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By | October 14, 2020

A quick greeting to all members, first to let you know that yes, I am still alive! 🙂

I’ve been writing and trying to complete my “booklet” on Alien Agendas, which keeps becoming longer, which despite the extra work (argh!) is truly a good thing. All the extra effort I am putting into it is now getting to the point where I am becoming happy with it, and I will definitely be happier once I publish it, which will definitely happen this month. So, drinks are on me, and if you don’t drink, I’ll buy your next candy bar. If you don’t like candy bars, you can send one to me. Note: I prefer caramel chocolate and don’t be stingy about it! 

On a more serious note, there have been a few interesting news articles I am interested in commenting on, so expect two of those at least before the weekend. 

In other news, I got a text message from Jimmy Church, who wants me on his show sometime next week. Those interviews are always interesting, and I will be sure to keep you posted as to when it happens. 

I’ll see you all tomorrow! Stay safe, sane and happy.


18 thoughts on “Quick Check In!

  1. PressToDigitate

    As much as I believe that your perspective on Alien Agendas is urgent and crucial, I believe that you could easily develop the theme into 500 – 600 pages, and it does deserve that complete a treatment. As alarming as I believe the main Agenda of the [dominant] Aliens to be (Infiltration, Colonization, Assimilation, etc.), I am far more alarmed by the apparent lack of (and even ‘resistance to’) any contrary “Human Agenda” for dealing with it. Establishment Officialdom, across the board, is noticeably actively preparing, through Social Engineering, to accommodate their [public] “Arrival” – or rather the recognition that they are already among us in large numbers – in 10 to 25 years time. If Majestic (or whatever succeeded it) has long since been compromised, which the lack of 21st Century Crash Retrievals would suggest, then “we’re on our own” – and no one beyond Ufology would even have a clue as to what should be done. “Right Wing Militias” (which don’t seem to actually exist), or Left Wing ones, such as Antifa (which obviously DO), will most likely all be useless in dealing with the situation; i.e. By the time its obvious who must be shot, there won’t be anyone left to shoot at them. THEY have planned it this way for more than 50 years; “2045” may have been their “100 Year Plan” conceived in the wake of a failed (“Direct Assault”) World War II debacle.

    Its going to be today’s “Luddites”, and those across the “Alternative Subculture” (“Fringe”) that matter; the Anti-Vaxxers and those people still using “Flip-phones”; the Home Schoolers and Naturopaths, the Preppers and Ham Radio enthusiasts, the Farmers and Fishermen; and, yes, even the “New Agers” (once they realize that the ‘Pot’ Voice & Visions are just another Alien Control Mechanism). Most people who are Smartphone savvy today will be jacked-in to the Hive Mind in the first three years that 5G-BCI is available. In fact, the more that “work” becomes an online pursuit, the more that AR/VR and BCI will be incorporated into the basics of Employment; this trend will drive even businesses that don’t “work from home” to adopt *and require* the technology.

    While this electronic Drone Yoke will be 10 years in coming, our problem is that the window to mobilize to alter that trajectory is far shorter. So, this isn’t really “a 2045 problem” or even “a 2030 problem”. Its more like “a 2023 problem”, because, by then, very compact, stylish, wearable 5G-XR (AR+VR) “HeadPhones” will start becoming inexpensive and widely adopted by those not on the ‘leading-edge’ of society. They are guaranteed to be “Spectacular” and deliver an “I’d never go back” (to my boxy rectangular pocket phone) experience. As “Morpheus” explained in “The Matrix” – those people will generally become ‘lost to us’. They will live out their [meaningless] virtual lives, increasingly submerged in the Digital Environment, and when the new upgrade from 5G-XR to 5G-BCI arrives from Amazon, they will dutifully – and, ‘gleefully’ – jack-in (with their *Brains*) for the next level of “experience”. Robots will conveniently deliver packets of Food Pellets to their doorsteps (even into their refrigerators) each week, along with [an ever-decreasing selection of] “things” they continue to buy online. By 2045, this neutralized – and neutered – Slave population of ‘Computer Zombies’ (“Combies”?) will have percolated to exquisite “ripeness” for whatever our “Visitors” want to use them for.

    As David Icke is fond of saying (because the sheeple are so oblivious to what’s being done to them), “for Those in Charge, IT’S A DODDLE!”…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree with you that this should or at least could be a 500 page effort. What I will end up with will be closer to 200 pages, and realistically a bit shorter than that. But a nice length, and I am becoming more and more hopeful that it won’t be a waste of time.

