Announcement: Cyber Monday on Shopify

By | November 29, 2020

Hi folks, 

This is just a quick announcement that we are having a Cyber Monday sale to blow out most of our old merchandise on Shopify. (the sale is actually active now)

If this is something you might want to check out click the picture above to go to our store.

Sending our best to all of you.

Tracey & Richard

6 thoughts on “Announcement: Cyber Monday on Shopify

    1. Kirsten RDMHost

      I AGREE W/ PTD !

      I would LOVE to purchase some signed copies for loved ones for Xmas this year – I’ve got a list of friends / family who are big fans.


    1. Kirsten RDMHost

      Guess what Scott – we just heard that two GREEN alien knitted caps have been discovered……

      ….the shop is holding ONE for you!!


      1. Scott Santa

        Kirsten THANK YOU – However – the site still reads “sold out” and will not let me enter anything into a cart. Tell me how to proceed! 🙂

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