Members chat with Richard & Tracey at 4pmEST

By | July 6, 2019

Hi everyone,

Richard and I will be dropping by the chatroom at 4pmEST for approximately 30 minutes just to say hi and catch up.

There was no livestream on YouTube today but thought we would do this.

Link below.




2 thoughts on “Members chat with Richard & Tracey at 4pmEST

  1. Drew Streitberg

    I missed this but I would like to discuss on the next live AMA the implications of 2 issues which I believe you have concurred to be largely true.

    1. Gary McKinnon’s visual confirmation of a list of “off world” military personnel
    2. Bob Lazar’s recent interviews and documentary with Jeremy Corbell

    This would suggest to me that they have not only successfully reverse engineered the alien technology (or ancient human technology?) and have militarised it. With the “tic tac” ufo’s appearing at classified co-ordinates – is it not possible that they knew the co-ordinates because they were a division of the military themselves carrying out various exercises themselves.

    Bob Lazar stated that he thought that at least one of the craft was from an archaeological find – Is it possible that what they discovered were the Vimanas referenced in Vedic and Sanskrit texts? Mahabharata etc

    2 sites (Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara) in Pakistan reportedly were discovered where the skeletons had 50 times the normal background radiation. The tales of ‘magical’ weapons sound a lot like modern nuclear weapons.

    So is it possible one of these ancient “ufos” either crashed or was buried and later discovered in modern times?

    If we go to modern tv shows we see the likes of “Stargate SG1” where they reverse engineered a lot of alien tech and formed an independent space force hidden from the rest of humanity.

    We have Babylon 5 where a craft was dug up on an archaeological site on Mars that remained functional.

    Is it potentially a case of art imitating life or inspiration behind the shows coming from higher military sources as has long been theorised.

    Keen to hear thoughts on any of the above.



  2. Lisa

    Also for 7/10 AMA:

    1) just fantasizing, but what if a governmental body existed when fire was found to be controllable? They could have hidden the knowledge & had a two-tiered society, too.

    2l I often wonder why the music industry was allowed to implode with the internet, but people always say this changeover would cause horrendous disruption. Maybe the music industry & taxi cab ibdustries were test cases.
    You are the bomb! Love it

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