Announcement: Intelligent Disclosure Peek for Tonight

By | August 13, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that’s it’s so close to the wire, but I thought I would let you know that in an hour, I am doing a new Intelligent Disclosure episode, unfortunately without Tracey (who is away with family for a few more days — hopefully back for next week’s show). 

Meanwhile, my theme for tonight is not specifically UFO-related, but will be an analysis of the recent news about the FBI treating certain “conspiracy theories” as potentially a form of domestic terrorism. This is obviously something very relevant today, and I haven’t seen very much in-depth analysis on it so I am giving it my try tonight. 

That’s 8 p.m. Eastern time. Just check my Youtube channel.

I’ll post the link to that right here after it’s done. 



23 thoughts on “Announcement: Intelligent Disclosure Peek for Tonight

  1. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, It is good old me, Rita. I am actually here and i am really glad you are getting into this topic now. It has such far reaching implications. I think it may become the Patriot Act 2.0 – Squared. And i have thought about the implications for UFO ‘conspiracy’ theories aka, the government has been covering up ……………………..fill in the blank.

    By the way. I recently saw the film ‘Fail Safe’ for the first time. Did you know that the basic premise was that a UFO or UFOs were tracked over Alaska and that is why the U.S. sent nuclear armed missiles to attack Russia? That was quite a surprise for me. It is very, very relevant considering the latest ‘UAP’ “disclosure”. And in the film they talk about everything in U.S. airspace being treated as a serious threat. ……………………….

    Best, Rita

  2. itsmeRitaC

    ps, as i am listening to the show live,

    “Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron bashed Sen. Bernie Sanders for pushing a “conspiracy theory” that the paper’s news coverage is influenced by its owner, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.”

  3. MarkH

    Karl Popper first wrote the term “Conspiracy Theory” in : Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 2 (London: Routledge and Keagan Paul, 1945 [1957]), 94: Katharina Thalmann stated this in her analysis in The Stigmatization of Conspiracy Theory since the 1950s: “A Plot to Make us Look Foolish”.
    When did the government use as a foil and publicly announce it is a different question?
    You Did a great show Richard.
    Enjoyed every minute.

  4. Jason Doss

    The definition of conspiracy theory does not seem to indicate that the theory itself is incorrect, but only at odds with “prevailing explanations of events” shortly before indicating that some of them are in fact quite factual. How curious coming from a government known to generate false information in order to foment discontent (Russiagate), economic stress thru sanctions (Venezuela), or unilateral violence against other nations (ie, Iraqi WMD) at will.

  5. Ed Coffman

    Thanks so much for this “talk”, Richard.

    I consider myself a deep researcher on the “true underpinnings” of our human race. I will continue down this road wherever it takes me, and I’m just glad to be a “Dolan Member” as I traverse the twists & turns of my journey. The discoveries I make sometimes are quite disheartening. So it’s good to have a “Coach” like Richard Dolan to get me inspired & motivated.

    I sent you an email titled “Regulation of Thought”, that further details the direction of my so-called journey.

    Blessings to you both, Richard & Tracey, as always.

  6. Ronald Johnson

    Thanks for your impassioned talk about this document.
    This document has serious doubters as to its provenance. “FOUO” (for official use only) is lined-out, pro-forma, in documents that are truly released by the FBI, it has been noted elsewhere, by other concerned investigators. If this is indeed correct, then this document is therefore either 1) at face value fake, or 2) the FBI has changed its protocol for this (unlikely, otherwise why does the notation remain?), or 3) it is not fake but was leaked to Yahoo, and if so, why? I think this issue needs to be settled before we accept a publication from the mainstream (Yahoo) as official FBI or as not being mainstream media propaganda.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good point and I have seen this mentioned in the comment section of my Youtube post. My only reply at the moment is that this is being repeated everywhere in the MSM, from Rolling Stone to Buzzfeed to Bloomberg and many other places. Lots of talk about it by serious commentators. I admit I wasn’t aware of the question about the document previously, so I surely allow for the possibility you are describing. Still, I am inclined to accept it for now. If the FBI specifically denies it I’ll certainly go along with you here. Right now there are many, many “establishment” people who are reporting about it.

