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  1. itsmeRitaC

    I just found an email in my box regarding Edward Snowden. I am sure you have heard about this. Evidently he was on Joe Rogan yesterday as well. I was interested in knowing if this came up in the chat, since i long since missed it tonight.

    “As it turns out, the US government is not aware of any intelligent, extraterrestrial life, he says.

    “For the record, as far as I could tell, aliens have never contacted Earth, or at least they haven’t contacted US intelligence,” Snowden writes in his recent memoir, “Permanent Record.”

    Regards, Rita

  2. JimmyBee

    Well, I joined the AMA late, almost at the end. I joined just in time to hear Richard say, to my question, “I’ll have to get back on that one.” Haha. Well, I understand. I did watch the copy you have at your site. I’m amazed at the number of questions you guys answered before you ran out of time. Excellent job, Richard and Tracey! You and your team obviously work very hard. I appreciate it!

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hi again. I am just listening to the q&a from last night. I am enjoying it. I have to add a bit of humor here related to David Jacob’s theories, because you brought up the idea that if the hybridization process, etc, is going on in Philadelphia, it must be going on all over the world.

    Have you been to Philadelphia lately? 🙂

    On a more serious note, as a practicing psychologist of many years, i do have an innately visceral reaction to the projection that i often hear or read about when human beings who are far from understanding their own consciousness and realities believe they can interpret the motivations and psyches a non human consciousness – and of course they see it all as being the same as our own. I strongly believe that such limited perspectives , when dealing with phenomena that are so exotic, could be dangerously prosaic. And if indeed this is an invasion from outer space, i don’t think that a scenario such as Independence Day is going to be the answer. Unless of course the military is planning a scorched earth policy. I can hear them saying “if these ETs want to take over our planet, then we will make sure there is nothing worth taking”.

    I recently, ironically enough, saw a few old t.v. shows that were part of a sixties program called ‘The Invaders’. And the plot line was exactly as you had just discussed regarding Jacobs’ hypothesis. Actually, the world is looking more and more like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ to me. I don’t think we need to introduce ET into the equation here of course. It is self induced.

    As Always, Rita

  4. robert faria

    I so admire your approach to the phenomenon. This is a no conspiracy theory site thanks to you both. So hard for a nouveau enthusiast such as me to separate the con-artists from the exclusively scientific venue seen here. I have learned some hard lessons along the way in my personal education. I wish the serious researchers could unite to oust the disingenuous. I for one am honored to follow you on the journey. Thank you.

    1. Tracey

      Hi Robert, this is Richard writing from Tracey’s account. Thanks for your kind words and we are glad to have you here. I take what you mean about “no conspiracy theory site”… although I suppose there are at least a few conspiracies I like to analyze. 🙂 Therefore, rather than being a conspiracy theorist, I’ll see myself as a conspiracy analyst! But I do believe it’s important to be guided by facts in as dispassionate a manner as possible. I try not to jump, and I try not to lecture. Don’t always succeed at that, but that’s what I shoot for.

  5. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    The Snowden interview was good. I always gain new insights into his story the more I hear it. I do like how he qualified “U.S. Inteligence” not being aware of UFO/alien contact. I think we all have long suspected that there is a whole separate data base/system and separate IT nerds over seeing it that is outside of what Snowden had access too. It’s common sense. You dont keep your porn with your family photos right?

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