Quick Note from Richard

By | July 5, 2022

Hi Everyone,

For the past week, Tracey and I have been going through a great deal of back-end material of this website. My part currently involves going through every single previous post on this site and properly categorizing it. Right now I am back in October 2019 — more than halfway through. It’s a bit tedious but what makes up for it is that I get to see all the material that is here! It shocks me to think I’ve forgotten that I’ve posted research and material on such a wide range of subjects relevant to ufology and beyond. 

But every once in a while, I’ve noticed that when I update the categories of an old post, it gets REPOSTED here. That just happened with an audio podcast Answer Forum I did in October 2019 — and one of you commented on it as through it was brand new. Well, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t new, it was nearly three years old. 🙂

This sort of thing may happen during the next week or so. In fact, I’d say that if you are a careful viewer of this site, you will notice occasional “glitches in the Matrix” or more accurately just temporary changes that we switch back. It’s nothing to be concerned about, we’re just doing some back-end construction. 

In terms of content this week, we are going to record a fresh OTC podcast (and have just created a short clip of a previous OTC podcast which we’ll release in the next day or so). Also, I intend to record a video podcast of the next installment of the USO series I’m doing. That should happen either tomorrow or Thursday. So stay tuned, we have more coming soon. 


10 thoughts on “Quick Note from Richard

  1. JimmyBee

    Could you leave crazy posts and insane rants where they are? No need to make THOSE any easier to find.

    Thank you all for the hard work and keeping us informed!

  2. gregjacobi

    These glitches you speak of…. I always suspected we were living in a simulation! And now it’s being proven true…

  3. Ted2

    Is there a way to search all old posts (by name of poster or by key words to pull up old posts on your website?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Ted, even now the Search feature of this site is very useful for finding posts on any subject. I use this feature all the time and it works really well. Very soon we will introduce a completely revised menu functionality of this site that will allow you to browse by a range of subjects, which I imagine will be very much welcome by everyone. I think we might just do that even before bringing other new features online, so it’s possible we do this upgrade in stages. While reviewing old posts today, I noticed that several of them got posted fresh today — I think that’s because those were only Draft versions of posts that actually had never gotten published to begin with. I’ve been guilty of doing that three or four times today. 🙂

      1. David Rody

        Sounds like some very welcome upgrades! I find you to be a very sane voice in a very “ un-sane “ field. Thanks for, “ fighting the good fight” !

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    I’ll mention this here as being related to the topic of site improvements. I would suggest that your contact form allow for attachments. I have occasionally wanted to send you papers from time to time and there is no real way to do that via the current contact form. Probably I am not alone in this 🙂

  5. PressToDigitate

    Could you please use this website update occasion to add a WordPress module that will make it possible for us to search the database for Comments, by User? This would let us retrieve all of our own past Comments, in order to recompile them into other formats. With a book in process, this would be a most useful function. I am probably not the only one on here that you have inspired to begin writing a book with new perspectives on Ufology.

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