Happy Birthday, Tracey!

By | April 21, 2024

This isn’t a normal post – just a love post to my wife on her birthday. 🙂

I just want to acknowledge the most important person in the world to me on her birthday. Someone who truly improves with every year, who is my best friend, and the partner without whom I’m not sure what use I would be in this dimension. 

So, my amazing wife, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many, many more to come!

With love from the bottom of my heart, 



23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tracey!

  1. Alex Nagel

    Happy birthday, Tracey! And a sincere thank you to all your hard work in the field of consciousness.

    Your lecture on dreams during the Consciousness Connection is allowing me to more fully integrate my subconscious into my waking state.

    Thank you again for making a difference in the life of this individual.

    Warm regards,

  2. robert faria

    Happy Birthday girl. We want to see more Tracey . YouTube ,Specials hell we will even take a shout out for disclosure. You might want to work with Destination X and introduce yourself to more.

  3. Perry Mittelstaedt

    Happy Birthday Tracey with many more to follow! You guys make a stunning couple! Cheers and I hope I get to meet both of you some day. :)))

  4. Craig Champion

    Yes, Happy Birthday Tracey!

    So glad, Richard that you have such a wonderful partner.

    We, in turn are fortunate to have you both in OUR lives!

  5. Phillip Lavelle


    A big Happy Birthday to you. Oh, to be 29 again!!!!!!!!! That is how old you look.
    Look forward to seeing you and Richard next month at “Contact”.


  6. Christina

    Happy birthday Tracey, I hope you had a wonderful day 💚
    You truly are one of my heroes, and I’m very grateful for everything you share about your work and experiences.

    I’m wishing you all the best, take care

  7. Bjofod

    As a birthday present I have a story from a work colleague. He is not into any of these things, not UFO, not religeous, not anything. I heard about this when a discussion about ghosts was going at work.

    It was in the early 90 s as he remebered it. He had the flue and had pretty high fever so he thought it was fever hallusinations and still do. He woke up suddenly a night and saw two hooded beeings at the foot of the bed. About 4-5 feet tall in a black hooded cloth nearly like munks. They were looking into a ” what he thought was a book” and using their hands on it. It was glowing. He felt to sleep as nothing had happened after seconds but remember this ” fever hallusination “clearly. I tried asking some more questions but there was no more he had seen or noticed.

    In the early 90 s we did not have cellphones and smartphones and Ipad was far into the future. I dont recall we had good laptops even.

    If this is real, what were they doing at the foot of the bed when he had fever with that ” instrument ” ?

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