Fireside Chat Podcast will be Tomorrow!

By | August 16, 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Just a friendly announcement to let you know I will be posting my weekly Fireside Chat Podcast tomorrow instead of this evening. No major reason except that I can see that it’s going to be a lot easier for me tomorrow to get it ready! 

Wishing everyone a great evening and I will be back tomorrow. 🙂


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  1. PressToDigitate

    In Millie Weaver’s new documentary, “Shadowgate”,
    which I tried linking in a previous comment, she outlines Contractor relationships within the Defense/Intelligence communities, and how they flagrantly operate beyond the law. She also explores the way that disinfo/influence operations are conducted by these Contractors. Every bit of that – and perhaps even some of the *same* companies (though there are many more) is directly applicable to the Deep State architecture inherent in the ETUFO Coverup, which, we know now for certain (courtesy of the Davis-Wilson Memo) is largely “outsourced” beyond the legitimate government. This film is a glimpse into the Byzantine world of ex-Spooks and retired Generals, and the bureaucrats and diplomats that slither in and out of their orbits on K-Street in Washington, D.C., as they cashier in and out of government, depending on the party in power. This is where the Truth lies, and from where lies are proffered as truth.

    An organization with a DC presence and a small staff intent on sleuthing its way through this maze, and charting the connections that lead to the *real* ETUFO “Secret Keepers” would yield 10x the payoff that Ufology has ever gotten from ‘The Great Hangers-On’, from Alexander to Vallee to Pandolfi to Greene to Puthoff (& Semivan & Elizondo). Indeed, it is possible that existing political intelligence firms might be engaged to do this work for us, although it would require that we both vet them severely, and employ two in parallel, one with Democratic connections, and one with Republican – if we want to penetrate the obscurity that these “people” obsessively cultivate.

    This stuff *matters*. In 1963, SECDEF Robert McNamara, the ultimate “Swamp Creature” of his day, persuaded JFK to cancel the deployment of the (defensive) Nike-Zeus, in favor buying more (offensive) ICBMs, with the promise that enhanced R&D would be devoted to Nike-X, the theoretical next generation Air Defense system. Of course, that part really never happened, and nothing further was developed beyond that until THAAD and Patriot, decades later. There was the same subculture of national security, intelligence and defense Contractors and lobbyists and think tanks then as we have today; only some names have changed. But the corporate heritage and genealogy of these contractors will tell us a lot about “where the bones are buried” – both Human, and Alien. What’s interesting will be to dig up how the Nike-Zeus contractors, actually working on defending us against ‘threats from space’ were dislodged from doing so, in favor of not a better defense alternative, but “Mutually Assured Destruction”.
    Alien/Hybrid Infiltration and ‘Psychic Suasion’ at work, at the highest levels of our government? If so, where did it end? DID it ever end?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, really good comment. The Puthoff, Green, Pandolfi, etc crowd definitely know a few things. But I have believed for a long time that all of them and their crowd are trying to knock at the innermost door. And that door has not yet opened for them, and is probably unlikely ever to do so. The type of group you are talking about would be much more likely to have deep answers.

    2. jjsedona

      Thank you for providing the link to Millie’s documentary.
      I was 15 minutes into it when it was suddenly taken down.
      The way she was arrested – secret indictment – is alarming and should concern everyone in America today.
      Many do not want to talk politics, but how can you ignore the elephant in the room?
      I appreciate your thoughtful comments.


      I just finished watching it. So many things I was foggy about clicked into place. Very informative. Very frightening. 😬

    4. Doctor3j

      How is it that Bell Labs after it was split off the telephone breakup eventually went bankrupt. Having some of the first alien tech what happened?

      Once again I didn’t know at the time but it had a nuc war head that they didn’t really admit to. How else could you destroy a whole fleet on incomming warheads?

      1. PressToDigitate


        The Nike-Hercules and BOMARC Surface-to-Air Missiles, and Thor, which was configured as a Surface-to-Space interceptor, and the Genie and Falcon Air-to-Air Missiles, were all nuclear tipped in the 1960s, and deployed in large numbers in operational systems. These interceptors carried warheads up to 400 Kt (.4 Mt), with many in the 150 Kt range, and others down to 1.5 Kt. They could easily have taken out UFOs – or fleets of them – and wouldn’t have to even get that close to do it. Another nuclear tipped, Surface-to-Air interceptor, the Sprint, was designed to accelerate to Mach 10+, and was first demonstrated in 1962. There is no doubt that it could have caught and destroyed a fleet of TicTacs. What’s more, these systems used *electromechanical* guidance computers, not onboard electronics, which made them *impervious* to the Alien electronic interventions that shut down (and, at other times, started up) our ICBMs in silos (that Salla and other Missileers came forth to testify on).

