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By | July 12, 2022

Hi Everyone,

The latest newsletter is out, covering everything we did in June 2022. Once again, it was a busy month, with quite a few video presentations on USOs (a series that is still continuing), and a buildup of posts relating to the special event I did on June 25, which was the “Global Update 2022: UFOs, the Most Important Thing We’re Not Talking About.” And also new podcasts with Tracey from our Off the Cuff series. 

As a member of this website, you automatically receive a newsletter to your email (although you can also click the link or photo above and read it here). In theory a member of this site doesn’t NEED a newsletter, since all you need to do is click the June archives on this page and it’s all right there. Even so, we think the newsletter is a nice way for members of this site to access the recent material we’ve created. In any case, we hope you find it helpful if you use it. 

Plus, Tracey always includes extra stuff at the bottom. You never know — fun artwork or unexpected links. We try to keep it interesting. 🙂


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