Quick Update Before Flying Home

By | June 7, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This was a very eventful conference and Tracey and I are currently packing to fly home tomorrow. I have a great deal to report on, and have much video to share with you also. We plan to do all the updating while at the Dallas airport on a 3 or 4 hour layover, so stand by for that. 

Regarding the article in the Debrief, it’s clearly important. I’m noticing very little mainstream followup. I think something on Fox and something from HuffPo. I haven’t heard of anything else, although I admit I’m not fully in the loop at the moment. 

We did shoot an impromptu panel about all this late Monday night. I was with Linda, Steve Basset, Danny and Sara Sheehan, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, and Alan Steinfeld discussing it. Tracey did outstanding video and audio recording of it. Honestly, it’s …. okay. 🙂 Those guys will have it on their various public channels. I am putting our version of it on our private channel for Members of this site. That will be available tomorrow, along with much else. I’ll be doing other public work on this later this week. Here’s a shot of the gang. 

[left to right: Sara Sheehan, Linda Moulton Howe, Ian Halling, Steve Bassett, Alan Steinfeld, Desiree Hurtak, Richard, Tracey, Danny Sheehan, J. J. Hurtak]

I think the recent news is important and potentially could trigger similar revelations. I admit I was surprised it happened. Honestly have to say I didn’t expect it. It’s significant. I also think that there continues to be a struggle of factions going on, not only within the national security apparatus but also within the media. Let’s see how it is covered during the remainder of this week. 

Okay, back to packing. We will have lots to upload tomorrow while in Dallas. Looking forward to seeing our cat Yeats tomorrow night! 

Love to all the members of this site.

Richard and Tracey

7 thoughts on “Quick Update Before Flying Home

  1. William Mott

    Safe trip to you guys. I can’t wait for you to get home soon ! There’s so much going on right now. We need you 2. These are crazy times now! I need to get back on my Home site here. Tired of debating the Recent Whistle-blower news on other sites with all the 🤨 Skeptics! Lol
    See ya soon..


    I enjoy and appreciate the research your books share with us. Your writing style flows so beautifully that I have read several books again just for the enjoyment of reading. And thank you for your recommendations of other authors. I try to purchase and read them, also. At 92 years old, I have really caught the bug of UAPs. It makes the time I have left so valuable and exciting to be alive at such an historical moment in human history. And thank you for sharing with us other interesting Youtube shows and interveiws. How do I see again the gentlemen from NEED TO KNOW?
    I do not remember their names, but I did find them very knowledgeable.
    Thank you again, Richard. ……..Kathleen Deneris

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hey Richard, be prepared for the orange and yellow air and sky when you get home. I am sure you know what to expect as it has been a major event and ongoing. I have all windows closed today and my eyes are still burning anyway. 🙂

  4. robert faria

    Wow you have your hands full on this one. I noticed main stream media touched it then stood back. Interesting. May the UFO gods be with you during these intense frustrating times.

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