No Liveshow this evening. RD is hard at work.

By | June 2, 2020

Hi Folks,

There will be no Intelligent Disclosure tonight. Richard is hard at work finishing up his new lectures for this Saturday’s June 6th LIVE EVENT.

A brief video message from Richard…

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5 thoughts on “No Liveshow this evening. RD is hard at work.

  1. PressToDigitate

    Do you remember, a few months back, as the Ukraine Hoax Impeachment collapsed, and the Plandemic was spun up right on its heels, and I said this timing was just too damned “convenient”; and no accident, no coincidence? I said the Chaos and Uncertainty was to be the real “New Normal”, because it suited Their objectives; it kept the Human polity destabilized and distracted, as major elements of Their Agenda were accelerated into place (i.e. ‘Mass IVF Disembarkation’). So, now, barely two months after they concluded the Plandemic had failed to ensure that full control would be returned to [Their] Deep State come November, – a new meta-crisis has been spun up, *right on cue*, precisely targeted [in terms of mass psychology] to derail President Trump.

    All it took was one weak minded Cop of loose character easily “Commandeered”, three colleagues easily “Switched Off”, a Victim-of-Opportunity (with a history with that Cop), and a couple of convenient Bystanders adept at operating very ordinary cellphone cameras, and uploading the ‘Stage-Managed Reality’ they captured on the streets of Minneapolis to [easily manipulated] Social Media. With a well-oiled propaganda machine in the Mockingbird State Media, They put our cities in flames in very short order, with a negligible level of effort. Was Officer Chauvin a Racist? Quite likely. Was he an official example of a burgeoning *Police State Run Amok*, no different from FBI/CIA Agent Peter Strzok and countless others? No Question. BUT: Was he, a lifetime career policeman, *LIKELY* to commit a brutal strangulation murder as he did, in front of dozens of people, on multiple cameras, in broad daylight, without apparent provocation – and without his three sworn partners interceding? Not Bloody Likely.

    Coming from a family of Cops, consider this: If a 20-year Law Enforcement Officer is going to “Lose It”, and just ‘go off’ on a perp, and ‘Over-the-Edge’ – with three fellow officers complicit – what are the odds they will do it *In Broad Daylight, In Front Of God & Everybody*? I’m not talking about Trayvon Martin (or any of the dozens, if not hundreds, of other questionable police killings over the past 20 years), but about *this particular instance*. IF dozens of career Intelligence professionals in the National Security State could be “pushed” to betray their oaths and their country to wage and cover up coup attempts – in the United States of America; AND IF China’s most highly secure Biological Warfare research facility can be infiltrated and its most critical viral cultures purloined with impunity, THEN, HOW difficult would it be for organized Alien Hybrid Operatives, capable of effective psychic ‘suasion’, to orchestrate the Chauvin/Floyd event now precipitating a Race War or Civil War – or Both?

    Six Months From Now, I bet you will see President Biden begin the process of appointments and budgeting that will neuter, if not outright dismantle, the United State Space Force, restoring – and removing any threats to – the pre-Trump command structure of the military space enterprise, and the National Security State in general. Whatever one thinks of Trump or Biden, or Cops or Racial Injustice notwithstanding, whether you’re Right or Left, Black or White, it sure looks like “We’re ALL Being Played Like Violins”, to me.

    1. Richard Dolan

      It pained me so much to see that video, as it pained everyone. The chaos we have descended into as a result is going to be hell. There is no doubt in my mind that we are being subjected to a color revolution agenda. The only question I have are who the specific movers and shakers in it happen to be. I appreciate your insights but am still on the fence about hybrids manipulating it. I’ll say this: it’s possible.


    Well, ok. You should raffle off some passes for Saturday so some of us more economically challenged Dolanites can have a crack at checking it out.
    Yea, yea…that’s the ticket. A raffle type thing 🤔

    Good luck, I know you will kick its butt.


    Oh, and I just heard that the brick company behind the piles of bricks planted all around the country just happened to be Bill Gates ACME brick company. Well, he stepped down from the head chair so I’m sure he had nothing to do with it. Another wacky coincidence. There seem to be a lot of those involving him.🤔
    – Or they are setting up Wiley Coyote to be a patsy.

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