A Personal Announcement

By | April 24, 2021

Hi everyone,

I think it is time that I mention something that Tracey and I have been dealing with for a little while. You have all become such an important part of our lives in so many ways, and it’s just not right to keep this information from you. Nor does it seem realistic in the long run.

It is that for the past several months, Tracey and I have been separated. We are working out some issues. Both of us want to return to our relationship, but we both have to be ready before that is to happen. It’s been very hard for both of us, and all we ask from you at this time is your understanding.

It’s never easy dealing with personal issues when you have a public standing of any sort. I am sure you can all appreciate that we are doing everything we can to work out our issues privately and in a spirit of love and understanding. We both want a positive outcome.



Tracey and I worked on the above statement together. I’ll just add that, as I am sure you can all understand, this has been hard for both of us. We both believe in a positive outcome in the end. 

I would like to emphasize to members of this site that continuing to create fresh content and analyses at this website has been good for me, and has helped to keep me sane, grounded, and focused. I have been doing it all these last few months, and there is nothing that will stop me from continuing to do so.

But I am sure you will understand that Tracey and I simply would like to work out our issues on our own, and we are grateful for your patience. Thank you so much. 

76 thoughts on “A Personal Announcement

  1. Bob Levey

    God Bless you Both 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    You were the first one I got hip to Richard upon returning to my UFO interest, then you introduced Tracey.
    You guys as I’ve mentioned before are a great couple but staying together isn’t always easy especially in this day and age. I’m sure being public figures adds to this.
    My prayers will be with you both.

    Bob Levey

    1. Sharon McGraham

      I trust you both implicitly. My heart well wishes are with you.
      May you embrace and move forward with the Highest Good…

      Love to you both,

  2. Rosanne Losee

    Having been married with kids once, and then divorced, and now remarried, I can fully understand the pain of a separation.

    May it be for the good for you both, and sending you best wishes!

  3. Robert Arthur

    Richard and Tracey, thank you for sharing; you didn’t have to but I understand why you did as I think we’ve all been wondering where Tracey has been for the past few months after being featured so prominent for the past few years. I wish you both nothing but the best of luck in this journey as I understand how relationships can go sideways when you’re not looking. Take care of yourselves, much love.

  4. Craig Champion

    No worries – relationships are complex. Thanks for considering us as being worthy of being apprised of this development, which is of course not an uncommon occurrence. May you both come to an understanding that best meets your needs.

  5. John_Bruno

    Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. – Colossians 3:12-14
    Much Love Richard and Tracey, God Bless

  6. Elizabeth Wright

    Good luck with it all, to both of you. It’s a tough old time. Sending you both strength and resilience. Best wishes, Liz

  7. Ron Holmes UK

    Man, I’m so sorry. Keep working at it. Good things are always worth the effort. Love to both of yous.

  8. Andromeda107

    I am son sorry to here that, I won’t pretend to understand what you guys are dealing with,myself have never been married,but I really hope you guys can work everything out.,I love you guys both and love seeing y’all together.Take as much tine as y’all need to figure things out.

  9. TomTort

    The two of you worked well together, I enjoyed your thoughts and comments as the two of you shared your broadcasts as a team. You both deserve the best part of each other. It will work itself out. Best of luck.

  10. Lauren Rose

    Bless you both. I don’t know you but from what I see, you both have tremendous courage and whatever it takes to gain the highest good from any situation.

  11. J-Rod

    Thanks for sharing. We kinda had a hunch. Wishing you both the very best; whatever that best is. You make a great team. When two or more are gathered….

  12. ggillum001

    Thank you, Richard and Tracey, for sharing this personal and sensitive information here. I hope each of us who accesses your website handles this update appropriately and discretely. As members, we are here for the shared interests and content – and to be equally supportive of you both. Thank you for your candor as you continue to take care.