        So, EITHER there are records of these systems being fired at ETUFOs [whether intercepting them or not, and whether downing/destroying them, or not], OR, none of these weapons were ever released against ETUFO targets. I find this the most fascinating question in Historical Ufology (ATTN: RMD), because they came online, for the most part, Post-Holloman. If they were never engaged against ETUFO targets, it would seem we Agreed not to do so. What was really in that “Treaty”? What did Ike really give away? Was it a Capitulation across the board, accepting and enabling the AHO “beachhead” that appears to have arrived soon thereafter? Did it accept full Colonization? Human subjugation by [what we now call 5G-BCI], provided we could develop and deploy it indigenously, and sell it to the public as ‘beneficial’, so that no one ever questioned the origins or reasons for this *Drone Yoke*? Is that why the “Prometheus” study (1962-1969), appended to the development of ARPAnet, developed the rationale for universal Brain Computer Interface?

        Or, perhaps there is a trove of hidden records of Air Defense interception attempts – and, perhaps, successes, resulting in Crash Retrievals – that no one in Ufology has thought to go after in FOIA litigation. I would dearly love to hear that this was the case, and that we didn’t just surrender our world without a fight, and that it wasn’t our most highly regarded General who did so. But, its pretty hard to hide an atmospheric nuclear detonation from everybody – especially in places no where near test ranges – whether it took out the target(s) or not. So, I’m sadly leaning toward the Capitulation Theory, which would explain an accelerated Infiltration by Alien Hybrid Operatives, and the last 65 years of Coverup, Deception, Suppression, Missing Trillions, Atrocities and Crimes Against Humanity.

        Change My Mind.

  2. Richard Dolan Post author

    Tracey and I have discussed this many times, and definitely foresee the possibility of moving somewhere before much more time passes. As for BLM, I will preface by saying that I live in a predominantly African-American community, have good and dear African American friends, and have had a deep appreciation for that culture for, well, all of my life. It’s impossible for me not to see the many roadblocks that have been placed in the path of many African Americans. So I am sympathetic to political movements that genuinely seek to help them. In my opinion, BLM doesn’t appear to be one of them. I discussed this a few months ago in a piece about color revolutions. In the history of the United States, racism is, by any objective measurement, at an all-time low, not high. It doesn’t mean there aren’t problems still, but I don’t believe that the problems are helped by exacerbating anger and rage. I remain an old-fashioned believer in color blindness, which is now considered by some to be “racist.” For my entire life I considered myself, and was considered by everyone around me, to be a left-of-center progressive type. Somehow during the last decade or more,that community seems to have taken a software upgrade that I never got.I look around and feel as though the Left left me behind. Obviously, I am not the only one, this is a very widespread phenomenon. I wait for some semblance of sanity to return. The current political divide and debate looks and feels like a race to the bottom, coming from both sides.

    1. PressToDigitate

      I know you’d like to live where They Land, but perhaps you’d consider relocating to an Island where We Launch, instead:

      P.S. My copy of “Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, & Biowarfare” by Dr. Robert M. Wood with Nick Redfern *just* arrived, from Richard Dolan Press.
      When the Truth regarding COVID-1984 becomes known, you guys will need to publish a 2nd Edition.


      I’m glad you mentioned this. I have never been a fan of political parties. At least not of such a small number of parties. I believe it would work much better if we had like 10 real parties where money, lobbys and the other corrupting elements were discouraged. We see what having only 2 relevant parties does and how dangerous it can be when one of them is hijacked by an anti-American philosophy. Where are Democrats supposed to go when they dont support BLM and Antifa for example? It has become the downfall of this nation to rely on simply 2 points of view on running a country.
      The manipulation of MEDIA has nearly cemented our fates and that is the biggest problem with the “SYSTEM” as I see it. To much faith in MEDIA. Fortunately for me I do not suffer liars, so once I discovered one deception it was pretty easy to figure out most of the Mainstream hoopla was just that, hoopla.
      I bring all this up because I have felt for a long time now, Democrats need to take their party back. Unless we can actually and successfully spawn new parties, we have to find a way to break away from the anti-American aspects surrounding this party and reclaim it. I used to lean Democrat but with the current trends taking place there is no way I am hitching my wagon to that train wreck. Nobody has made Trump look better than the Democrat party.
      Let’s hope some light shines on these fundamental issues come 2021. This year is toast. FireTornados now. Yes Fire Tornados. Oy!

  3. PressToDigitate

    RMD: FYI

  4. Markypro57

    Hello Richard,

    Your thoughts on Project Blue Book being cancelled and do think there’s a possibility that it will be picked up?


    Mark P Provenzano

  5. JimmyAlfiere

    Sorry to be a noob, but how do I access and what time does it begin? or… did I miss it?

    Thanks so much!

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