About to Go Live for the Event

By | May 20, 2021

Hi Everyone,

A quick hello to you and big thanks for all those who are attending the big online event today, UFO Secrecy in a Changing World. I see there are some comments I need to approve. They may need to wait till tomorrow. 

Link for last minute signups is here. If you miss it, we will make it available in a few months. For those who have signed up, the event will be available to them for a full month after the fact. 

LOTS going on in UFO news. Much of it will be discussed today by myself, Lue, and the Young Guns. And by people in attendance. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


9 thoughts on “About to Go Live for the Event

  1. jflieger

    Richard, GREAT EVENT (what I could access), THANKS.

    I have been trying for two days, but cannot get The Observation Deck to email a link to the recorded session I missed when my connection was dropped for two and a half hours (the whole first session with you and Lue). VirBela sends me to The Observation Deck and refuses to provide a link, but the domain for that site name (The Observation Deck) IS virBela.
    Is there a straightforward way to access the recordings from yesterday?

    What I was able to stay connected to was fabulous, but OD is claiming they can’t reach me because their emails go to spam. However, they are not in my spam folder or listed on any block/filter site. I gave them three other email addresses…no link has come to any of them.

    Not your problem, I know, but I would HATE to miss your entire interview with Lue, which I hear was fabulous in the two hours before I could regain the connection.
    Thanks in any case for a wonderful event in the second and third sessions.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Within the next day or so, I will have clear instructions for anyone who paid for the event to access it easily. Very glad you liked what you saw. There were a couple of temporary tech glitches, but I hope people felt they were resolved quickly. I’ll have more to say about the content of everything very soon.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Wandered around for 15 minutes, trying to find the damn Restroom! Eventually had to go in the bushes — and there was a line for THAT…
    $12.50 for a stale Egg Salad Sandwich wrapped in plastic at the Concession Stand…
    …and the A/C was blowing too cold the whole time…
    …and that Parking Valet that took our Car Keys at the curb coming in….I don’t think he really works there. The space he gave us the chit for had a Construction Dumpster in it, and we still haven’t found the damn Car…

    🙂 But the Conference itself was Fantastic!
    Thank You, Richard!

  3. Rick

    Great conference! Will there be a Richard Dolan app in the future? It would great to have one loaded with content from the website.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have wanted to have an app for this site. I don’t know of a good developer but need to look. There are a few things I need from talented people and I think I may start asking. One is a GOOD video editor. But an app developer, yes, good idea.

  4. controlrod

    Hi Richard,

    Not to be redundant, I’m also looking for the videos I missed. I’m still not sure if the virtual environment was more a distraction than a benefit. It was distressing to not find any links to the videos the next day. Truly it felt like I was at fault, inadequate to navigate the interface.

    Rod Cambridge

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am going to make a post tomorrow that will ask you and all others who had technical problems to contact me at a certain email address and I will personally make sure you get full and perfect access to everything you paid for.

      1. controlrod

        Thanks Richard,

        Today I logged into The Observation Deck with their client and found the links to your videos BUT the links don’t work. To see the links you have to turn 180 degrees from your initial starting point, don’t walk, just turn to face what is behind you to see the links. I click on the link and nothing happens. This is true for all the links.


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