  13. Christina

    I’m so sorry to hear this, it must be really tough! I’m sending both of you loads and loads of love and positive energy. Of corse I’ve been wondering what’s going on, and as much as I appreciate your announcement, it also makes me think how you really don’t owe us anything in that regard. It must be very difficult being a public couple in such situation. It makes sense that work keeps you sane, and I hope Tracey has something to do too, that takes her mind in other directions.

    You’re both amazing people ❤️

    All the best and big hugs, to you and Tracey, take care

  14. Susan Parry

    I’m very sorry to hear that Richard, I hope you and Tracey manage to sort things out, you make such a lovely couple.

  15. Pyroxide_Martini

    I am so sorry to hear that Richard & Tracey. Both of you are truly great people and I am hopeful for you both to find an outcome that brings the very best to both of you.

    These are challenging times and relationships can be challenging at the best of times as well. I wish you both the very best

  16. Lauren2844

    This is why I stay single.. Richard your to good a guy to put up with nonsense.. My European friends always marvel the lack of commitment from their U.S. female counterparts. People’s “word” means nothing to them anymore.. Quite simply U.S./ Canadian women are nuts.. me included. What I want today or this week will be completely different from what I want tomorrow or next month. Putting a guy through my issues isn’t fair to them.. so I’ve learned from my college years at Fairfield University to stay single. My one hint is stay away from the looks.. I’d take cute over the super good looking type. With women physical beauty only facilitates their issues…. RUN.

    1. Kirsten RDMHost

      Lauren I find your comments mean spirited and extremely short sighted: “My one hint is stay away from the looks. I’d take cute over the super good looking type. With women physical beauty only facilitates their issues…. RUN.”…Tracey is my dear friend and I can attest that she is even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. You can only speak for yourself if you make a generalization like “Quite simply U.S./ Canadian women are nuts..me included.”, so I am glad you made that clear. Putting others through “issues” is part of being in a committed relationship with any friend or family member, let alone a long term partnership. You can never judge or assume what takes place between two people from the outside, especially when they deeply love each other.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you Kirsten. I was too stunned to even think of a comment. But the sexism alone is chilling. I will say no more.

        I never assume a person’s sex based on a screen name. I learned that lesson a long time ago.

      2. Lauren2844

        Lol. We’re all laughing at your virtue signaling. Thanks for that.

        Plus Richard thanked me for my comment and ignored yours. Also hilarious 😂

        1. Kirsten RDMHost

          Hello Lauren,

          This isn’t the first time I have been accused of virtue signaling on this site….but I’m not clear exactly how that bizarre concept applies here. However, if my comment, which was written in order to come to the defense of my dear friend, indicates that I am virtue signaling, then I will own it….. In fact, I henceforth declare myself a certified, card-carrying, loud & proud VIRTUE SIGNALER of the highest order.

          “Plus Richard thanked me for my comment and ignored yours. Also hilarious 😂” – Yay! Gold star sticker for Lauren.

    2. BigMarble

      Since the bandwagon is full…
      I do feel a sense of agreement, generally speaking, (This is not about Richard and Tracey, so put your pens down) about the lack of commitment comment. Not that commitment doesn’t exist at all in relationships today, in many, it does. But it’s popular and common for even media to report on the constant disillusionment of relationships and marriages in celebrity couples. ( whom many an average American aims to mimic). There seems to be an epidemic of lack of commitment.
      Not judging. Every situation is different. And I totally support Richard and Tracey; I’m not referring to them. I just despise bandwagons. Thought we needed some balance.

  17. Anthony Dobson

    Sharing is brave. Patience and understanding is a given.

    All the the very best to you both and my sincerest hope you find the happiness you need

  18. PressToDigitate

    We love you both, and wish you All the Best, come what may.
    You’ve become a part of many families through here; an important part of our lives.
    Its the quirky little interpersonal lives we Earthlings emote over that make the difference between Humanity and an Ant Colony. Its part of what we risk losing through biodigitation into a “Hive Mind”.
    Even when we loathe the ‘Soap Opera’ dreck that sometimes engulfs us, our families or friends, its important to remember that that ‘shallow end of the pool’, with all the noise and the splashing about, is actually the *Safe* end of that pool. But, in the ‘quiet’ deep, “There, be Dragons”…

    Perhaps when everyone sees the “Idyllic Couple”, but ‘they just don’t know’ that all is not Bliss, sometimes its not the outside observers who are mistaken…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      We know that all relationships have complexities. It becomes a little extra challenging when those two people are in a spotlight of any type. Thank you, and thanks to everyone here, for showing support to both of us.

