No Live Show Tonight

By | July 7, 2020

Unfortunately, due to a power outage in their area, Richard &Tracey are unable to do a live show tonight as planned.

Hopefully the lights will come back on sooner than later, in the meantime, stay safe Richard & Tracey!

Perhaps it’s a good evening for a candlelight dinner?

Kirsten B

RD Member Host



6 thoughts on “No Live Show Tonight

  1. JBC1969

    If I didn’t live on the west coast I swear I’d drive a generator up there and make it happen! Please resched asap. Really looking forward to this one. Stay safe!

  2. Ed Coffman

    I guess you remember what happened the last time you had to cancel a Tuesday night show because of a power outage. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Did you happen to catch this, which just came out 10 days ago? The U.S. Navy apparently isn’t the only mainstream institution suddenly releasing legacy video, which they acknowledge to be authentic, of the ETUFO presence. Here the Associated Press (“AP”) releases three clips, as unique and demonstrative of UFOs as the TicTac videos, from its files (where they have languished since the 1950s). The AP film expressly details that the clips have been examined by photo reconnaissance laboratories for *BOTH* the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy, authenticated as genuine rather than hoax, and that all Balloons, Aircraft and Birds have been definitively ruled out. It is the AP’s release of these clips – with the annotation – that is remarkable, rather than the UFO footage itself. Obviously, this was before wingless rotor-drones were in use, or VFX software, or ‘Photoshop’ for that matter.

    1. PressToDigitate

      RICHARD – Unrelated, but hoping you’ll see this bit, too:
      The U.S. Army just sent out an official email to all of its uniformed and civilian personnel worldwide that has drawn criticism for violating the Hatch Act by declaring that “Make America Great Again” is, in and of itself, “Racist”. Some Deep State minion in the bowels of the DOD bureaucracy doing that *should* rankle me enough as a Trump supporter and an American. BUT THAT WASN’T WHAT CAUGHT MY EYE. Among the litany of things it ALSO proscribes as Racist, from here on out (along with any appeals toward ‘Meritocracy’), in the opinion of the U.S. Department of Defense is the notion “THERE’S ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE”. If nativist identification as ‘Human Beings’ is being pushed within military circles to become a socially sanctionable “Taboo”, I beg you to articulate an alternative explanation for it other than Infiltration by Alien Hybrid Operatives, in preparation for some ‘mass realization’ of disembarking (or heretofore already disembarked) Alien Colonists, to live (or living) Among Us.
      “E take nas naj…nah sus gah nilpa…”

  4. PressToDigitate

    [Former Google/YouTube Software Engineer, Zach] Vorhies stated: “When people think of surveillance they usually think of country surveillance. This is planetary surveillance of all information that is available on the surface web and also any sources that it can get in the deep web and utilizing Google’s extensive deep analysis of its book scanning stuff. So think of the Library of Alexandria of all available websites that you can search for and all that data gets fused together and a decision-making process gets formed because of that. This is essentially what the Google DeepMind project is all about.”

    Wouldn’t “Planetary Surveillance” – in depth – logically precede or accompany “Planetary Acquisition”? It would *certainly* accompany any effective “Planetary Dominion” by Aliens, AFTER such an ‘Acquisition’ – regardless of who the ‘dominated’ or the ‘dominators’ were, anywhere in the universe. What would be the next global priority for those taking a world ‘captive’, after monitoring everything? “Quelling Dissent” would seem to be next on the list, wouldn’t it?

    From Internet Data Scientist Dr. Robert Epstein:

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