JUST ADDED! Additional VIP AMA Sessions with Richard & Tracey Sunday, June 7th

By | June 6, 2020


Due to high demand, we are opening up two more Exclusive VIP AMAs (Ask Me Anything) With Richard & Tracey for Sunday, June 7th – at (12:00pm EST) Or (3:00pm EST)

Each session will be 90 minutes each @ $60 per person

Join Richard & Tracey for a closed AMA for a maximum of thirty attendees. Just as in the earlier AMA sessions, on Saturday, these will be a live video face-to-face group chat sessions that will stream in HD and feel like you are right there with them. They will see you just as you will see them, and you will be able to ask them anything you like.

If you want to purchase tickets simply email:  livestream@pursuingx.com

Hope to see you there!

Kirsten B
RD Member Host


This very special event went live on 06/06/2020.


12 thoughts on “JUST ADDED! Additional VIP AMA Sessions with Richard & Tracey Sunday, June 7th

  1. Joseph Matto


    I paid for the 3 lectures today. Got into the first 2 no problem….

    Can not get into the thrid one starting now at 7 PM!


    Joseph Matto

    1. Kirsten RDMHost Post author

      Joseph, I had some trouble getting into the third lecture as well. The best thing to do is close your browser, open a FRESH WINDOW and try the link again AND Register again. I got in on my third try.

      Please let me know that it worked for you. If not, you can also email Guest Services at livestream@pursuingx.com

      I really hope this helps!

  2. Jim

    Just wanted to give a shout-out. It was a wonderful event. Kudos to Richard and Tracey. Jim Crowell

  3. gregjacobi

    A bit confused here. I paid for all three lectures today, but was not able to watch them live. It’s 12:45am Sunday here in LA and I clicked my email link for the first lecture, it took me to a page saying the webinar was over and redirected me to a page with the webinar replay, and then RD’s pre-recorded message played. When that was done there was some generic video with the names of the three lectures that would be upcoming displayed, but then RD’s pre-recorded message started again. So, I clicked out, went to my email, and clicked the link to the second lecture. Again I was taken to a screen where RD’s pre-recorded message played (I had no way of skipping it or fast forwarding it) and when it was over the pre-recorded message started up AGAIN. Can you let me know how I actually watch the lectures rather than the pre-recorded message on repeat?

    I use Chrome on a Samsung Chromebook.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

    1. Kirsten RDMHost Post author

      Hello Greg~ I’m so glad that you left this comment! We learned today that it will take NEW LINKS to listen to Richard’s recorded lectures from Saturday’s event. You will be receiving a couple of emails from livestream@pursuingx.com. Here is what the first one should say (which I believe explains why you keep seeing Richard’s pre-recorded Welcome video?):

      “It takes a few hours for the videos to compile, then we will edit off the “welcome video” we played. We started each live room about 20 minutes early and played a video. So, we will cut that off for the replays. You will have access to the videos for 30 days – until 07/07/2020. We are looking to have the emails out by the end of the day today. (06/07) So please watch for those links – also check your SPAM.”

      I hope this helps! Once again – thank you so much for your comment, and for your patience !

      1. gregjacobi

        No worries at all. As long as I can access the lectures at some point… I’ll be on the lookout for those emailed links and check back if they don’t come along. Thanks.

  4. jflieger

    Hi Kirsten, I emailed you this morning but will try here….my email is acting wonky.

    I purchased the AMA for Sunday June 7, and replied to the email asking which one I wanted (3 PM). No link ever arrived for either, livestream isn’t open for a hotline, and go to meeting gives me the message “not authorized by organizer” when I try to join what they have there….but no time is given, so it may be yesterday’s AMA which is now over.

    Can you send a link for today at 3 PM to jflieger@att.net? Thanks. I’d hate to miss it.

    1. Kirsten RDMHost Post author

      Hi Jerry – I have spoken with PursuingX and they have tried to send you the link. I will try to do so as well, so look for an email from me!

  5. MancDaz

    Are these at some point going to be uploaded to here or elsewhere like OMTV or IUFOC site?

  6. GerryH

    This sucks cuz I finally got to bust loose and play golf these past two days and missed out on the event. Hope it was successful.

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