47 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Richard!

  1. Peter Mancini

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all of the fantastic information you’ve gathered. Thanks for your unflappable delivery style! I think I speak for everyone when I say we hope that Tracy appears in more of the videos like she used to! You two are the dynamic duo of UFO truth.

  2. Holland Jessee

    Happy Birthday, Richard! Heard you on C2C with George. Awesome. In Roswell as I write! Major drive – 21 hours!

  3. Jason

    Happy birthday to the best UFOlogist ever! May you both have a wonderful life together 🙂 Go team Dolan!

  4. Domi Vallée

    Happy birthday Richard!
    I wish you a great new year of your life, with meaning, harmony and looooots of love!

  5. BrianRuhe

    60 is the new 40! I’m 62 and life is better than ever.
    You should have a profound and expansive future together, Richard and Tracey!
    A very happy birthday!!
    Brian Ruhe

  6. Pyroxide_Martini

    Happy Birthday Richard! May the celebrations be as entertaining as the lectures you provide us all!

  7. MarkH

    All the best on your birthday Richard.

    I guess the question is if that had an implant to transhuminise yourself so you would age slower would you use it?
    I just realized why males are transitioning to females, their life expectancy is much greater.

  8. Andromeda107

    Happy 60th Birthday 🎂 🥳🎉🎉🎁 Richard!!,live long and prosper as Spock 🖖 would say ☺️

  9. BAS703

    Best Wishes and Many Happy Returns on your Birthday Richard.
    You’ve devoted so many years-worth of your talent and hard work to a very important subject and it is truly appreciated.. Thank You.

  10. J-Rod

    Happy Birthday Zucchini King! You’re one year younger than me…..and it’s all downhill from here. LOL. Have a great Birthday with your lovely partner and family. Keep UFOing. PS: what cake did you have?

  11. Ed Claytor

    Happy Birthday Richard.
    the big 60, I can remember mine, Rome had just fell, barbarians every where, the more things change………..
    Wishing you many more good ones to come

  12. Christina

    Happy birthday Richard, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’m wishing you – and Tracey – all the best… 😊


  13. ufoguy

    Man O Man Happy Birthday Richard. Welcome to the sexagenarian club – It’s a big club and now your in it. And be assured from one member to another there is much much more to come!


  14. GrannyChanie

    Happy birthday, Richard! I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoy many more years of good health and UFO full disclosure!

  15. Salsafreak

    Happy Birthday… to the BEST of the BEST Ufologist / Historian / Global Events / Storyteller
    ON THE PLANET!!! (possibly off-world as well!!)

  16. Andy Walker

    Happy Birthday my man! You are the voice of reason in Ufology, and we need you around for many more years — all the best!

  17. Enquirer

    Happy birthday, Richard. Ah-how long must I look back to remember 60? What a lucky guy, with a dynamic, smart, and lovely wife. May you both continue to grow individually and as an awesome team for many more years.

  18. Matthew Ullnick

    Happy Birthday Richard! Thanks for all that you do for this community. Never stop pursuing the truth & as a wise man once said: “Keep fighting the good fight!” I hope you, Tracy, & the family have a fun celebration!!! 🎉🎂🎁👽

  19. JerseyGirl2008

    Happy birthday to the man who truly inspires us to “keep fighting the good fight.” I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating life with the ones you love.

  20. James Kim Efishoff

    Happy Birthday, Richard! Thank you for all of the wonderful lectures. Always spell binding.

  21. TomTort

    60 is only a number when you feel young and still receptive to new ideas. Fighting the good fight is not just an eternal thought of youth, but an on going reality. Stay young and prosper! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  22. OgronWaitress

    Happy birthday, Richard. I’m about to hit the big 6-0 myself so I can confirm that it IS just a number! Enjoy!

  23. Katie Foster

    Happy Birthday Richard Dolan! Keep on “fighting” the good fight!”

    In 1863 the opening day of the Battle Of Gettysburg was on July 1st.
    Don’t know what to make of that connection, but there it is. Happy Birthday!

  24. Kelly Marsden

    Happy Birthday Richard!!!! Welcome to the
    60’s !!!! 60 is the new 40 !! Enjoy 😊
    Kelly 😎

  25. David Nulty

    Just seen this, happy belated birthday Richard! Hope you had a great one, looking good at 60 👍 thanks for all the fantastic and enlightening content.

  26. Jonathan Stutzman

    Happy birthday, Richard! Thank you for the wonderful work, thought, and heart you’ve put into this subject, but more importantly, who you are and who you try to be as a human. Hope you had a great birthday weekend, keep fighting the good fight.

  27. Juan Lee

    Happy Belated Birthday Mr Richard, I’ve been a member for 2 years (??) and I’ve always enjoyed your very insightful and fascinating analysis of the UFO/UAP/Paranormal phenomena. I hope you and Tracey had a wonderful birthday and are having a good holiday 🙂

  28. Phyllis Esser

    Happy Birthday, Richard!
    I am one of those Members that unabashedly LOVEs you!
    Your research, hard work, and fascinating information delivery color my days with sunshine and happiness.
    Thank you for trustworthy data about our planet’s greatest conspiracy theory ever. No, for me it is conspiracy fact.
    As an aside, I wish you would grow your hair back long and curly. It looks stylish now, but your long, dark, curly locks were adorable!
    Sending you and Tracey Love & Light! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Unni Krishna

    Dear Richard,
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday 🎂🌹⭐️.Actually i was watching your False Flag episodes on GAIA and did’nt login here for last few days!
    Thank you .
    Kind regards,

  30. mcwest50

    A bit of a belated happy birthday but nonetheless the big 60, well it’s all uphill
    it just gets tougher getting up that hill. If only it was all downhill it would be
    easier. July 1st, wow Canada day, and my wedding anniversary. I also married
    a Canadian, and now share my wife’s sadness with the state of Canadian decline
    of liberties. I’m sure Tracey made your birthday special. I sometimes think the
    forum gets a little off track. In retrospect it’s difficult to stay focused on the ufo
    experience as most in the forum who are veterans of Ufology in that we’ve read
    and seen about every clip of ufo’s in the public domain. Your work is thorough
    and I have infinite respect for the impact you’ve had in Ufology.

    The forum is healthy and runs in cycles as far as coverage on Ufo’s or Et’s as most
    have read about everything related to the topic. I also got tired of the Vax topics
    and those who manipulate it to control us to stay in power. I don’t have a need
    to meet famous anyone, but it would be nice to meet you and Tracey, God bless

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