Happy Birthday, Tracey!

By | April 25, 2022

Tracey’s birthday was a few days ago. I want to take this opportunity to tell my wife, here in this space, just how lucky I feel, every day, to have her in my life. Not everyone finds that special someone they can talk to about anything for hours at a time, but that’s what I found in Tracey. A true best friend and partner in everything that I do. 

Happy Birthday, beautiful wife. May we share many more. 

Love, Richard

32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tracey!

  1. Salsafreak

    Happy Birthday Tracey! My birthday was April 22nd!
    Are you a Taurus???

    SSSssssooooo HAPPY you both are back together again! (Whew!!)
    Love you both!

    – Salsafreak

  2. Jo Gentry

    I’m so glad You two found your way back to each other. You’re a very special couple and you share very special interests. I hope you spend the rest of your days together talking, laughing and laughing

  3. Stephen Early

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful Lady. Thank you for all the important information over the years. You have been very helpful with your insight into remote viewing and the many other areas of research.

  4. Annabell

    Happy Birthday to you Tracey! You and Richard are a beautiful couple, soul mates with a wealth of knowledge that serves Humanity!
    Hope your day is filled with love and light!

  5. D'Ann Slattery

    Happy Birthday Tracey! Are you a Taurus too? Mine is coming up soon. I hope you had a wonderful one! I sure hope Richard didn’t forget it until now, lol. Great picture!

  6. Phillip Lavelle

    Happy Birthday, Tracey. And, if I might add, that is a great photo of you two!!! My Mom’s birthday
    was in April, so it is a special month. I found in my Mom’s books when I was an early teenager, “Flying
    Saucers are Real” by Donald Kehoe. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Happy Birthday again.

    Phillip Lavelle

  7. Robert Rheaume


  8. peggy robberts

    Happy Birthday, Tracey! I know you don’t trifle with keeping track of age, but still hope you celebrated your day. 😄 Great photo!

  9. CAW1706

    Glad you and yours worked it all out. I am here because we have been waiting for other things. Rich I remember you and Tracy at a conference. Never said anything. Though wanted to say take care.

  10. Peter Mancini

    Just watched her TEDx talk. How powerful and emotional her talk is. I’ve been catching up to the last three years of videos you two have made and it makes me smile the humor you both share and incorporate into the videos.

  11. Pyroxide_Martini

    Happy Birthday Tracey! I am sure it was filled with much celebration and enjoyment with loved ones 🙂

  12. Kelly Marsden

    Happiest of Birthdays Tracey!!!!
    Live long and Prosper 🖖
    Looking forward to many more shows with you
    And Richard !!!

  13. Andromeda107

    Happy belated birthday Tracey 🎂🎉. I am really happy that you and Richard are back together ❤️. You were missed so much ,and I for one really appreciate and enjoy hearing you talk about remote viewing and the strange things that have happened in your life and continue to happen. I wish you and Richard all the best ,and I am looking forward for the off the cuff . Hopefully in the future, I will get to see you guys at live conference 😊.

  14. Peter Squire

    Belated happy birthday Tracey!
    You two guys look great together. We need more people like you two in ufology.
    Whatever you’re doing, have planned or did Tracey have a great time.
    Take care both of you.

  15. Christina

    Belated happy birthday Tracey, I hope you had a great day.

    And, I hope you know your contributions here are so very much appreciated! You’re one of my heroes, and you honestly make a huge difference, and have provided many inputs which have turned out to be significant and important to me personally. Aaaaand I’m also huge fan of the two of you together 😍

    Love & light

  16. Steven Cole

    Happy birthday Tracey!!!! It’s wonderful to have your sharp mind and insightful perspective back on the channel. You seem to be a truly lovely person and this webpage, the ufo field, and especially Richard are far more wonderful with your many contributions of both mind and soul. Thank you for your work, your candor and strength to share your own experiences to the benefit of us all, and “ufology” overall!

  17. Joshua Ringer

    Happy Birthday Tracey. I LOVED your story about the guy on the beach from another dimension that you also saw at Starbucks. Crazy stuff!

  18. Laura Mullen

    Happy birthday dear Tracey! It is so good to know that you and Richard are together and sharing this wild and crazy life journey! Cheers and many blessing to you both!

  19. Lynn Ehrhart

    Happy Birthday to you Tracey! Here’s to your best year yet!
    I’m an April baby, too—the 24th—so this is an extra dose of love and magic to you. 🌸🎂🎉❤️

  20. Jim

    Late to the party. But best wishes Tracey. Glad always to hear your thoughts and insights. Jim Crowell

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