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By | July 12, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory this evening. Fortunately for me,  I get the first two hours, which is 10-midnight PDT, or 1-3 am EDT. 

I checked the Coast website and don’t see how one can easily listen to the show from there. But in case I missed something it is:

However, I know local radio stations often carry the show. So … if you are awake, you can check it out! 🙂

I’ll give a report as best I can afterward. Earlier this evening, I gave a live lecture for the Rochester UFO Meetup Group, which has been going strong since 2008. I have the last 25 minutes of Q&A recorded which I will share tomorrow. We had a good time there. 

Wishing everyone a great evening. 


9 thoughts on “Richard on C2C Tonight

    1. Pyroxide_Martini

      The interview Rich and Tracey did with Russell – hour 2 – they talk about Pat Price. I’m one of the people who believe he wasn’t liquidated as he was too valuable an asset.

      Russell mentioned encountering Pat post “death” where he said he was killed by the “Mafia” – but there is nothing to say they weren’t being fooled, either by an agency or Pat himself – who either didn’t want to be found or couldn’t allow himself to be found. He could tell you anything, it doesn’t mean it was accurate.

      Worse case scenario for Pat, he would’ve been studied and dissected by an agency as his biology would’ve been a potential advantage to any Government. Best case, they faked his death and he worked for an agency – most likely, they faked his death and he was forced to work for an agency

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    I love C2C But it still gives me the sh-ts that they stopped offering subscriptions for people outside the US (maybe Canada) 🙄 but FFS, A) terrible business model and B) you don’t think the rest of the HUGE world wouldn’t be interested in the show??

    Hopefully you can repost it Rich

    1. Spyros


      That’s not true. I’m in the UK and only have UK bank account,I’ve been a c2c subscriber for over 2 years and still going strong .. listen & watch whenever I’m free& I can. You can do it from anywhere .

  2. Peter Squire

    You are the man Richard!

    I have the annual Coast to coast subscription in the UK. I’ve just checked the archives shows and they haven’t uploaded the show recording yet. Probably get done sometime today.

    Anyway will listen to later.

  3. Thomas Fattorusso

    Yes coast is certainly horrific to navigate–Art is rolling over in Lear’s flying saucer— but I will look forward to your discussion can people stop saying he has no evidence
    he gave it to congress!! also hearing tim birchett say he has seen other videos what is this crap why are we as citizens being placed in the dark — dont give us this bullshit war secret stuff when we have chnese balloons floating over our frigg9n country please keep pushing


      >>>”can people stop saying he has no evidence he gave it to congress!!”<<<

      Tom, nobody is saying "he has no evidence", they (and I) are saying, he has not SHOWN us any evidence. We are the public. We are the people who pay for Grusch's activities and the ones he claims to know about. We are also pointing out that Mr. Grusch has himself stated that all of his "knowledge" that he is not telling us, is second-hand. Mr Grusch has no direct knowledge of these things, only what other people (whose names we are not allowed to know) have told him. Mr. Grusch brought no photographs or videos or documents for the public, and we are not allowed to know if he showed anything to Congress or just gave them a good old scare-talk.

      I personally am not inclined to be a modern-day Japanese Shogunate peasant kept in the dark about the outside world and its people, so the current power structure can remain in power. If Grusch and Congress and the MIIC continue to delay, obfuscate and outright lie about UFOs under the guise of “national security”, they can all go pack sand up their collective asses.

      Whatever, whenever they tell us ANYTHING, it’s likely to be a partial or complete lie, meant to serve THEIR purposes and keep THEM and their system in power. Whatever, whenever they tell us ANYTHING, that information will be very limited and designed to manipulate us for their purposes.

      The MIIC has no other history, and is not about to change their goals and tactics in such a high-stakes game.

      Elizondo, TTSA, and the newest MIIC mouthpiece, Grusch, have told us NOTHING we didn’t already know for decades from authoritative government and military sources. NOTHING..

      Luis Elizondo, “Mr. Delay for 5 years telling NOTHING” groomed Mr. Grusch over the last 2 years, so why should we expect anything different than mentor Elizondo’s delay tactics?

  4. azpeggals

    Finally got to hear Richard on Coast to Coast. Excellent interview, as always. Richard, I could listen to you lecture for hours. Thank you for your insight. Looking forward to your book on submersible UFOs.

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