Happy Birthday, Tracey!

By | April 21, 2023

I’ve never felt more fortunate than I do these days, having Tracey in my life, working with me in everything that I do. We truly work to support each other in all matters, and I find myself wondering, “how did I end up with someone so easy to talk to, live with, and love? Well, I don’t know, but I’m counting my blessings. 

I’m going to add one more thing. People often hear us in our public conversations like the Off the Cuff podcasts or our Intelligent Disclosure series. But it’s those many moments when we are off mic and off camera that the real magic happens. There is no one else I’d ever care to  explore my world with than this amazing human being. 

Happy Birthday my wife! I love you so very much and here is to many, many more happy years!



From Tracey:

First of all, thank you to my wonderful husband. What a nice post! I’m a lucky lady.

And second of all, thank you to you guys for these sweet messages!

It means so much to have you all here with us.

with deepest sincerity and gratitude,



25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tracey!

    1. Thomas Fattorusso

      Happy birthday what a wonderful human soul she is and it makes me ask richard clearly you are a remote viewer believer which paraphrasing dr radin but there is no known possible way for this in our physics so I ask why don’t you delve into paranormal more I believe ufos may be reflections from us or spiritually related they may not even know it maybe that’s why they target people to dig into this like an adopted kid looking for its blood parents they can be millions of earth years ahead but eons behind in understanding our spirit selves which could threaten them I know I am blabbling but I think there is a deep conn between us and whatever is outside us it’s not isolated nut and bolt ships for tourism and there aren’t a gazillion types of ships these may in fact be physical but still human created renditions of what we expect or want to see

  1. Christina

    What a wonderful post 😍 Happy birthday beautiful Tracey, I’m sending you lots of love and light, hoping you have a great day 💚


  2. Craig Champion

    Here’s to wishing you, Tracey a day that’s filled with joy! It’s heartwarming to know that you two very special people have one-another and are jointly pursuing this endeavor called The Truth. Enjoy “your day!”

    1. Steve Tinson

      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday deeeeear Tracey, happy birthday to yoooooou! West bishes you two!

  3. Elizabeth Wright

    You two are so lucky in this life to have found each other! Happy birthday, Tracey, and the two of you have a wonderful celebration together!! 💐🍸🎂

  4. Phillip Lavelle


    Happy Birthday! Look forward to your presentation in Indian Wells at C.I.D.


  5. Clifford Ribaudo

    Happy Happy. Wow … probably a 0/1° Taurus but could be a 29° Aries depending on year 🧐 Kind of both actually as your Sun is “cuspy” (right on Aries/Taurus cusp). Either way Uranus travelled over your Sun big time 2018/2019 Hence your emergence to more prominence in the public eye, not to mention the urge to totally transform yourself, put on those cowboy boots and bust the fk out! That will continue the ENTIRE time Uranus is in your Sun sign (through 2025) … but more mellow 😉 given it is no longer in a hard conjunction! Pluto is contacting your Sun point … HARD …. right now. Good time for inner transformation and penetration into a better understanding of the nature of reality. Actually, this aspect is demanding it. Go for it! Penetrate deep into the nature of inner reality.

  6. Kelly Marsden

    Happy belated birthday Tracey 🎂🍰🧁🍡🍨🍧
    It’s your “ birthday month “

  7. Joseph Delisle

    Happy belated birthday Tracey ! Hope you two had the best day together. I love listening to your “off the cuffs”🎂💫🥂

  8. Juan Lee

    Happy Birthday Tracey, hope you had a FABULOUS day and hopefully the party is still going, lol 🙂


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