Alien Agendas Audiobook Now Available

By | December 20, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well, it only took an entire year, but we finally got a really nice audiobook rendition of my book from late 2020, The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth. The narrator is Bruce Richardson, a professional narrator whom Tracey and I found and just loved working with. 

I know many people want me to read my own audiobooks. But it’s a lot of work and honestly I don’t love doing it. Bruce is wonderful and I know many people prefer audiobooks over reading text. That’s why we finally have this available. Look for more audiobooks to be released in this coming year. 



13 thoughts on “Alien Agendas Audiobook Now Available

  1. Ed Claytor

    Thanks Richard,
    Got the book , been wanting to read it, but currently I am remodeling the house so not a whole of free time to read plus at the end of the day not much enthusiasm to even try to remember where I left off let alone read. This is great I can just listen to it on audible and enjoy it.
    Ed Claytor

      1. jhjfbks

        RD you have a problem. When I attempt to purchase your book for Kindle on Amazon:
        It says:

        “The Kindle title is not currently available for purchase.”

        That was on Dec 24, 2021.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Whenever I read any of your writing, I always hear it in my head in your voice anyway. That’s obviously not true with most authors, or journalists. But, after hundreds of hours of UFO series and documentaries – and, now, YouTube videos – with you in them, its impossible not to.

    Its like your Congressional Testimony. Its going to be like Deja Vu, all over again. After giving three statements at Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, its not like you have to ‘cram for the exam’; you can practically “Phone It In”. Though, I rather expect, under the circumstances, that it will be quite a bit more provocative than last time. After all, First Hurdles, “Are They Real?” and “Are They Physical?” have already been crossed by the Pentagon. Now its all down to the details…

  3. David Loach

    Hi Richard,

    Apologies if someone has already asked this. but I bought the book as soon as released last year, but would like to get it on my Kindle, but it seems it’s not available on Kindle yet. When will this be?

    Kind regards,


  4. HappyCup

    Excellant! I can complete my collection. I read the kindle version while my hard copy was in the mail. I do like audiobooks best because I listen to them at work. It allows me to consume important and entertaining information while at least appearing to be be “at work.” It’s amazing what is considered “work” these days. I love it when the youngins complain about how hard they are working.

    Anywhooo… thanks.😁

  5. Lucretia McBride

    Hey Richard – Have had the book for some time and passed it around for others to read . . . several of my lawenforcement friends converged at the local library to catch you on the UFO Contact Week panel discussion hosted by James Iandoli – that was a good discussion – after the video we actually used the book for a discussion among ourselves; you have new followers who had never given this topic a second thought – thanks for all you do, all that you share and continue to keep up the good fight . . .

  6. Aaron Thomas

    Nice! This is really what it boils down to- with enough dyslexia and ADD, it means digesting a whole book is a real challenge. I read journalism and even long form pieces all the time but it’s a real struggle. Audio books allow me to rewind and listen again and again to the same material that otherwise really wouldn’t ‘get in’ otherwise. I’d like to see audiobooks of your other works made available as well.

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