Announcement of Cancellations and Postponements

By | March 13, 2020

Greetings everyone,

Over these last few days, with everything that is going on around the world, we have found ourselves really reflecting on what is most important in our lives. For us that is family, and we consider all of you an extension of that family. And as such we want you to know that our thoughts are with you during this time. 

We also would like to communicate with you as to the postponements and cancellations for our upcoming events.

Here is a list of events we were scheduled for this year and their status:

March 2020: Seattle: Mind Gaming:  POSTPONED (Now March 20, 21 2021)

April 4 2020:Edinburgh, Texas:  POSTPONED. FUTURE DATE TBD

April: Ancient Mysteries Cruise* POSTPONED. New dates April 4-13th 2021 (if you are planning to go on this cruise please stay tuned. It might be helpful to identify yourselves to us in comments or through the “Contact US” tab so we can give you quick updates. (TBD)

May 2020: Contact in The Desert: POSTPONED until 2021 Contact in the Desert Postponement Info

June 2020: Awakenings in the UK: Cancelled until 2021 ( See bottom of this email for details and refund info)

Although we are definitely disappointed about not delivering our lectures and getting to meet the many great people who had planned to attend these events, the truth is our main concern is that people be safe. There’s no question at this point that large crowds are not what is needed at this time. 

This new coronavirus has swept across the globe much faster than anyone expected it would. One possible upside is that if we consider that many folks around the world have probably not reported their infection, we can imagine that the actual mortality rate could well be lower than the World Health Organization (WHO) was estimating (3.4%). As some have been saying all along, it might easily be in the 1% range — still very high, much higher than a flu — but orders of magnitude less than 3.4%. That could be good news, but we have to wait and see just how this all plays out. 

Even so, we all know the next few months are going to be hard on everyone. Both of us felt under the weather yesterday and, considering all the talk going around everywhere about this, we wondered if we had it. At this point we don’t think so (none of the actual symptoms appear to be present with either of us), so we think most likely we had a common cold or bug. Today we both feel good, with good energy levels. Breathing has always been good, no aches and pains. But it just shows us that any little scare can become a big scare in this environment.

But healthy or not, we aren’t planning to go anywhere. We’ve got supplies and can hunker down for quite a while if we need to. Realistically, all of us who CAN do this ought to do this. Stay inside for a while. Let this burn itself out. Don’t take risks. 

You all have been getting the same updates we’ve been getting so we don’t need to give you any more advice. But we should all remember to keep our throats moist — the virus likes a dry throat where it can eventually get into your lungs. By drinking liquids you are helping to move that virus into your stomach where the acids will kill it. Lots of hot drinks are a good idea. Zinc, lots of zinc right now, is a good thing to fight viruses in general. Vitamins C and D for your immune system. And make sure you get good nutrition, avoid sugar as much as you can, and REST. These will help you keep your body healthy and your immune system strong. 

If you are older or at risk medically in one way or another, please do everything you can to stay home for the time being. 

Although we plan to be staying at home for a while, we won’t be inactive here. You can expect just as much content as before. Always lots on our mind to share with you. 


Richard and Tracey


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7 thoughts on “Announcement of Cancellations and Postponements

  1. LyndaLynda

    Thanks Richard and Tracey, considerate of you to issue this. Both of you take care too. I’m drinking my kombucha….

    Everyone take care…


  2. Carolyn3Carolyn3

    Thanks for the updates. With everything going on 24/7 regarding the virus we wanted a change. Last night my husband said “lets watch some Richard and Tracey.” It just takes your mind off this for a while. So we will be playing catch up on a few interviews and relax tonight.

    Take Care and thank you some distraction

  3. AvatarPressToDigitate

    We’re all SO glad you’re Safe! Because you travel more than most, and come into contact with a lot more people, its extra important that you take precautions.

    I’ve often wondered about the role of pathogens, both natural and engineered, in the ETUFO presence scenario.

    On the one hand, as in the “War of the Worlds” story, Earthen biota would seem to be an initial discouragement to Alien occupation, en mass, in a native Alien form. For the longest time, it appeared that this could be the rationale for the long-term Abductions program; a comprehensive bio-assay to study the biome as a prelude to large scale interaction between our population and theirs. Its only when larger number of Abductee accounts were gathered that it became obvious this is not a ‘tag & release’ zoological survey of any kind. But bodies bred from natural Human sperm/ova (rather than purely contrived replication gene sequences) – and initially gestated in Human wombs (rather than grown entirely in-vitro) – would seem to be conferred the necessary basic immunities to our world’s innate “germiness”.

    Then, there are the reciprocal questions of synthetic pathogens; ones that Human agencies may have created to attack the Aliens (Hybrids), and ones the Aliens may have created to attack the Humans (“Normies”). A selective infection, that only attacked Hybrids, would, if possible, seem the perfect countermeasure by a Majestic group charged with Earth’s defense who could not or would not alert the native population to the ET presence/threat. I vaguely recall some speculation that the Gerald-Ford-era “Swine Flu” (or the vaccination for it) were intended in this manner; owing in part to the bizarrely intensive nature of the campaign for mass vaccination, against a disease that evidently posed no real threat to public health. Of course, if that were the case, it obviously failed – though we do not know what the long term consequences or benefits of those innoculations turned out to be among the population.

    An Alien plague on Humanity, while the stuff of Science Fiction, would be an easy way for them to depopulate the planet – IF they wanted a contaminated wasteland, festooned with billions of unburied corpses and festering with rats and a hundred other virulent diseases that would result. There probably wouldn’t be passable Hybrids if that were the case; why bother unless you want the functional ‘built environment’, replete with neighbors (/workers/subjects/servants/slaves)? If your aim was to ‘settle in’ here, you’d need someone to tend to the utilities, the agriculture, etc. – and in numbers and diversity of function too large to make their immediate replacement with your own robots practical in any way. Of course, prodding them to replace their own such workers with their own robots, of Human design, manufacture and training, eventually makes for a simple and elegant solution.

    If the Illuminati were the “Advance Guard”, of Alien Colonists (and their ‘Human Collaborators’/lackeys), which appears probable, then the Georgia Guidestones’ projection of a world population of 500,000,000 is likely significant – especially in the context of anomalous pandemics, which specifically target the aged, spare the very young, and leave Male Infertility in their wake among the Survivors (as this one does). If you only needed two (or so) more generations of indigenous Earthlings to “Tote that Barge, Lift that Bale”, you might look at something like the current COVID-19 as a [relatively] discreet tool in managing the planet’s current occupants toward your long range goals (i.e. “They’ll bury their own damn corpses this way”…)

      1. AvatarPressToDigitate

        As of today, EVERY American fatality but ONE was over age 60, with the exception, in his late 40s, having compromising health issues. In natural pathogens, the very young are as vulnerable as the very old. Not this time. There have been no casualties noted – worldwide – of any victims under age 10. An Italian study showed 99% of their fatalities had been over age 60, with 85% over age 70.

        This isn’t the first time a public health crisis has been manufactured or manipulated in the United States in our lifetimes (and we don’t have to go back to the Tuskeegee Syphillis Experiment to find examples):

        But, “culling” the Old is probably not the most significant impact of COVID-19; most of its ‘victims’ will never even be born. Its the virus’ impact on the DNA of the [many more] Survivors – notably, Male Infertility – that will likely define the present crisis, in retrospect. A Thai medical site reports on the issue, from various journals:!-latest-research-published-by-chinese-scientists-say-coronavirus-might-render-certain-male-patients-infertile

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