New Richard Dolan Show for Tonight

By | December 29, 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Just giving a quick heads-up to let you know I will be doing a new live show on my Youtube channel this evening at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I haven’t titled it yet, but I might call it the Lockdown of the Mind, and it is concerned with the future of human social interactions in the coming years, primarily as a result of the measures that were undertaken during this year. 

I am still writing it out, but I will definitely have it ready and will create a post here for you to link to. 

Meanwhile, I see there are 33 unapproved comments. Yikes. Let me finish my writing first and I will make sure to read and approve them later today.


7 thoughts on “New Richard Dolan Show for Tonight

  1. PressToDigitate

    Twenty years ago, Bill Joy, Co-founder & Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems wrote a famous article in WIRED entitled, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”. That Future Has Arrived. NOW, do you understand why seemingly Inhuman Overlords are sweeping aside our Democracy, the Constitution and The Rule of Law so abruptly and blithely, without a care? The technofascists behind the Deep State *ain’t from around here*…

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I haven’t listened at all yet…………………I am just responding to your response to PTD.
        To quote Yoko Ono, “ET is the n———-of the world”. The original word was “Woman”, for those too young to recall John Lennon. 🙂

        I will go down with the ship saying that it reminds me of a 21st century version of, “Could it be…………*Satan*?” i think that was the church lady bit from SNL. And rather a dead end as far as human agency is concerned.

        I am being a little tongue in cheek – by about fifty percent.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Dear PTD, I think it is Satan. You know he can take *any* form. Don’t be fooled! I say unto thee, quite verily in fact, this is just one of his many guises.

      And……………………………..Happy New Year!

  2. SLICK

    Hi Richard
    As always your videos are insightful and articulate. I agree with much of what you say about this horrible path the western world seems to be on as well as china’s involvement. However I think that here in america as we see this continuous stripping of our freedoms And the destruction of Our traditions and way of life I do not think that their goal is Chinese style authoritarianism. I think their goals are far more evil and destructive, as if absolute tyranny of the body and mind is enough. Myself i believe that the goal for America and the west at large is Chaos, collapse and destruction. I believe their goal is to reduce human population by as much as 90%
    Here in america we see the destruction of those that generate their wealth outside of their control! When It comes to this Chrono hoax a very convincing argument can be made that This so called virus does not exist at all. Or that they simply renamed a common seasonal flu strain. Even in the case of your mother who i’m sure was a great woman the idea that she died from this hoax or even contracted this so called virus is about as proovable as the UFO’s we are chasing. Given that the PCR test doesn’t even test for the virus but antibodies that are related to a whole family of coronaviruses. When you take a look at the lies and deception surrounding every aspect of this hoax from the 94% of deaths that we’re falsely confirmed as covid deaths rather than comorbidities or the 40% exaggeration rate of the virus in Minnesota. At this point anyone who even claims that they know for a fact that this china virus even exists is either a fool or a liar! The only thing we do know is that if it does exist it is a laboratory creation, a bio weapon that as of now the current explosion of positive tests has officially pushed it’s deadliness below that of the seasonal flu and that goes for the elderly too as the numbers now tell us that the elderly die at about the same rate as those elderly afflicted with the seasonal flu. Except for this year as it apears the china virus also kills the seasonal flu strains. Either that or each and every case of the seasonal flu was diagnosed as the chronohoax.
    They call it the great reset, we call it fascism, the christians call it the mark of the beast or the new world order. The only problem I have is that for every example of tyranny and government overreach their are 1000 examples of chaos, disorder and the intentional destruction of societal norms. There has never been a better time to be a thief, a robber, a rapist, or a murderer.Across the country Marxists posing as democrats have been emptying out their prisons. The two things to watch for is for this criminal cabal to continue lock downs to achieve the goal of causing collapse in our supply chains regarding food. The other thing to watch for is for government to try to confiscate by force the god given rights of every person to defend themselves from crime and tyranny. There Are millions who actually believe in our god given rights, that our founders acknowledged as inalienable . There are millions who believe that this is the hill that all americans are obliged to die on and I am one of them.
    I am very worried about humanity and our future. The global elite and ruling class that are trying to user in this utopian ant hill are very stupid people much dumber, more impulsive, and arrogant than their predecessors. And i just don’t think they are competent enough to succeed at their dystopian goals they ironically refer to and apparently believe are utopian. There is a very good chance their real plan is to drastically reduce the human population. The evil we are facing is so self destructive that i often wonder if this evil could possibly have a non human origin. OH, and one other thing The last free and fair election we had was in 2016. Over the last two months the evidence is now absolutely irrefutable to anyone that looks. The tactics and software that this corrupt cabal has been using to steal elections from countries across the globe has now been used against America. The only thing standing in their way was Donald Trump. This election theft was more obvious and blatant than 9/11 and even involved some of the same people. The georgia election has already been stolen and america will never have another legitimate election as our republic is over. The truth is that the political issue of today is criminal conspiracy. it’s all thats left. Truly sad

  3. TomTort

    I thank you for your comments and your honest approach. As I have stated in the past, you speak to your audience with sincerity while attempting to articulate your thoughts without surreptitiously pushing an adjenda.
    I have expressed some of your thoughts to my friends and family and their response to your thoughts are positive. This gives me a positive attitude and some relief that there are still educated people out there who actually know how to appreciate things for what they are while attempting to formulate a realistic future scenario.
    I honestly do not know who to blame or what is responsible for our current situation. It is far too complicated and I don’t have the sources to give me an honest idea as to what is actually happening behind the scenes. I am, however, concerned for the foreseeable future as to how our children will cope. I do expect much hardship for the average person who is not responsible for any of what is ahead.
    You know your stuff on UFOLOGY and I think you have an astute political mind. Your thoughts,once again, are always welcome to hear.

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