, and it’s occupants, by a government that only recently obtained jet flight, and knew little about it’s own solar system, had to have been grossly overcome by fear.
    Were these scouts from an impending invasion, and from where?
    They were still uncovering the horrors of the Third Reich. What terrors could these Non Humans bring down on Earth?
    Between 53 and 60 million soldiers and civilians had died during the war.
    As Robert Downey Jr. said in the film “Avengers” “Now there’s these guys.” Refering to an invading Alien force attacking New York.
    There was no way in the world that the Truman administration was going to do a fireside chat about the fear of a possible Alien invasion. The entire planet would have had a collective nervous break down.
    Again, all they knew was these weren’t humans, and even at first blush, a look at their tech ridiculously out gunned anything on the planet.
    According to the Admiral Willson notes, even as late as the ’90’s Legacy program operators told Willson they had made very little progress in the study of recovered craft. Imagine what it was like in 1947?
    So, first out of secrecy to prevent panic which I believe was a real concern at the time, then with the U.S.S.R.s development of the bomb, a concern that an enemy state might infiltrate a Legacy program as the Manhattan project had, in the end, been compromised, despite the Nation’s highest security precautions, arose a need for even greater security. One higher than even the “H Bomb”.
    In 1947 Truman establishes the National Security Council. Today it encompasses over 500 members.
    Over 75 years the growth of government, and the National Security State has expanded expeditiously.
    The Legacy programs have broaden from a small codrea of WW 2 Science geniuses, working in secret, now too Secret Compartmented Programs in Military Labs, Private Industry, and clandestine University Studies.
    Not just State side either. These programs stretch around the world in Black Project labs in country’s friendly to the U.S., though out of reach of any oversight or discovery.
    So many have evolved outside of any general accounting, or the oversight of any central authority, that no one knows, or can actually account for all of them, their agenda or progress.
    Some are well aware of what they’re exploiting. While others labor unaware of the nature of their tasks.
    The “Political” reality is that these Legacy programs operate outside of the political polices, and guidelines intended to guard against corruption.
    Without the necessary checks and balances many of the programs have descended into cash grabs.
    To quote from another film “Robo Cop”
    ” Who cares if it worked. It was worth millions of dollars in government contracts.”
    Such is the current State of affairs.
    I respectfully disagree with Steve that Grusch overtly disrupted a planned disclosure rollout.
    The UAP Task was set up in 2020, two years before A.A.R.O. was even established.
    Grusch was specifically assigned as an Investigator for the UAP Task Force to get to the bottom of the UAP/UFO Phenomenon.
    By 2022 when A.A.R.O. was finally established Grusch and 40 Whistle Blowers from the Legacy programs had already terrified to both Houses of the Select Intelligence Committee.
    Grusch’s public testimony to Congress was in 2023 a year after A.A.R.O. and Kirkpatrick began.
    If Grusch’s testimony took Kirkpatrick by surprise, and disrupted a disclosure rollout, I can only share what the “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” shared.
    “That you should always stay abreast of plans posted at your local planning department in Alpha Centari.”
    If the head of A.A.R.O. didn’t already know what Grusch and 40 Whistle Blowers had testified to the Select Intelligence Committee 2 years previously, as well as the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community he clearly wasn’t the best choice to lead A.A.R.O.
    The contention of if, or did, Grusch speak with A.A.R.O. and or Kirkpatrick is really mute, as Kirkpatrick, strangely enough, doesn’t have the Security Clearance to hear Grusch’s unredacted testimony. No one at A.A.R.O. does which begs the question why were they even there?
    Where does the “Politics of Disclosure” go from here?
    From a post War time epoch trying to rise from the ashes of a devastated planet that suddenly learned that there maybe even larger more unimaginable threats, too todays Black Budget 8 Billion dollar + cash grab by shady Syndicate like Special Operators?
    This has become a law enforcement matter.
    Billions have been stolen, lives and careers have been destroyed. Some may have been murdered not to hide exterrestrial contact, but to hide crimes against Humanity.
    I had a friend who escaped Cuba in the 60’s. Until he came to the United States he had never seen a Globe or map of the World. He only knew of 6 countries beside Cuba.
    As shocking as that was when I learned that any government was capable of keeping their entire population in the dark about the physical reality and nature of the planet and their place in it. Is it any different than hiding from all Humanity that the planet is routinely visited by not simply dozens, but hundreds of civilizations from countless worlds?
    Some of whom they have communicated, and traded with.
    As Richard and Steve have both noted, there is no other more profound realization for the inhabitants around the Globe.
    Last week Congress passed an amendment reinstating Grusch’s Security Clearance which will allow him to finally testify fully to ALL members of Congress in a secure SCIF.
    Though the session is classified I doubt it’s revelations will remain so for long, and when they do come out, as they say “Katie bar the door!”
    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator
    1974 to 1980


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