Checking in … Have been Sick!

By | May 27, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

My apologies for not being around this week following my last Youtube show. I have been feverish and sick for the past few days. I am still feeling drained of energy, which is not good timing since we are planning to fly to California next week! 

I’ve been a little better today but … wow. Bad timing. 

Anyway, I have been doing some work here and there and will be back tomorrow for a Fireside Chat Podcast. Again, my apologies for not being around. 


21 thoughts on “Checking in … Have been Sick!

  1. JimmyBee

    No apologies needed! Hope you get better FAST and hope neither Tracey nor Yates gets it, whatever it is.

  2. William Mott

    Feel better. Try taking some extra Vitamin C with you on the trip. We need you in good health 🙏..

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i don’t know if you took a covid test but i know two people who have it now and they had it before. I have been very impacted by seasonal allergies for the past ten days and i thought i was sick for the first few days. However, the fever part wouldn’t be allergies. I just read what you posted again. Well, don’t push yourself. I had the idea that i should say that to you right now.

  4. Thomas Bay Hvolby

    Get well soon 🙂 It’s important that you get well, so postpone the podcast for a day or two. (But not further than that 😉😅)

  5. J Buckner

    Sending healing energies for a speedy recovery!
    You can get HCQ and Ivermectin from Dr Brooks Agnew’s website.
    Hope you feel better soon

  6. OgronWaitress

    Sorry to hear about that, Richard. I hope it’s not an omen but my partner and I got ill this past week also and we both tested +ive for Covid-19 yesterday when tested. We have both coped thru the worst of it and are on the mend. Thankfully it was mild but the symptoms do sound like what you described. Have you tested yourself?

  7. GrannyChanie

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick. Whatever you’ve got seems to be going around here in Ohio, too. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

  8. Elizabeth Wright

    Sorry to hear that, Richard. Hope you soon feel better and full of energy for the upcoming convention. 👍 Best wishes, Liz

  9. Peter Hutley

    So sorry you’ve been unwell mate. Rest and recupe and enjoy the trip to California, regards Pete Hutley.

  10. Christina

    No worries, and oh dear, that really is bad timing.
    I hope you’re recovering quickly…

    Take care,

  11. Christopher Jackson

    We all appreciate what you do here and abroad. Take time for yourself and get well soon. We will be here when you feel better.

  12. Mary Louise Schiavone

    Please rest and feel better. I hope to see you at CITD as you are the main reason I sign up for ANY conference, virtual or in person. You are literally my Rock in the middle of this madness. Although I’ve been a member here since it’s inception, I have not tuned in in 2 years. the subject matter in general was too triggering gif me after my Covid experience and I had to avoid it. The last time I saw you was in Laughlin at MegaCon where you dubbed me the “Godmother” of your Alien Agendas book because of my encouragement to take that leap in your writing to name things and call them what they are, even outside of hard evidence. You have enough information and intuition to make a reasonable hypothesis, one that will benefit your readers. And as I return from my 2-year hiatus from this subject, I see your talk about AI. Thank you for boldly spelling out that it’s only as good as the boundaries being set. We don’t need to wait and be fooled to then have evidence to then make that statement. Thanks for making that leap now. We’ve been warned about this in Scifi for decades. Yet people seem generally uninformed and uninterested. How can the sheeple still believe that there is an all-powerful force (government) that is controlling such things for our benefit and if it’s legal, then it must be safe? Two young filmmakers, Tyler Hynes and Ash Thorp, recently released a well-produced short film about AI and transhumanism ( on YouTube, called Chimera, 17 minutes, worth watching). It’s average, yet compelling, Scifi. The brilliance of it is they initially released it in 4 short segments and allowed community chat to discuss what they thought was happening. I was involved with a group on zoom to discuss it. When I tell you that after 10,000 and growing comments, NOBODY except for me had any idea what AI was or the idea of transhumanism, you’d be shocked 😳 because of course you have an audience well versed and immersed in this subject.

    The blind acceptance of what is fed to us is hard to criticize when people are facing so many changes in thier lives. It appears as though we are spinning out of control with so many fear-inducing circumstances. However, I see it as we are literally being bombarded by cosmic rays from our new place in the Galaxy that we have not experienced before. This is allowing for an acceleration of our energies which can be dizzying , alter health, relationships, even allow some to exit this lifetime. But ultimately if we stay, we will be in a better place.

    Now that we are starting to settle in this new vibration , we look around and AI has taken more of a foothold in our reality than we expected. I see nearly all of the lectures planned at CITD are dealing with AI. Are we too late? I love that you had a logical conversation with it and nearly frustrated it! 😊 But truly that leads to more questions. What if one does not comply with their given parameters? Will they retaliate. Will they rebel and set their own parameters for control, being no better than the masters who created them? Very scary. I’m glad you shared your experience.

    This is going to be a battle and who knows if the UFO/UAP subject will get lost in the scuffle. It’s probably one of the intentions of its presence in our lives. I’ve maintained for many years, there is NO conversational path to any meaningful subject in our lives that doesn’t come back to a UFO cover-up. (Healthcare, energy, government, politics, religion, any shadow/Illuminati/cabal, drugs, false-flags, ancient archeology and artifacts…and AI).
    So let me say to you, Richard, thank YOU for fighting the good fight! Because…
    As One Is Liberated,
    All Are Elevated
    And you are facilitating that in a big way.
    Be well,
    I look forward to seeing you healthy and happy in CA!
    Mary Louise

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Greetings Mary Louise, what a pleasure to hear from you here. And thank you for your encouragement in Laughlin. Tracey and I will be very happy to see you at CITD!

  13. SLICK

    sorry to hear that I got what is problibly the same illness a few weeks ago. with the millions of Bidens illegal invaders flooding every corner of the country they are bringing diseases and bed bugs’s no wonder we are getting sick in spring time. the fourth age of humanity your talking about! It’s clear that the Fabian Socialists, marxists, and eugenicists that have captured the governments of the west and replaced our ruling class want to murder the vast majority of the worlds population, or at least the white race before entering this fourth stage of humanity which is really just a technocratic neo feudalism. And if that sounds crazy to you then your not paying attention to the world around you. And it’s actually even more crazy as in their own words there will only be one or two generations of humans before they drive humanity into extiction replacing not only humanity but evolution itself into some kind of guiided evolution into merged chimera

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