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By | June 12, 2023

Hi Everyone —

sorry for the late notice but I will be on Fade2Black tonight with Jimmy Church at 10 pm Eastern, 7 PM Pacific. Jimmy’s website is here:


I think our areas of discussion will be quite predictable! 🙂




*ignore “live in 3 hours.” This is a screenshot.

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  1. Ron Holmes UK

    Hey Richard, don’t know if you’ve heard this, but they took the whole interview down. No news on why yet.


      I just downloaded it off yewtewb, no prob.

      As for rival media cults– as of 130 pm CDT 13 June 2023, neither NPR nor PBS site search engines return any results for “grusch”. Official State Media isn’t touching it.

      We might nudge them if we had a copy of the authenticated IG Complaint, with which to flap like a bladder on a stick at their Laputian ears in their Ivory Towers of the DNC and Whiny Victimology.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    I am watching this interview. I am about thirty five minutes in. Of course i just get a kick out of you two together. And i love Jimmy’s promo for Omen. I guess he got a free computer. LOL.

    I have a couple of thoughts and like i said i am not in all that far yet, but by the time i get back here i will forget and also pardons if you guys get to this a bit further on. This is a new thought from me, btw. When you mention all the well known military contract companies like Raytheon, etc and that the tech most likely is distributed amongst them all………………………………………….

    Don’t you think there are the highest stake interests for one of them to want the monopoly? And don’t you think that they have folks in positions in the DOD and Intel and whatever else i hear about that these guys who do the leaking, i refuse to call them whistleblowers and the fact that label is promoted so cynically, imo, is part of the problem i have with any real trust here. Anyway, i am ‘getting’ the idea, because i do believe in conspiracies, that these guys we hear from, like Grusch, are working for any one of these companies just like any congress person works for big pharma and those same contractors and become millionaires after two years in office. And that the agendas lie with those MIC folks.

    Why should i believe them when the biggest meta money power grab in history is happening right now? And i am sorry, Grusch may be young, but i do know men in their late thirties who don’t come off the way he does. He had no inner anything and seemed to feel nothing about any of this. And he claims he is being threatened but he sure isn’t seeming too worried and won’t give anyone anything. No one is named, no agency. And my goodness, he isn’t needing to have his pass port revoked. I think that the community needs to see the Snowden documentary. I doubt most of them have based on the fast and loose acceptance of whistleblower. I guess it is the same way they think the ‘left’ means Nancy Pelosi. I am sorry, but there is way too much lack of basic knowledge in this arena and i don’t like to see it encouraged as i find it to be dangerous in the climate we are in.

    I think the community is doing their work for them. My feelings. Could i be wrong. Yes. But i felt the same way the day of 911 and i still think it was a false flag which looked like it that very day to me. I do see through the b.s. and it is always so obvious it really sickens me.

    I won’t see any of these men on wikileaks. But Linked In seems to now be the place to go for ‘truth’? Where the heck does the willing suspension of disbelief end?

    OK. i do plan to get back to this. I haven’t gotten more than a half hour into the Greer event yet to be honest, but i am glad you mention it here.

    Thanks Richard!

    1. OgronWaitress

      Rita, you are seeing what I’m seeing, don’t disbelieve your eyes coz when you see Elizondo and/Grusch what you’re looking at is two unconvincing poster boys for “gettin’ the truth out there”. Why them, why now and how are they more protected from repercussions now than they were before? Is it all about these supposed ‘immunity rights’ for whistle-blowers?

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you Orgon. I do feel like a voice in the ufo community wilderness. I have been thinking of taking a break because this is just depressing me in certain ways. I feel as alone as i did when the public was cheerleading for the invasion of Iraq. At least then i could eventually get on the streets and speak my truth as i saw it unfolding out there, bashed though i was.

        With this it is so insular that there is no outlet ‘out there’ so i am going to do a little talk on this to a sort of small group of assorted ‘leftists’, maybe just ten people, who are pretty much out of this loop. I am going to present it as an op that is unfolding but i am also going to preface it with the fact that the actual phenomena exists and maybe show them the press conference from twenty years ago as a background assignment. I am deciding my approach because some of them are ‘intellectuals’ which i am not and i am okedokee with that and freely admit it.

        Actual leftys can be too doctrinaire for me in certain ways, but i just don’t give a darn. They need not like it but they would all be people who would be interested in the phenomena. One guy, around thirty years old, is a PhD in astronomy but didn’t dig the way the things were overly techy and other stuff i didn’t really understand. LOL. But he is a sweetheart and sensitive soul. Of course, when i say ‘left’ it isn’t the msm lingo meaning that they are Democrats. They would have voted for Eugene Debs to be honest if they could have. 🙂 But anyway, they are just not up on all the MIC “disclosure”, well actually quite vaguely, and i think it is important to inform people about what is going on.

        cheers, rita

  3. Clifford Ribaudo

    As always I love watching you two repartaaay!

    Haven’t read Greers autobio (and now I definitely won’t) but after you mentioned that you had, and what he said in it, it was a real AH HA! moment. Now I understand!! He is far more a newager (note how I spelled that and its similarity to sewage) than I had realized. TOTALLY Agree with your take on the doe eyed patchooli laced world view 🤣 and loved the movie reference to the big alien zzzzzap!

    You are right! They ain’t all good. Yes, there are Cosmic Good Guys, but there are also Cosmic Bad Guys… everything under the Sun here is out there! Why should anyone think different? ALL the religious scriptures the world over that I am familiar with, and I am familiar with A LOT 😉 mention Cosmic Evil in one form or another and the “War in the Heavens”. This has been the aspect of Greer that has sort of made me write him off somewhat, but I guess we just have to take his good with his bad.