      1. Ronald Johnson

        One of the concerned investigators could not find it on the FBI’s official releases. I’ve not done the same search, yet, as I’m becoming inured, sad to say, and lazy. I should say though, that researcher is indefatigable, and in my laziness I have believed him. It would be important, if the paper you are commenting on is a fake. Thanks for following up. It is a bitches brew.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Yeah i have heard this. I really think it would be very premature to call it a fake. The MSM itself is treating it as real, and I would surely think the FBI would push back if it weren’t.

            1. Ronald Johnson

              You say: “many many establishment people who are reporting about it” ; “The MSM itself is treating it as real.”

              It is not findable on the official FBI website .

            2. Richard Dolan Post author

              Thanks for checking. If it turns out to be fake, that’s interesting too. I’m still inclined to wait before finalizing my judgment, but I appreciate your research on this.

            3. Ronald Johnson

              This post will be out of sequence, as a reply to your latest reply is not enabled.

              Make no mistake, I am not on the deep state’s side, far from it. However, as you and I both proceed based on evidence, you need to know, that the FBI memorandum we have been discussing still (8/27/2019) does not appear on the official site. That memorandum, (sic) that prompted your impassioned post is, was, ersatz. You need to speak to this.

            4. Richard Dolan Post author

              Thanks Ronald. I haven’t forgotten about the memo. I would ask: is the memo’s absence from the FBI’s site sufficient evidence that it is not actually an FBI document? Also, do we know if the FBI has explicitly denied the document?

  7. Daniel Hoffmann

    When the Deep State opens the UFO files to the public and discloses the 2% of the total pie that Donald Keyhoe sought in the 1950’s, they will have first softened up the ground in order to limit any backlash from the UFO research community. That answers the question about the timing of the first very limited government disclosure. When Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan, LMH, John Greenewald, and a few others have been demonetized, then the time is right. TTSA will craft a response with a very positive spin. Appointed spokespeople at the traditional media companies will cast the government revelations in a positive light. But 98% of the UFO files will remain closed, and a satisfied public will go back to football, video games, and TV.

  8. Timothy Nichols

    Richard, thanks for your continued lucidity and thoughtful presentations. As you’re pointing out, this analysis by someone seems evenhanded enough (at times), yet it’s plain to see that the general thrust of the document is not for those outside the target audience echo chamber. I imagine that this would be viewed as a good starting point, but will be sent back for further refinement, ratcheting down the reasonableness and inserting more of the shrillness required in the post-“Patriot Act” world. This state of affairs in which we find ourselves is not what I signed up for, so to speak. One wonders why this innate need to dominate our fellow creatures was bred into us those millions of years ago…

    Given that the Internet is a required actor in this fiasco, if I may, James Corbett put this out a month or two ago. This is every bit as troubling and indicates an even more dystopian future is in the offing: In any case, hindsight being what it is, with the steps which led to our computer -based society laid bare and all the dots connected, I find myself longing for that cabin in the woods/desert/mountains in which I may live out my remaining life as a devout Luddite.


    Great Job last night Richard, there is such appreciation respect and affection toward you and Tracey within the culture of people attracted to your work. Keep doing what you do… Take care of that garden!

  10. johnny1286

    As conspiracy theory goes. I remember the C.I.A. Our government testing subjects on MKUltra. So that means we have to hold our government to the flame now. Since our government is setting the new construct on conspiracy theory.

  11. Franc

    So I guess we may all be considered terrorists or potential ones merely by being members of this site….. I will stick with the site. Great pick up on that Yahoo article Richard. Brilliant analysis as as always.

  12. Christina

    Thank you for this one Richard! I totally agree about the missing link between conspiracy theories and extremism. But I particularly enjoyed the part about mass medias… I don’t want to sound superior, but I can’t get my head around why so many people don’t get it! How the mass medias affect us, and how scary the power they have is, mainly because we let them affect us the way we do! And because they hold such huge part of the whole population in their grip. I say “we” because as much as I try to be imune, I’m sure I can’t rule myself out completely. It’s unbelievable seeing how “they” control the public, and thereby the world… If only more people realized…

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