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By | November 16, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be appearing tonight on Fade2Black with jimmy Church this evening. Jimmy always starts at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and he will have me on after the first 30 minutes, most likely until the end of the program. 

He wanted to discuss the potential release of a new UAP report but since that’s not out yet, we will figure out something else! 

Jimmy’s Youtube channel is here:


That’s not the direct link to our show but I am thinking you can figure it out from there. 🙂

I am pretty sure you can also listen here:


I have no idea what we are going to discuss but I doubt it matters! 


7 thoughts on “On F2B tonight

  1. itsmeRitaC

    I do get a kick out of you and jimmy. I am only at the point in the beginning when you say you think his topic is ‘boring’. But i did get a big laugh from you telling him how he needs to roll back like 125% of his introductory hype for you! But that is part of the essence of the man. 🙂 I think he did say that it is part of being a radio guy.

    I am already entertained before ufos even get discussed. Oh, the B52s. Yes indeed! 🙂

  2. Clifford Ribaudo

    LOL, totally agree with you on the Avi Loeb MOO MOO thing, another totally boring subject :)= But, I DO have to point out that it can be a meteor and be metallic. Many meteors ARE iron. Heck the Tibetans collect them from off the snow fields and use it for their Bells and Dorje and lots of other things. But yah … probe… LOL Wow, thats some pretty out of the loop thinking of the kind that maybe the SETI types would like. Could it be found if it was stationary and just sitting there…. sure think Glomar Explorer, but how many billions did that cost and is that ship even still around?!

    I looked up how much Loeb got, it was $1.5 million, should just about cover the fuel out and back and the spectroscopy to determine that it is just another bit of space meteoric Iron. But hey if he DOES find it, I know some Tibetan monks that will want to buy it, give me a shout out LMAO.

    You two are hilarious, I would love to see you two guys over beers.

  3. Clifford Ribaudo

    You guys talked about David Paulides… well his movie just premiered, out on Dec. 13 for rest of us. But talk about “the Wooo” … jeeze, check out this short (30ish minutes) Post premiere interview with this amazing gentleman, Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover. Guy is no BS and man does he have some stuff to talk about. You will NOT be the same after listening…

  4. HappyCup

    I always love your conversations with the Pope of Palmdale. One of the days I will have to trek out to Contact in the desert and meet you guys (if that still goes on).

    It is better when you post the show here. That way I don’t have to hear as many commercials. They’re not that bad but one can only take so much of Rivermoon Coffee and Pony brushing…

    Love ya 😘

  5. Ted2

    BTW – Saw a program on an educational network about solar power. Special solar panels can provide high electric power outputs from concentrated sunlight using parabolic mirrors. Also, the program showed the transmission of power without direct connections using a laser to power a solar panel. The separation was (as I best remember) about several thousand feet. Doing this from space is mega-step up. The focusing of energy from space obviously has peaceful and military applications. Energy can be weaponized. The first example of this was probably the Norway trying to use gated magnetic fields to propel munitions like a cannon prior to World War 2.

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