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By | February 25, 2020

Hi all,

We have heard feedback that some people can’t find the newsletter so we will post it here when it has gone out. In addition, there is a “Newsletter” tab with a link to find all of the newsletters.

This last one covers content released rom Jan 26th- JAN23rd.

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2 thoughts on “Newsletter #46


    Thank you.
    Just FYI: my experience has been that I have trouble finding things like the newsletter when I am using my phone rather than my PC. I dont seem to have much trouble with the site on a PC.
    You may want to verify which device people are using when having issues.
    I’m saying this so you guys don’t think the site needs fixing when the issues are just separate smart phone crazinesses. A lot of the time it’s a short between the chair and the keyboard…if you know what I mean. In my case it’s most of the time.
    My work computer wont allow the member site and most of my online time is while at work (Its work in name only). So I am stuck with my phone and there aren’t any tabs and such. It works, just not as easily.
    I forgot what my point was. Anyway, thanks for putting the newsletter here cuz it made it easy to read on my phone. Aha! That was my point! Sorry, it’s one of those days.

  2. robert9905

    The Discovery Channel has a show called Contact. In it they find among the personal effects a video tape of a private interview with an officer who witnessed a crashed UFO at Dreamy Draw. The Army had come in and took the wreckage. Then they bulldozed the site. Now the place is a dam in Arizona in a place with no water. I assume it was built for flash flooding due to massive rain storms.

    William Rhodes snapped photographs of a UFO over Pheonix in 1947.. Not many lived near him as the population was not great where he lived. Now lots of people are where he lived. His one photograph got published and Military Inelligence stole the rest of them. I remember that famous photograph as a teenager reading a book on UFOs. I was excited to learn about this smart man who was a scientist. He had 26 patents on inventions he made.

    I think those TTSA members who have knowledge of crashed intact UFOs are hoping the Media will out those programs. I see them liking the Wilson document as it reveals programs they cannot. They have public domain debree and i feel Robert Bigalow gave them some debree. They can discuss scientific testing on the debree to see whether it was in space for example.

    Luis Elizondo if i understand it right went to the Skinwalker ranch. He may have seen a UFO. Harry Reid and some other Senators authorized a partnership between his business and the DOD to study that UFO hotspot and other paranormal things there. In case i misunderstand George Knapp see his UFO talk on the Mystery Wire Channel YouTube.

    I suspect Luis Elizondo getting those three videos out was a disclosure scheme between Robert Bigalow and others. On 60 Minutes he talked about his grandparents up close encunter with a UFO. I thank him for putting his fortune to establish aliens are on this planet.

    Still those in the know in that group would already know whether Top Secret research had confirmed whether such debree was human or alien. That nobody from that group has stated the debree is human made is very revealing. I see their willingness to not conclude what such craft is designed to prepare the public to accept what science ultimately concludes. I was thinking of the term trial baloon to test the publics reaction to what will ultimately result of their efforts. There is a short game the TTSA group is playing along with a long game at the same time.

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