      1. OuterSpacer

        The best of luck to you both. Times can be tough, but hopefully things will work out for the two of you.
        All the best.

        Team Giel- Vondelen.

  19. Mike

    That’s is none of our business, frankly. I only worry that it may impact your professional time, at which point we will be at a loss, too.

    1. J-Rod

      @Mike Actually, it is our business. “Why”….. is none of our business. Richard and Tracey front an interactive Community here and the obvious is the obvious: there’s absence. One nips it in the bud and moves on. They’re not the first, nor will they be the last.

  20. tassos131

    Hi Rich, I just finished listening to your interview with Mike Clelland and rushed over to RDM to resubscribe as a member. The interview was your best and, in my opinion, your most personal that you have ever done. When I signed in, I was hit with your announcement of yesterday. I am sorry to hear this news. Life is hard. Relationships are harder in that the participants are always changing & growing & learning. Consequently, we are not the same people we once were. This is not good or bad. It just is. I will ask only that you take care of yourself and things will work out as they are meant to. They always do. I know. I have been there too. Ted

  21. Chris Cartwright

    Who knows how to make love stay?

    1. Tell love you are going to Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if loves stays, it can have half. It will stay.

    2. Tell love you want a momento of it and obtain a lock of its hair. Burn the hair in a dime-store incense burner with yin/yang symbols on three sides. Face southwest. Talk fast over the burning hair in a convincingly exotic language. Remove the ashes of the burnt hair and use them to paint a moustache on your face. Find love. Tell it you are someone new. It will stay.

    3. Wake love up in the middle of the night. Tell it the world is on fire. Dash to the bedroom window and pee out of it. Casually return to bed and assure love that everything is going to be all right. Fall asleep. Love will be there in the morning.
    Tom Robbins

  22. Johnnyfasthands

    Dear Both,
    Your announcement is shocking but is really no one’s business but your own. However, now that you’ve both decided to go public, sort your issues out in private and then when successful, publish the outcome, which I personally would like to learn means you’ll both be showing yourselves together again and on the same page.
    Oh, and if this ‘sort out’ means you’re off the air for a period, then get off the air…..apologies accepted. But sort yourselves out. Thank you 🙏

  23. William Brown

    Richard & Tracey, I’m so sorry to hear that your separated. We’ve all come to love you Tracey, and have missed you over the past couple months. Marriage is never easy, and it’s my sincere hope that you can get back together soon, as you so obviously love each other.

  24. Jim

    My thoughts and best wishes to you both. Whatever you feel best moves you forward and benefits you both. Love Jim

  25. Sonya Johnson

    Saddened to learn of your problems, but very hopeful you both will find a way to solve them. If good wishes have power you both will find a way !!!!

  26. Debrita

    My sisters and I have been following you for years and years…..we are .sorry to hear this. Also feel you don’t have to explain anything, yet understand you doing it….
    Truly adore you and Tracey both.
    Please take care of yourself and stay healthy….
    We adore you…..
    from the 3 sisters in Exeter NH….

  27. JenzK

    No matter the outcome I wish you both the very best. I have much respect for you both and admiration for the work you do. That aside I would like to thank you for your continued work into such a fascinating field that I have been following for over 25 years. Thank you and wishing you both health and happiness!

  28. Jeanette Mia Kristensen

    I am so sorry to hear this ! I wish the best for you both !. “Life is not for beginners !”

