A Belated Thanks to Lynda Thompson!

By | January 18, 2023

Hi Everyone,

It was recently brought to my attention that the Acknowledgements of my book, The Alien Agendas, did not include a thanks to Lynda Thompson. Lynda isn’t just a brilliant researcher and member of this website, but she provided significant help to me in the very early phase of that book project. 

Namely, it was Lynda who tirelessly did the transcription of the two lectures that formed the basis of that book, lectures I gave in June 2020 as part of a special live web event. 

When I realized this oversight, I felt terrible. The fact is, if you aren’t keeping a specific list of something like this, it’s easy to leave someone out, even someone who was as important as Lynda. 

Tonight I updated that book and added this to my Acknowledgement section:

A special thanks must go to Lynda Thompson, who meticulously transcribed the two lectures I originally gave in June 2020 that formed the genesis of this book. I cannot thank her enough for making that happen, since I am not sure I would have thought to write an entire book on this subject had she not done so. In addition, I have found her many insights into UFOs to be invaluable. She is a rare kind of person who has enriched my life by her support.

Thank you, Lynda. And please forgive my oversight. I am glad to fix this. 

Oh, by the way Lynda has an outstanding website. PLEASE visit her at: 




6 thoughts on “A Belated Thanks to Lynda Thompson!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      You are very welcome, Lynda. I am truly sorry I left your name out originally. An oversight, pure and simple. I’m glad I could at least belatedly correct it. And yes, it was Tracey who brought this to my attention.

  1. Theresa Miller

    Thank you Tracey and Richard for correcting this and thank you to the tireless and super-dedicated Lynda!


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