Fireside chat podcast tomorrow!

By | August 23, 2020

Hi everyone.

Once again, I’ll be doing my weekly fireside chat podcast tomorrow instead of today (Sunday). Wishing everyone a good evening, and I will catch up with you all soon!


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  1. PressToDigitate

    Richard – and Tracey –
    If you were the Hero & Heroine of a Sci-Fi saga chronicling the discrete, covert Alien Colonization that we’ve been discussing, a sort of “First Wave”/”The Invaders”/”War of the Worlds: The Series” meets “V”/”Alien Nation”/”Earth: Final Conflict”, or as a “Season 5” of Bryce Zabel’s “Dark Skies”, with you two as “John Loengard” & “Kimberly Sayers”, knowing what you know now, what would our clever protagonists be doing to lay the groundwork to fight the ‘Brain Sucking Aliens’ known soon to manifest? In no particular order…

    1. You’d want to know what signals pass to and from those Abductee Implants, both with the Aliens, and with the nervous system of the Abductee, ASAP; and you want them decrypted.
    2. You’d want to interview (read: ‘Interrogate’) perhaps a dozen Hybrids, including some self-proclaimed, those introduced by Abductees, and some identified by technical means. You would want qEEG Brain Electrical Activity Mapping of each of them, and surreptitious EMF/RF scans of their person during the interviews.
    3. You’d want to address as many fans in Ufology, Conspiracy, and the Alternative Subculture (“Fringe”) in general, as possible, in person and online, by Radio/Audio & TV/Video, with an integrative “Grand Unified Theory” of ‘What’s Really Going On’, incorporating a “Call to Action” of sorts, which put as many of them in digital contact with a central hub organization (not MUFON) as possible, for future mobilization.
    4. You’d want to corral a few dozen carefully selected ‘Thought Leaders’ from across Ufology, Conspiracy and ‘Fringe’ in general to a series of private Executive Retreats, sans audience, to present the GUT, obtain feedback on it, and endeavor to bring together, on the same page, all those who see clear to subscribing to the common vision of the ETUFO Problem.
    5. You would be hosting the next “Curse of Oak Island” on History, in a series (“Operation ‘Ironclad Evidence’ “?) that extracted 100 or more bona fide Alien Implants from Abductees for analysis. The body of scientific papers resulting would eclipse the total of Ufological data extant to date in its evidentiary, persuasive and *practical* value.
    6. You would compose a private epistle to the leadership of the [Dominant] Alien presence, for transmission by technical means, which endeavored to find a peaceful alternative to the ‘Guidestone Future’ apparently evolving in the New Alien Reality, in front of our very eyes.
    7. You would exercise your ‘Convening Power’ among leaders across the Alternative Subculture, summoning their participation in efforts to build multiple new, independent physical transport conduits for Alternative Media, engineered to be *Inherently Uncensorable*, in anticipation of Ufology and Conspiracy topics both being declared “dangerous misinformation”, and stricken from both Social Media and the Web at large, in the early 2020s. This digital ‘Samizdat’ would encompass distributed workgrouping and collaboration utilities, to prevent enthusiasts from being isolated when these sectors are fully censored and marginalized by Big Brother.
    8. You would beseech some deep-pocket donors to quietly underwrite a secret catalog of stealthy research projects, anticipative of conditions then prevailing in a five-to-ten year time horizon, likely to deliver ‘disruptive’ (or otherwise useful) innovations; some of which might have significant interim commercial potential. Instead of the Anti-Gravity pursued by Delonge & Firmage, it would offer a more practical focus on [things like] non-RF communications, both for Alien detection/surveillance and for uninterruptible communications by any future underground ‘Organic Humanity Movement’.
    9. You would orchestrate the training of a cadre of specialized Remote Viewers, organized at your disposal, suitable for working with both electronic and nutraceutical enhancements, more focused and effective than anything “Stargate”(etc.) achieved in decades past.
    10. You would organize the delivery of your own cameras and other instruments to Lunar Orbit within five years.

    There are many other ‘Heroic’ things that an astute observer of the situation might believe that it calls for, but this selection would be a viable opening gambit. But, unlike lone television heroes, who always seem beleagured and helpless, you would have 100X *us* behind you, working to help, as you’re doing so.

    Of course, Noah Wylie’s history-geek, “Tom Mason”, in “Falling Skies” is another fictional counterpart to “Cade Foster”, “David Vincent”, “Harrison Blackwood”, “Michael Donovan”, “Chad Decker”, “Jonathan Dorrs”, or “Loengard”, but, in his world, the Alien siege has already turned virulent, and Humanity is largely destroyed by the ‘invasive species’ *before* he goes to actually do anything about it. “*Don’t be ‘Tom Mason’.*” 🙂

  2. PressToDigitate

    (No, this is not political) In releasing his second-term agenda, *just now*, Pres. Trump prioritized “Establish[ing] a Permanent Manned Presence on the Moon” (along with “Launching Space Force” and “Send[ing] the First Manned Mission to Mars”). He also made it a point to include “Build[ing] a Great Cybersecurity Defense System and Missile Defense System”.

    It doesn’t matter whether people agree with his 48 other re-election policy priorities, or even agree with those. The point is that in the Space Community, there has always been a large (strange) push to effectively bypass the Moon (perhaps after a couple of Apollo-style return landings); a concept popularized by Robert Zubrin as “Mars Direct”. A “Permanent Manned Presence on the Moon” cannot help but to come into Contact – if not actual *Conflict* with the large, permanent ET presence that we know is there. What rationale could they possibly use to tell commercial explorers/prospectors “Go look, but you must avoid THESE particular craters”? SO, Humans will – unavoidably – be encroaching on Alien Outposts on the Moon, in the next 25 years (unless Biden wins, and disrupts the “Permanent Manned Presence”). I will bet that if Biden wins, he will do exactly that – and that its a primary reason the Intel Community has been manipulating politics to get Trump out since he took office. Remember that *second* mandated Senate Report, on military operations in *Cislunar* Space?

    Putting Missile Defense on the list is anomalous as well; ABM stopped being an issue when the Dems dropped their opposition to it years ago, as rogue nations, North Korea and Iran, inched toward ICBM deployment. The current public dance between the superpowers over ‘Hypersonics’ – and, more importantly, ‘Defenses Against Hypersonics’ – may not be all its represented to be. What *else* goes that fast, that you might want to shoot at?

    Just *How Likely Is It* that if we go back to the Moon, in force, to Stay, that someone there has indicated that They might ‘React’? Rumor has it that Apollo was ended (and nothing followed it) because the Aliens “waved us off” from further Lunar operations. Some reports say that an ‘Agreement’ with ET governed how (and where) Apollo was conducted. If that was the 50-year time horizon, expiring in 2019 or 2020 (or 2022), by which the whole Lunar Return thing was initiated (several years ago) in preparation for, then we really are ‘smack-dab’ up against the ETUFO Presence in our current affairs and public policy; Right Here, Right Now. Are ‘Hypersonic Missile Defenses’ a “Contingency Plan”, in case They don’t take kindly to Human “Boots on the Ground”, in Their vicinity on Our Moon?

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