  29. MarkH

    Hi Richard and Tracey,
    I am overwhelmed and sad to hear this. Your support and empathy, your patience and consideration in my time of need recently gave me the strength to overcome my darkest times. My thoughts are for you both to stay safe and well; there is nothing more important to me (other than my two girls) than those who supported me if you need anything.
    Sincerely MarkH

  30. Scott Santa

    Oh no … Egads and Dang it!! . Intelligent and caring as both of you are, I’m confident you’ll have this worked out in no time.

    Remains, I love and highly respect you both.

    Following winds and smooth seas always.

    Scott ♥️

  31. mcwest50

    Well her conspicuous absence was apparent, and I thought maybe she went home to spend
    time with her family, but when the silence continued I knew you and Tracey were taking a
    step back, a breather letting time work on both of your feelings. I will say that I saw the
    potential for issues because of the amount of time you both were spending together, Covid
    adding to this it would seem reasonable for yours and many relationships mine included to
    experience added pressure. I think you and Tracey made a great team and God willing you
    both will be back together.
    Thanks for letting us know your trying to work it out, love brought you together, it will again

    1. mcwest50

      Someone commented they were worried about the your work and the forum being affected.
      I share what others have posted, I don’t know about the order in which you place your family
      life but I’m sure it’s above the forum. I for one would respect and expect you to shut down
      your podcasts and personal involvement in RDM if it meant spending some time away from
      the hustle and bustle of this life you’ve created. I have more respect for you then 99.9% of
      the people on this planet. You have ethics and a moral compass that seems to have guided
      you under scrutiny most would wilt from. Your mother passing recently didn’t help.
      Look I was taken by her beauty and intelligence and thought holy Jesus you managed to
      find a really good one and was very happy for you and Tracey as it’s hard to find a partner and
      what luck brought you two together. You made a great couple, and brother if some flowers
      and apologies and a little begging is necessary then get to it. It’s not like you get this lucky
      more than once. So get to some fancy writing and God Speed

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Honestly, I need the work at this time. It’s one of the things keeping me going. And no matter what happens, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had Tracey in my life, and do believe in our future. I definitely keep that outcome open. Thank you — and everyone — for your kind thoughts at this time.

  32. GrannyChanie

    I’m very sorry to hear this and wish the best for both of you, whatever that means for your lives.

  33. Paul & Mieke

    We see the most benevolent outcome for your relationship in our vision. However that may look like! Love, Light, Truth, Joy and Freedom to you both! We love you! Paul and Mieke.

  34. deweyweber

    Hang in there. Everyone at our age is now going through parent and sibling loss, not to mention these crazy times. Your voice of reason has helped so many, especially myself, gain insight into the current disclosure, process the culture war, and understand the implications of globalism. Tracy helped us process personal experiences and added new dimensions to RDM. The two of you make a great team.

  35. fredrik

    sorry to hear this news. there can be nothing more personal than working out a relationship. my sincere prayers and best wishes to both of you.

  36. Ferdi Öztürk

    Just a few days ago I bought your books and I was surprised about the massive quantity of cases you described and the detailed level you researched these. Then I found you in YouTube and watched a lot of Videos you took together with your wife there, again surprised about the dynamics of the both of you and how she imrpoved your presentation of cases and details again, you become even more detailed and more and more passionate to talk and share. She certainly is a good Partner for you. Sometimes mixing private and professional partnerships can be tricky but in your case it worked. After I saw your personal announcement here I now decided to become a member here and support you, because you’re really a human honest being and we can feel your heart not only in this love-based matter now but also all your other writing and talk and all your presentations. I mean, it’s hard not to be kind of a “dry” facts-presenting monologuing robot when presenting matters like the UFO thing which is so much quantity of overwhelming data and all possible interconnections etc. Most UFO guys I saw before couldn’t present it like you’re doing it, because they don’t have their hearts in it or are bitter or fearing sth or whatever. You are a good guy, don’t listen to your broken heart, listen to all the warm and joyful Feelings and memories and it will always be precious to you (and stay with you even if she is not around she will be around). Anyways, I just wanted to express my absolute appreciation of your work and add my respect for your good heart

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you very much for these very kind words, Ferdi. I hope you enjoy it here. One thing I will mention (mostly for some of the long timers here at this site) is that I plan to restart live Q&A with members of the site. That should make things more fun again … something I used to do with Tracey. I will make an announcement on that soon.

