Fireside Chat will be Monday!

By | August 30, 2020

Hi everyone,

Good news is that I prepared a nice Fireside Chat for you for tonight. The bad news is that my voice feels rather weak again. I am sure I will be fine, so please no need for concern. But I think it’s best I rest it now and come back at you tomorrow. 

My theme for this chat is not ufological, but about something important and which I trust will be something we all care about. I look forward to connecting with you on it. 

Please have a wonderful night.

Richard (and Tracey)

10 thoughts on “Fireside Chat will be Monday!

  1. Lauren2844

    Richard can you please do a Dolan Deep dive into Rendlesham Forest? That has never really been done on this site or your YouTube channel .. its a magical case with a number of military personnel straight out saying they saw Alien “entities”.. The Commander of the base (Gordon Williams) has supposedly done a 45 minute interview admitting he had physical contact with an alien race.. supposedly a UFO researcher (maybe you) can’t release this until after his death.
    There is so much nonsense to this case but also amazing truths.. Richard PLEASE tell us your opinions in 2020.

  2. peggy robberts

    Not my business really, Richard, and no expertise here. But I would recommend that you experiment with eliminating certain things that you regularly drink every day. Do it for at least a week to see if you can eliminate possible causes. As just one example–my daily tea makes me cough & constantly clear my throat.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Jonesing for our “Dolan fix” tonight, around suppertime, we put on your June, 2014 presentation to the Secret Space Program Conference, and were well satisfied. It was an outstanding presentation, beautifully composed and masterfully delivered, in resplendent couture. That haircut, though, “not so much”. (“Thank you, Tracey!” – for sorting him out, since then.)

    Parts of that summation are prescient when viewed in relation to current events, here, six years later. The Surveillance, Censorship and Propaganda today are central, just as you anticipated, but “Off-the-Charts”, compared to anything anyone imagined back then. Trump has obviously disrupted that Globalist “breakaway financial structure”, which explains the Deep State coup attempts to subvert his Presidency. And, while they *are* ‘turning the Web into TV’, not only will Transhumanism have no “Class Barrier”, it looks, by the day, more and more as though “Assimilating” the masses into a Hive Mind is not only the proximate goal that our [increasingly] “Smart” phones, and impending 5G HeadPhones are directed at, but that this has been in the works, specifically, for more than 50 years.

    In the lecture, you cited the anecdote about DOE Sec. John Herrington (though not by name). Am I now given to understand that we have known what he said for at least the 25+ years since Friedman told Zabel, and have known about Microwave Anti-Saucer weapons since Frank Scully’s book, 70 years ago; we have known that Hybrid Container production is the ET’s primary objective – and that the MiB were the Alien “clean-up crew” – since [at least] the Clinton Administration? And Ufology is *still* consumed with internal doubts and second guessing as to which Sightings, Witnesses, Whistleblowers, Documents, etc. are “genuine” – after all these years – as opposed to integrating – and digesting – their Contents, to achieve a coherent “whole” of understanding?

    For the 2020s, Ufology needs to become less a fading “Hobby”, like ‘Stamp Collecting’, an idle and obsolete philanthropy, like the ‘Kiwanis’, or the ‘Clown Car Demolition Derby’ that an outsider might easily assume, and more like Mr. Phelps “Impossible Missions Force”, “Force 10 from Navarone”, “Buckaroo Banzai & The Hong Kong Cavaliers” – or, “SHADO”. UNLESS the plan is to just wait until things *we already know* become [perhaps, ‘painfully’] obvious to everybody, and then jump out from behind the bushes and yell, “We Told You So!”, I’d suggest that we take seriously the responsibility to become Humanity’s “Backstop” against “Worst Case Scenarios” – given the charge that “With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Responsibility”.

    Being a little ‘off’ on the 2020 Disclosure Forecast from 2010, or 2014, doesn’t matter. Getting wrong 2030 from Now, on the other hand, could have dire consequences. Based on the rates of penetration of Smartphone adoption (and Lasik), the speed with which 5G-BCI will pervade our society, both as wearable HeadPhones, and the implantable Neuralink, likely creates a world in 2030 in which *millions* of the most tech savvy, affluent and influential in our society, economy and government will be entrained and subject to neuromodulation by whomever the most cybernetically advanced “people” around might happen to be. Of course, the reality is that we’re *already at that point*, and Neuralink didn’t have to ship a single FDA-approved manmade BCI Implant to willing consumers to get here.

    But ETs need Human industry, implant clinics, and marketing to “Scale”; just as They need IVF Clinics – here, on the ground, to Scale the production (and occupation) of Hybrid Containers. Or, we could just wait for Them to “Blow Something Up” before we blow out the candles and incense, in response. The more vintage UFO literature I read, the more it appears that we aren’t really learning anything new in the 21st Century; we’re just gaining increasing confidence through additional sources of confirmation of that which *we already knew* by the 1990s (if not before). To a large extent, your volumes of history collate, and recompile information that was contemporaneously known soon after the actual events occurred (that’s actually a compliment). What I’m trying to say, is that waiting interminably for some Golden Ticket, that lets us inside the Chocolate Factory is not a viable strategy for Ufology in going forward.

    The Conspiracy behind it all is not going to “mellow with age”. I don’t believe the secrets remain kept because Humans inside are afraid of prosecution by Humans on the outside, or to keep Oil & Gas futures from tanking, or to keep pederastic clergy employed. It all is the way it is because there’s an Agenda behind it, and its left very little to chance. And the Agenda isn’t Human. And Man’s Future probably depends on the secrets unraveling sooner than They plan to “disclose” them. Or else, there would be *No Point* in the Surveillance, Censorship and Propaganda; in the Disinformation or the Suppression of Technologies. As my Dad used to roust me out of bed on weekend mornings, “Wake up & Pee! The World’s on Fire!”…

    P.S. Darryl Simms friended me on Facebook the next morning after we talked about him on the Hangout; I first assumed you had mentioned me to him, but he said he hadn’t heard from you. Synchronicity, I guess… 🙂

  4. WickyBu

    Richard, grannies and egg-sucking comes to mind, but have you tried the good old fashioned remedy of salt water gargling? Good for whatever ails you…oh, and stay well hydrated. You may have to take a “comfort break’ during your chat, but we can all whistle a tune until you come back. Take care!

  5. JohnM

    Hi Richard, I hope you’re feeling better. Can I ask what time the fireside will be tomorrow, please?

    Cheers and ATB


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