No Show Tonight – Update

By | December 13, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

I know I’ve been on a nice roll with weekly Richard Dolan Shows of late, but tonight there will not be a new show. I do plan to have more shows soon, of course along with content for this site which I have planned for this week. 

One thing I am working on is a new system and platform for video creation and editing, something that is a definite step-up from how I’ve been doing things for these past few years. I have never been good at video editing but there are now so many better tools out there. I realized I needed to be learning something new, so that is what I have been doing for the past couple of days, and I can see it’s going to take a little more time before I start rolling out new content in this way.

I am definitely excited and see many great possibilities now. I plan to slowly introduce the new video system here exclusively for members here before incorporating it into all my videos for Youtube. I don’t like to promise things before delivering them, but I do feel confident that this will be a real help to me in creating interesting and useful content. 

In other news, it’s pretty darned cold here in the northeastern U.S. If you are in the northern hemisphere, I hope you are staying warm and maybe enjoying some warm cider! If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, maybe you can spend some tie at the beach on a sunny day! 




9 thoughts on “No Show Tonight – Update

  1. T. J.

    I have really been liking all the interviews lately, so Im hopeful the new system brings even more of those 🙂


    What’s your favorite video editor? I don’t have one. Their GUIs all look like 747 instrument panels crossed with an atomic submarine’s Combat Information Center.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have been trying to work with Descript because it looks extremely powerful and has a nice interface. However, it just totally crashed on me yesterday so I did my last video (the conclusion to UFOs for the 21st century mind) in Canva, which I must say did a decent job once I started figuring out a few things. But I do expect I will be using Descript a lot in this coming year.

  3. Paul & Mieke

    Yes Richard, Paul and I are in the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoying Florida for a few months. Swimming in the ocean frequently. We are sending you beautiful sunsets, Dolphin and Manatee energies, and sunrays your way to keep you warm.

    Love to you,

    Paul and Mieke

  4. Lauren2844

    Richard i gotta ask you as a fellow chess master what you think about the Carlsen & Niemann scandal? Do you believe Niemann cheated? Remember Carlsen played Niemann on a beach a year earlier and utterly obliterated him. Niemann has admitted to cheating in the past. I personally believe his coach was directly feeding him moves (through an anal receiver)after verifying through the chess M.S. program when he beat Carlsen in the Sinquefield Cup September 16th.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Funny, I have followed that a bit and suspect Carlsen is right. I’m sure Niemann is a great player, but so is everyone at that level. This is like athletes using performance enhancing drugs. If Barry Bonds, who was already the greatest baseball player, felt the pressure to enhance his skills even more, I think it’s fair to say that we will always see professional competitors in any field looking for ways to gain that extra edge. In other words, I doubt we will see the last of this kind of thing, in chess as well as elsewhere.

  5. Christian Morales

    Richard I listened to your book volume 1 of national security on audible. I got 2 little ones and I barely have time to read, j work on heavy equipment and luckily I’m allowed headphones and I can do my job and listen to podcasts or audiobooks all day. When I purchased volume 1 I swore I saw volume 2 on audible now it’s gone. I can’t find it I’m freaking out man volume 1 gave me a good dopamine hit which I know is not healthy but still it’s the truth.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Christian. yes you are right about V2, except that it was ever available on audiobook at all. However, our reader of that DOES have the book in progress and it will surely be available on audiobook in the coming year.

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