    2. OgronWaitress

      “Right Wing Militias” (which don’t seem to actually exist), or Left Wing ones, such as Antifa (which obviously DO)”.

      Antifa is a movement, not an organisation unless you want to go down the rabbit hole of unsubstantiated conspiracy tropes? No? nor me.

      Also, it is NOT a militia. If you have videos of this non-existent organisation trooping around towns en masse heavily armed, I’m happy to check them out.

      I know that Trump has gone on record as saying he hadn’t heard of the Proud Boys (before then telling them to standby) but we all know they’re an extremist right-wing militia that contains white supremacists.

      Regarding what you pen about the UFO question – it’s fascinating stuff – but I must take issue with you on some of your political assertions that fly in the face of overwhelming evidence.


      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I probably shouldn’t be jumping in here, but one thing antifa does really well is shoot out store windows, loot merchandise (work their BLM comrads) and set things on fire. Occasionally they try to commandeer central city districts. And they seem to be doing that much more than any of the right-wing groups.

      2. PressToDigitate

        The Proud Boys are neither “extremist”, nor a militia, nor in any sense of the word “white supremacists”. The organization’s leadership and membership are both more than half Black and Hispanic, and its leader, Enrique Tarrio, is both Black and Hispanic, himself. But there are lots of videos of armed Antifa thugs egging on and protecting the burning and looting at most of the Biden Campaign Riots that have devastated America’s cities over the last six months. There is no such comparable evidence of anyone from the Right involved with any such urban violence – in the last 50 years or more.

    3. itsmeRitaC

      Hi PTD, I would suggest to you that you obviously have the urge to get out there and make your voice more public than this website posting affords you. You have masses of information and opinions. Why aren’t you actually writing your own book or even doing a show of your own? I am being very sincere here. I can feel it through the screen. Why not? Or else, a high concept screen play. That is a great way to get your perspective out there in the world.

      By the way, i have always had an aversion to techy products. I think it shows a very low level of thinking and the so called intelligence is all in marketing.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Thank you, Rita,
        But I think the challenge is more one of Organization and the ‘capacity-building’ of new Infrastructure that is needed to change the trajectory, rather than “yet another” Blog or Podcast. Existing leaders, from Ufology, Conspiracy, and other sectors of the Alternative Subculture, will need to come together, get on the same page, and step up to deal with what we can see coming, more clearly, with each passing day.

  2. Andromeda107

    Take all the time you need Richard to finish Alien Agendas, looking forward to reading it. Also to hear about the articles you are going to talk about. Can’t wait to listen to you on Jimmy Church. You will definitely need some chocolate 🍫 ,you have super busy schedule. Send Tracey a hello. One other thing I wanted to mention,was that John Greenwald got Project Blue book files on the Lonnie Zamora case released by the FBI,really interesting.

  3. Martay Galbraith

    Good to see you’re still alive and sane man! Just gotta keep on keepin’ on! Much love to you, Tracey and all the team from Ireland 🙂

  4. jennymemon

    Glad to see you’re still alive Richard, lol. Caramel chocolate is my favourite too! Just sayin. Please dont ask us to stay safe it gives me corona trigger! As for sane, are you kidding me? But I can do Happy, that goes hand in hand with not being sane anymore! Sending everyone love, and be as wreckless as you want with your health! That is your human right! And before anyone replies ‘but its not about YOUR health, its other peoples’, dont leave your damn house then and do us all a favour!.

  5. James Efishoff

    Really looking forward to your booklet on alien agendas!
    Please make an announcement when this is ready for purchase.

  6. TomTort

    I hope your new publication is in book form. I prefer to touch, feel and smell this vessel of thought. Jean Luke Picard
    Looking forward to my purchase.

  7. ccarter

    Thanks as always for the update RD. Take all the time you need to finish up what is going to be a fantastic read. Can’t wait!

    ps – any update on your voice? You feeling okay?

  8. WickyBu

    Thank you Richard, looking forward to the booklet. I’ve been doing more ‘walking and listening’ this year, Audible and whatnot…any chance you’ll be doing a ‘reading’ of it as well?

  9. itsmeRitaC

    Everyone has an agenda but me. I just can’t get past my ‘to do’ lists! I could do with a bit of that ET ‘can do’ ethic and at least do the dishes.


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