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Hi Everyone,

The Announcement

After many months of planning, we have finally have a new pricing structure to our website. Let me walk you through it.

As you know, for the past four years we had one plan, which was $6.99 monthly. Up until 2020 we also had an annual plan of $75, until we disabled that. The $6.99/month membership got you complete access to everything we created here.

We hated to make a price change but frankly it’s become unavoidable. The positive news is that we’ve done everything possible to keep everything easy and reasonable.

Because of legal and bureaucratic reasons, we could not simply move everyone to our preferred $8.99 per month amount. MemberPress, which provides the engine for this site, made it clear to us that PayPal and credit card companies would not allow us to change your plan. You will have to do that.

That was a surprise, to be honest, but it only shows how little I knew.

In the end, however, this enables a better solution.

The New Membership Levels

Bronze Level Membership

We are KEEPING a monthly $6.99/month option. This is the BRONZE level of membership and you can keep this level for as long as you like. However, starting on November 15, that level will be reduced in terms of what level of access you can have to this site.

As of November 15, Bronze level members will only be able to access my weekly Fireside Chat podcasts (this includes the previous version of those chats which I called “Weekly Wrap.” And of course you can still access any of the free content that I post, such as Richard Dolan Shows or various guest appearances and the occasional free video or podcast that I may do.

Generally speaking, I would say that a substantial majority of the content on this site is not free content. So as of November 15, if you choose to retain a Bronze level membership of $6.99 per month, you will lose most of your access to this site.

Silver Level Membership

I would strongly encourage interested members of this website to sign up for a SILVER level membership. This will be the new default on this site moving forward. Silver level membership is now available on a monthly ($8.99) and annual ($99) basis. A Silver level membership will get you full access to everything on this site, both in the past and moving ahead. It is the new default level membership.

Gold Level Membership

We also offer GOLD level memberships. As of right now, this does not include anything that is not included with Silver level. It’s more expensive ($20.00/month and $200 annually), and I am thinking of potential things I can offer down the road that are exclusive for this level. But for the time being, we offer this because frankly you might feel it’s something you want to do in order to support us. If you have the means, and you like what goes on here at this site, and you believe in what we are doing. It’s not going to be for most people, but for some it might be a level they are comfortable with. We will just add that one big reason we even offer this is because we have had members of our site suggest it. 

Final Date of the Change

Even though the formal change to the system will take place on November 15, Silver and Gold level memberships are available now. You’ve got a month, but if you forget, you’ll discover you can no longer access most of this site. So, assuming you want to switch to the Silver or Gold level, you can do it any time.

Good news: when you switch to the new plan you won’t lose any money even if your monthly payment rolled over last week. Memberpress will pro-rate your first month to make sure you will only pay the extra $2 worth.


This part took some effort on our part in order to make it easy for you. Fortunately, it now is.

For the record, this is easily done via our Menu at the top of the page. Go to “My Stuff” and select “Manage Subscription.” Then click “Change Plan” on the right side of the screen.

Or you can just click here:

Once you select Change Plan (highlighted in blue on the right side) you will get a pop up menu that will enable you to select whichever plan you prefer.

it looks like this:

You will notice that it will PRO-RATE your monthly fee if you are going from Bronze monthly to Silver monthly. (Everyone on this site has been on Bronze Monthly). So you DO NOT lose any money when you do the upgrade. 

Select your plan and that’s it. You’re done.



In the event that something isn’t working as you hoped, please contact our Tech Support. You can always reach this on the Menu by selecting Contact Us and then Tech Support.

Or you can just click here:


More Upgrades Still to Come

For the record, there are still some website upgrades we are working on but the pricing change turned out to be more involved than we had initially thought. So I want to get this part done before moving ahead with the rest. We will be doing a “reskinning” of the site to give it an updated look and adding several more features.

One of the things we also completed today is the Welcome material for new members and the “Newbies Start Here – HELP GUIDE” section. We had these previously but they needed a major update. This should help members of the site have an easier time to enjoy everything on our site. Not everyone knows about our Members Forum, for example, which by itself is a very useful resource for research.

So even if you are an experienced user of this site, PLEASE CHECK OUR PAGE, “NEWBIES START HERE – HELP GUIDE.” 

The reskinning will definitely happen before the year is out. But one big change at a time!

I will be making a permanent link to this post at the top of the main page of this site.

If you are confused by any of this, you can leave a comment here and I will see it right away. And you can always email us. 

FINALLY, Tracey and I both want to thank you for your support of us on this website. We take this site seriously and want you to be happy here. So with our deepest gratitude, thank you. 

Richard and Tracey


  1. David Loach

    Hi Richard & Tracy,

    Just signed up for the Gold package.

    Keep on moving forward!

    All the very best,


  2. Lauren2844

    Richard I was wondering if you would do Tucker Carlson’s hour long show on the Fox App? I’ve heard he’s had a tough time scheduling 3 guests every week. We both know he’s fascinated by the UFO experience and getting to talk to the number researcher on the planet would be thrilling for him. He does his show in a redesigned barn in Maine. You speak in a very educated way and the way you deal with the subject excludes the cringe. I will definitely send him some requests for him to bring the premier UFO researcher ( I’m currently busy out of the Country but your a close 2nd 😂) Richard Dolan.
    Richard would you do the show?

  3. Beebitt

    HI Folks,
    Congratulations on the Upgrade! 👍👍
    A little confusing trying to submit to Upgrade not finding an immediate ‘Submit’ button
    followed by Welcome, then finding the only path is through LINK that I’ve never been through before.
    Is what I did necessary? Or did I miss something easier?
    I’m an old guy with lots of doubts. 😁

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will check on this — not 100 percent sure of what you were seeing there. Believe me, I hate that we have to have YOU do these changes. The best way to see if you made the change is if you received an email notification. Do you know if you did?

  4. Beebitt

    No verification from you folks & none from Link, whoever they are.
    I see a lot of contacts above from unknowns.

    I’ll start at the top. This was at the bottom of my email list.
    Thanks for looking after it.

  5. Pyroxide_Martini

    Done! Thank you for including an Annual Membership! I always enjoy listening to your thoughts whether it be UAP/UFO, history, philosophy, esoteric or political. Many thanks for all you and Tracey do.

    PS – We examine and adjust our fees every year in line with CPI. You will find most people will go along with it without issue because everyone realises, it’s just life, if you don’t adjust, you’re going backwards every year and I don’t think any member wants that for you 🙂

  6. ColonelBleep

    I’m onboard for the Silver Level. I’d like to be more engaged at RDM, but at this time it just isn’t possible.

  7. James Hale

    Here’s a little joke concerning your pricing (not applicable to Gold): How can you tell the retailers on a golf course? They’re the ones yelling “three ninety-nine!”

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