[RDM] Ancient Humans, Ancient Aliens | Special Lecture

By | September 10, 2022

Hi Everyone,

This is something different. I can’t pretend this is a deeply researched answer to human origins and any connection we might have with aliens in the past, but I admit I do go down a rabbit hole or two and discuss the connections between some of my favorite things to think about: the BIG picture of the alien presence here on our world, and the long and fascinating story of the origin of our species, Homo Sapiens. I am fascinated by both of these subjects and discuss the two of them here.

I have collected a number of really cool visualizations of early human society and have included some of them here. One thing I constantly wonder about and still have no answer: when and where did the “lightbulb” go on in the human mind? That is, when can it be said that we human beings REALLY developed the kind of creativity and analytical skills that we take for granted? Along with that, and very central to previous question is, when did we first develop some form of sophisticated, articulated language? If there is the possibility that aliens tweaked us in our ancient past, that might be a good candidate.

After discussing some of these interesting themes relating to our prehistory, I spend some time on my very favorite ancient mystery: the Great Pyramid at Giza. After all these years, I still can’t conceive of any reason WHY that structure can possibly exist, and yet there it is. 

No answers here, just some questions, but I enjoyed this and hope you do as well.