Personal Note: Fireside Chat Will Be Tomorrow

By | July 12, 2020

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know, I’ll be recording my weekly Fireside Chat tomorrow instead of this evening. Although I don’t have much to show for it at the moment, I am feeling a bit tired at the moment. Yesterday, I recorded a five hour interview with the mysterious and fascinating “Mr. X”, who previously gave a three-hour dive into the Davis-Wilson notes for Project Unity’s Youtube channel. We did five hours. 

What’s funny is that I had intended — with lots of determination — to get Mr. X to give me ONE hour of very concise, powerful analysis. However, very quickly into our interview, I realized that I wasn’t going to be riding this horse. No sir. This horse had to run free, so that’s what we did. We went for five hours, lots of presentation by him, and lots of interactive back-and-forth with the two of us exchanging ideas. 

It will be one of those interviews that the geeks among us will really like — but you’ll have to be bordering on fanatic for this one. It’s a commitment. For myself, I can tell you without reservation that I was absolutely fascinated the whole way through. Many of you, although certainly not all, will feel similarly. 

I also want to thank Bob McGwire for his stellar interview with me earlier this week. Just outstanding — both parts. And as a look ahead, I’ll be interviewing Danny Silva of the for a live show on Tuesday. I’ll be sure to get a members-only and totally frank conversation with Danny after we do the public show. 

There is SO much more I want to discuss with you. But it can wait until tomorrow. It’s not that I am feeling old these days. Age is relative. To some of you, fifty-eight is still almost like being a kid. To others, it’s pretty darned old! For myself, I feel extremely young and energetic mentally. Honestly, perhaps the best I’ve ever felt. But my body likes to complain to me more than ever. I pay a price for strenuous physical engagement, and sometimes need to remind myself that I’m not twenty-five anymore. This is one of those times when I’m about to melt into my chair. 

I should also mention that I allowed the comments here to build up way too much. Earlier today I finally read and approved nearly 70 that needed attention. Apologies to those of you who had to wait for a few days for your comment to be approved. 

Our world feels upside down. We have moved into an era of great uncertainty. Even those of us who believe we know what lies ahead can only really predict in generalities. The specifics elude all of us, but there remains an unease about it all. It prompts me to remember the things that make us the best version of who we can be: to be strong, honest, humble, kind, and as fearless as we can be. Our world is designed to polarize us — media corporations live on clickbait and rage. We have to remember that they are not trying to inform us, but to keep us engaged. That means the manipulation of our emotions. I feel that in such a situation, our job is to step back and not engage in their various agendas. I don’t know that all of this will end well — it may end badly. But at least each of us can make our best decisions to be the best we can be and hopefully not make things worse. In such times as these, we should take the win any way we can.

Okay, I’ll be around tomorrow for a much more in-depth video chat. 



12 thoughts on “Personal Note: Fireside Chat Will Be Tomorrow

  1. AvatarPressToDigitate

    That’s a great portrait of you – one of the best! (and I still love that Wall Hanging – glad you used it behind the desk down there – or is that a different one?)

    Clyde has been reading UFONSS cover-to-cover; he just finished Vol. 1 and is now into Vol. 2. He wanted me to ask you (and, if needed, for you to ask Kathleen Marden): *Whatever happened to “Delsey”?* Clyde is an animal lover and was curious about Betty & Barney Hill’s dog, who is mentioned a couple times and then just disappears from the narrative – almost as if he was suddenly ‘Abducted by Aliens’, or something…. 🙂

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Golly, good question about Delsey. I think she lived a normal life for a dog, but honestly we should ask Kathleen Marden. She’s probably the only one who remembers. And thanks for the compliment on the photo. Tracey took it last week!

  2. AvatarWickyBu

    Don’t worry, no response required!

    Thanks Richard,

    Just a quick note to say, I did listen to the panel discussion, the UFO Joe interview with Danny Silva, the two-part discussion with Bob and all of the Project Unity interview with Mr ‘X’ (love that, it’s so Watergatey)…and I was riveted to them all! Can’t wait for your five hour version now. Coffee at the ready…

  3. AvatarMetaStrange

    I always find the fireside chat interesting, but maybe do a 10 minute weekly update, which would keep everyone informed on the latest developments, and then a more in-depth chat with analysis, which could run to an hour, once per month.

  4. AvatarTomTort

    Yes, I believe the world is upside down at the moment. However, I have observed many people are going out of their way to help others in need or just being extra courteous.
    I, also, have observed numerous individuals do not care how the “virus” got started, but only hope to get thru it without illness even though, unknowingly, there is a toll on their general attitude and energy level. It doesn’t, however, help to realize there is a prevailing idea that the virus is an artificial creation from a lab. If I am correct in stating, George Noory, Catherine Auston Fitts and others think covid 19 is artificial, and the accuracy of this idea must be acknowledged or eradicated. Knowing may help put things in better perspective and in the long run, we may find ourselves with alot more energy.

  5. AvatarSalsafreak

    Looking forward to it! You provide a sense of “normalcy like it used to be” – but don’t get me wrong, I still love your opinions on the current state of the Union to keep things real. I truly love you and Tracy’s 5-hour online discussions. Although you don’t know me, when I listen to the both of you chat and just “Hangout”, I consider you my friends. Thank you for all that you do. Both of you.
    – Edith (Edie) Williams – salsafreak

  6. Avatarjennymemon

    Look forward to it Richard, I wanna see that horse run free!
    Btw you look like a naughty schoolboy on that photo, who just got told off for talking in class lol.


    Good deal sir!
    I would like to express my appreciation for your hard work. I know I am not alone in highly valuing everything you do. It helps keep me sane to dive into these topics that used to seem more important than anything else. Now while still my passion, they take on a whole new value; that of giving me a focus beyond the horrors of a reality packaged and set upon my destruction. Sharing these ideas with you and our diaenfranchized nerd farm of a group is the highlight of my day. I do hope you never feel underappreciated or like nobody gets it or is not listening. We are here and hold you in highest regard.
    Now, back to work YOU! 🤣
    I’m kidding!!! Love ya man!


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