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By | August 29, 2023


Hi Everyone,

I have a new program for the Richard Dolan Show this evening: “Why Are They Here?”

I keep thinking that I want to bring ufology back to the basics to as much of an extent as I can. Toward that end, I put together a few thoughts and questions that I think are helpful. 

As always, this website provides the best and most insightful feedback I could find anywhere. Very much interested in what you think about this one. 


30 thoughts on “Why Are They Here? | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. itsmeRitaC

    i am actually listening to this in real time. As stunning a statement as that may be. LOL But of course i will forget what i am thinking later, so i must post my thoughts as they emerge.

    I am only twenty two minutes in so you may get into this later. But what came to me, and i am fascinated by your historical assessment of that sixteenth century art piece. That totally makes sense to me and i haven’t heard any of the ufo commentators take that approach. I never thought it was really a ufo scenario to be honest. Yet it is even more interesting that no one has challenged this in the ‘community’. But that is another topic in itself.

    I am also wondering now, and as i said, you may get into it like five minutes from now, but does that mean you are sort of ruling out the whole Von Daniken Chariots of the Gods hypothesis. And that is the whole AA show premises as i have understood it. Of course, that always implied a literal interpretation of the bible which is another spin on fundamenalism and other issues i have had over time. And one more thought so far. LOL

    I have mentioned this several times before and i do believe i am possibly correct here. When we talk about our version of ‘time’ i don’t think we should assume that the same , ET, whatever we believe and it may well be time travelers and ET and inter dimensionals. Why not all of the above and more we are not even able to comprehend because we don’t even ‘get’ whales and dolphins and they are here. I have lots to say about that as well.

    But a thousand years in earth human time may well be like a hundred years in intergalactic/transdimentional time and i think to assume that time is fixed throughout the galaxy, just as one example is likely very unlikely.

    I will come back again no doubt here. 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      If I can get Rita to listen in real time then I MUST be doing something right! To answer your question, yes I have of late taken a somewhat more jaded view of the Ancient Aliens hypothesis. Yes, that would probably be accurate. However, I do believe there has probably been a longstanding presence and observation, possibly interactions as well.Just not on the scale that some people seem to think.

  2. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard, awesomeness. Thank you for sharing your time, experience, talents, and your relentless work ethic on this subject. I really enjoyed being a student in your classroom. I will read your book on USOs. I believe in freedom. I have a strong spiritual relationship with something greater than me. This life and Universe, it’s indescribably amazing. Hence, my issue with science is that it separated from the spiritual a long time ago. I believe in freedom and I’m sick and tired of Big Brother. Frankly, I find it insulting. No one is putting a chip in my brain. I tell everyone about UFOs. They think I’m crazy. I don’t care what they think. I’m wining hearts and minds one person at a time. Richard you are one of many in the UFO community that has displayed tremendous courage. You do the right thing in the face of fear. I practice Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. I am never backing down. We don’t need government for disclosure. We the people will find the truth for ourselves. Little by little- more and more witnesses will come forward.

  3. paul treseler

    First, apologize for vid link to Librarian 1900’s-1930’s. Would have been better to just send you screenshots his Power Point slides.

    Just finished YuuToob, “why are they here?”
    As usual your speaking is lecture clarity with soothsayer nuance.
    Why? Maybe Ridley Scott ‘Prometheus’ experiment? I do not know. Whatever version of chattel floats your boat.
    Is this a Ranch, a Lab, or a Zoo?
    The point you made, A/GI & trans-humanism at same time? Yah that and Great econ Reset (WEF). Funny happening all simultaneously right? This is All planned. The few few who really know what is going on, whether they think they are blessed Freemason/Illuminati/OTO/300 Families, Who the fuch ever their ‘team’, it is all finance symbolism based population mentality control.

    Robin Hanson on Ryan Graves -F18 pilot, Congressional witness- MERGED podcast.
    Not the Robin Hanson ‘grabby aliens’ theory, worse domestication. It addresses the historical query you posed, ‘just out of view’. I set the vid timestamp to start appropriate.

