Happy Halloween! Fireside Chat Tomorrow :)

By | October 31, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to put together something nice for this evening but how about I come back at you tomorrow with my own bag of post-Halloween goodies? 

I hope everyone is doing well. See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Fireside Chat Tomorrow :)

  1. mcwest50

    You have a fun time tonight, I will be ensconced for the night and remember a time when
    I threw a halloween party once and it’s better to go to one than to have one. I mean I was
    single and had options till an old girlfriend showed up. I hope you have fun tonight even if
    your just handing out candy, it’s fun to see the kiddies. Oh and I’m glad you and Tracy got
    back together. I really like Tracey had a little crush on her a while back as she reminded me
    of my gal back in the day, she being Canadian was a plus, and a good skier. So have fun and
    have one for us or two, oh hell three if your not driving.

    1. John Pendleton

      My apologies I don’t believe my first post went through. Super fans here Richard really love your work and value your opinions on a variety of topics not just UFOs. So I am frustrated and angry at Elizondo for not breaking his NDA. Am I wrong to think this? On one hand I respect keeping his word but on the other I feel like he holds a treasure trove of information. Information that is vital to us and impact so many things. I highly doubt he would be incarcerated for doing so. Questions do you think I’m wrong for being upset? And if you were him would you tell all? Keep up the good fight and cant wait for next post. John and Jackie

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Hi John. You’re not the only one who wants him to break his NDA. And I am not saying what he should do, but then again, let’s face it: it’s easy for us to say that. Much tougher when you are on the hook and you have a family. I feel for the guy.

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