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By | January 24, 2024

Greetings everyone,

Since a lot of email ends up in spam these days, we are starting to post the newsletters on the website as well (when we do them – we’ve just been too busy lately – sorry everyone).

The link to the Event Newsletter is below:

Click here or the image below to see it:

or Go to the Official Event Page here

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Tracey & Richard



2 thoughts on “Newsletter: Event Announcement

  1. Bernard Pelletier

    Anthony Peake would have us believe that the Greys are products of abductees’ minds, but, of course, the question is: how does he explain the scoop marks, the implants, the trace evidence, the UFOs, the PTSD (which can only occur if the event is real), virgin pregnancies, hybrids, and the witnesses? Or does he expect us to believe that they’re materializations? which is the most far-fetched, fantastical, bizarre explanation, even more so than the most extreme skeptical explanations, and it is even a skeptical explanation and not a skeptical explanation at the same time! And he makes very dubious and tenuous connections to unmyelated microtubules in neurons in children. He says greys are caused by hypnogogia, so why is it that in the cases of incubi and succubi there is no physical evidence? As well, many abductees are taken fully awake. On top of that, he says the pictures of cave paintings, clearly show greys, but the 1 on the left does not show greys at all, and the 1 on the right is very debatable. Even if they were greys, all that would prove is that greys were here since long ago. And the Grey appearing in the after life in the Scole experiments is not surprising because Archons are known to pose as spirit guides, and some Archons might be greys.

    1. Richard Dolan

      I agree with you, of course. Just because I think he’s extremely interesting doesn’t mean I agree with everything! Still, I don’t think he argues it’s all in the mind. My sense — admittedly I hope to understand this better as I plan to speak with him again — is that he believe it’s real, alright — but they aren’t ET. My take is that SOME beings might well be interdimensional (or spiritual, to use an ancient word for it). I’m still trying to figure this all out myself. I still strongly believe the fundamentals behind the UFO situation are ET.

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