  37. Brimercer

    Richard, thank you for sharing something so personal. No surprise, we subscribers to your site sincerely love and respect you and want only the best for you.

    I have missed your and Tracey’s joint broadcasts. You two make such a great team.

    Last fall I was unable to visit your site for months due to a new job, my wife become pregnant with our first children (identical twin girls!), and—yes—football. When everything slowed down, I returned in January to find you solo. I figured there was a good (although maybe private) reason.

    Thank you for letting us know that Tracey is okay. Hoping that your life paths continue to synchronize and that joint broadcasts will resume in the future. Whatever you need man, we are here for you.


  38. JoJo

    Hi Richard – my hubby and I attended a lecture you gave in Australia right after you and Tracey were married. We also attended a lecture you gave another time you were in Oz and enjoyed them both immensely. I wish you both all the very best as you figure out the road ahead. I appreciate the work you do in this enthralling field of ufology, where there are many more questions than answers. There’s no doubt these are very challenging times for humanity – the loss of the world we all knew is affecting all of us in ways we may not realise for a long time. All the best, Jo

  39. chris gaffney

    Hi Rich and Tracey,

    I had the pleasure of sharng a few beers and some pizza with you guys in the RDM meet up in Manchester what seems like a long time ago, in a world that was very different than we live in today.
    The memory i took from the meet up was how special you guys were/are together.. forget about the info, the experiences and ideas we all shared as we had more than a few laughts … its was how unique you both were together….
    how you looked at each other with dare I say Love……… I along with all the RDMs wish you guys all the best and as my granny would say ” god willing everything will be just fine”…


  40. nsearchf

    In this day and age it’s important to be surrounded with likeminded and loving people. So much chaos, decisions, morals and beliefs put to the test.
    Keep your love vibration high and maintain a positive and faith based attitude.

  41. jimirod

    I thought it was best to wait until I felt this was real.
    My mind wanders somewhat, I picked up something a bit unusual from your responses over time I couldn’t
    sense until now.
    I had seemed to look forward to an interaction between the both of you, but I digress.
    We miss you “Tracy”, already and the show needs a connection for me to be involved.
    The differences between people define us and adjusting,
    to this situation can create an intense situation.
    I will hope the best in your case.

  42. jimirod

    I thought it was best to wait until I felt this was real.
    My mind wanders somewhat, I picked up something a bit unusual from your responses over time I couldn’t
    sense until now.
    I had seemed to look forward to an interaction between the both of you, but I digress.
    We miss you “Tracy”, already and the show needs a connection for me to be involved.
    The differences between people define us and adjusting,
    to this situation can create an intense situation.
    I will hope the best in your case.
    PS Interesting Web Site. I will try to stay in touch – or you can email me.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well the good news is that Tracey and I are still together and still love each other. In fact, we have a new Off the Cuff podcast we are recording and posting later today. 😉

  43. Paul & Mieke

    May the Force “Of Love” Be with You! You both are powerfully heart-connected! A universal force of oneness expressing itself as Richard and Tracey! Thanks for your comment Richard. It is so good to hear this wonderful news!
    Love from Paul and Mieke. (In Texas for the moment).

  44. Elizabeth Wright

    So glad to hear that!!! Life is tough as it is, without losing people who care for you!! Well done for getting together again!!! Xx

  45. Kelly Marsden

    Richard and Tracey,
    I have been married 43 years ( is that even possible)
    Lol 😂. We have had some serious issues to overcome
    Throughout the years, but I can honestly say, with
    Therapy, applying what we have learned, communication,
    And the fundamental love that has always been
    There from day 1, we always pulled though!!
    I don’t regret a single moment !!
    Hoping you can continue your loving relationship!!
    It’s worth it !!!!!
    Kelly Marsden 😎

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