    People here will also find the latest episode (21) of Weaponized most interesting. Knapp and Corbel talk about: 1) How they have had a relationship with Grusch going back several years (they prove it with some footage). 2) He is the real deal. 3) Why it had to come out now and the threats against him. 4) And how once again they got scooped by Kean and Blumenthal.

    It lends further credibility to Grusch.

  4. itsmeRitaC


    Someone sent me this one on the latest non whistleblower. I knew it. I said it. Threat narrative and no information at all. I could totally have said what he said and anyone here could have. But they are scary, even if not ET. Even if they are interdimensional. Dangerous to humans, but he can’t tell us why or anything.

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Sounds like a guy working for the lessor known contractors. How about the one Travis Taylor makes his advanced weapons for? The place in Texas. That is when he isn’t promoting the agenda on every tv show that is related to any phenomena. He also has a new portal filled ranch in Sedona now with a brand new tv show. It has all the same things going on that happens at Skinwalker and even a few new cast members. It is advertised like crazy via history channel. LOL. He also does ads for DISHTV. I guess he has a piece of that action too.

    I am embarrassed to mention this topic outside of the forum now to be honest. That is the absolute truth. People are blowing this off, and a very intelligent friend is the one who sent me this. She called all of the latest non information that goes around ‘Ground Hogs Day’. And i don’t think the PTB are even doing a good job because people not in the ‘community’ are telling me that it is such a he said she said that they don’t want to be bothered. Mission Accomplished. And since i believe this is obviously going out to the whole world, not just us citizens, it is meant as counterintelligence for my and your ‘enemies’. China called me yesterday and told me that they know where i live and they want my car. 🙂

    I would feel insulted, as i do with things like Russia/Ukraine, however i don’t think i am even the target audience for this schtick. Sorry, but i am tired of the same old same game plan no matter what the geopolitics are. So freaking transparent.

    Really, it is truly offensive imo.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well it comes down to one question: is there reason to be concerned about the motivations and actions of ANY of the “alien” groups that are here? Even if most are benevolent or at least not harmful … are there any reasons to be concerned? For me, I would say “yes.” There is reason to be concerned. That’s not me trying to sell the latest B.S. from the MIC. It’s just what I think. By saying so, does that mean that I too am peddling a “threat narrative”?

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Richard, I believe that you are sincere. It doesn’t mean i always agree, but if i didn’t know you i would not still be here, so i don’t think you are ‘peddling’ anything. I want to make that clear first off here.

        I don’t know why you and others are so worried about ET or whomever, when things are at the endgame for humanity without throwing in ET. Seriously. It seems a bit like a distraction except when seen from the perspective of that ‘new cold war’ Grucsh threw out there, which i know i have already spoken of or predicted this would be part of this ‘threat’ narrative for the past year here. Folks can see it if they are inclined.

        Now it can be ramped up to “china has the most dangerous parts of uap retrieval and they may be ahead of US”. Same with others that are not part of the Coalition of the Willing. I think that evil axis is about the same as it was twenty years ago, unless they have redefined my ‘enemies’.

        Obvious that even the desire to destabilize Russia and the hopes of regime change, among many other reasons for the proxy war, is to have a better shot at China. The biggest of big ‘enemies’ of the homeland. And i am saying right here that ‘leaks’ will come out that China has the big time ‘et’ tech and they are coming to get us.

        And now we must be scared of Cuba again because lo and behold, China is using Cuba as a spying base. That has been ‘news’ out there. I guess the Bay of Pigs will get a do over. But we know i am quite a ‘radical’, so i would not like invading Cuba although sanctions are disgusting enough!

        I posted about the Doctrine for the 21st Century and 911 here already. I forget where, but as i said, i think i am watching the unfolding of the doctrine for the third decade of the 21st century. But again, i am ok with being seen as ………………….not too bright or lacking insight, or whatever. A conspiracy nut?

        I went through it with a small group last evening where i was the only one who called 911 an inside operation. I am watching things unfold much as i assumed they would. The bigger picture. The details i could never predict of course. 🙂

        ps. I got back to the Greer event past the first half hour and Col. Hechert? Hackert? The first person to speak there is very authentic, imo. So i am certainly not a naysayer regarding everyone from the DOD. I also believed his speakers from twenty years ago. But they came across very differently to me than the cast of characters over the past five years.

        Thanks Richard.

  5. Tricia Harvey

    I’m kind of glad that the big news outlets haven’t picked this up. I’m just tired of the space noises (wooowooo) the anchors make before reading the actual story. The sarcastic tone some make while reading the copy also disturbs me a whole lot as well. Do they know they are continuing to marginalize those of us who take these phenomena seriously?

  6. itsmeRitaC

    Sorry, but i am watching that Greer event or i should say i came back again to it. He also has a marine or former marine talking about 2009 event in Philippines and he is very, very real to me. And i am guessing he is not over forty. Just saying. I think everyone should be watching this one. He actually gives information that implies so much more going on in the deep, deep military state. He was rather naive, imo, but he is rattled, and good that he is! So did that Colonel, which i will listen to again to get more details of geopolitical ops and he even mentions the u.s. still will deny Israeli involvement. These people are worth hearing even without the ufo parts, imo.

    Compared to these two men, particularly the marine, Grusch and company say absolutely nothing. These other guys are the ones who have actual courage here, and i am not a fan of what they have done or their politics (i hope we know i am not talking electoral politics), but they are actually revealing things that the government *really* doesn’t want people to hear about. But then again, likely americans couldn’t care less. So i guess this post was not necessary. But since my right palm got burned on the stove the other day, or a pot handle that was over a red hot burner, i did this with one hand so i am going to post it! LOL.

  7. Sean Jepson

    ‘I can do it without you Jimmy I don’t need you here…’ Love a good Freudian slip.

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