    Regarding the USO you currently have such interest. The Jonah Myth in original text says the Whale had ‘ribs of brass’ or steel.
    And today…? the US Navy always, Always, denies having mapped any respectable amount of the Oceans Floors.
    What a joke. I wager ONI has more classified files than CIA. Naval vessels are the original spaceship in context.
    What has the Navy seen we have never even heard rumour?
    Ever notice a Submarine radar cone, is exact copy, functions exactly the same as Sperm Whale anatomy?
    Sperm Whales lungs collapse when they dive to avoid being crushed. Oxygen is distributed throughout the body to slow metabolism for longer dive.
    Don’t start me on SeaLaunch.

    I grew up Monterey Bay, Ca. You want to see some USO? That bay has the deepest trench on any U.S. coast. Navy Subs, All Subs navigation train there in the Monterey Canyon Trench.
    There has always been All Kinds of weird lights under water during storms. Yes, we see SEALs training with Helo day and night sure, but when there are storms you can make out search lights pointing up from subsurface past the 4 mile buoy. I started flying when I was 9 @ Watsonville Airport, in the center of Monterey Bay. I have heard many many a story of lights coming up subsurface of the bay at night, even when clear weather evening.

    As always Thank You to maintain your research and suppositions.
    ‘the good fight’

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you much for this comment. You wrote: “the US Navy always, Always, denies having mapped any respectable amount of the Oceans Floors. What a joke. I wager ONI has more classified files than CIA.” And I bet you are right!

  4. Dubh Sith

    Great choice of focus and comprehensive approach!

    “For some people, you have to wonder.” And there we sit. I am such a person that my own experiences leave me having to wonder. When my curiosity drove me into Starseeds, my jaw dropped in astonishment, and my thirst for researching it waned. I dislike the prevailing myths, but the general experience is very familiar. I’m now positive that the “reason” for being here is for me to present a new ontological perspective on time. I hear about it if I’m off, and my life is 100% better now that I am focused on the target.

    “If you believe they’re time travelers, how long have they been here?” Yes! Please answer that question. And make it ontologically consistent! LOL!

    “We have the keys to science.” But we don’t use it fully… yet. I notice that Ph.D.s mistake the correlation of neuroactivity with what we experience with causation when claiming the “big problem” of consciousness has been solved. Then, they praise science. Conflation correlation with causing is still a very silly and common mistake made by “experts” in vocal ways about huge topics.

    I’ve been swamped writing a scientific paper on a novel ontological perspective of time that resolves complexities around the observation of the constant speed of light. I have help from a published physicist. An article that will articulate the paper in lamens terms is coming soon. It’s delayed because it’s going to be awesome!


    P.S. History, USOs. Time, water. Keepers of time, water fairies. Richard Dolan is taking a very scientific approach. Whatever’s going on… Historical sources are usually interpreted in their chronological context. Timeless Ontology explains that insights are present when viewing events out of sequence (if there’s a relationship between the events.) If you’re stealthy, you might hide the meaning of your actions by doing them in the most awkward sequence available. Just a thought.

  5. Gal Matheys

    hey Richard
    long time since I left a comment
    as always so great listening to you

    i think we cant really assume about the ancient times every parameter was different , from the number of people on the planet , no actual recorder history, reading and writing was not that commonת , if we think about the old testimony in the first temple house “magic” such as fire from the sky was happening every day.

    we do know that there were a “quiet” time and then rise in ufo sightings around WW2 but i do feel its started earlier around WW1 but it might be just the changes humanity went through industrial electricity became more common , communication not mention we start flying . i am not how many humans were watching the skies before that?
    if i flew those things and wanted to avoid humans it would be easy , but in the last 100+ years it becomes more and more difficult to hide

    but we can only theories and who ever “the” are? they are not sharing! maybe they some of them can read minds but we cann’t 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good to hear from you, Gal. It is definitely not easy to get secure and totally reliable data on sightings over the long history of humanity. There can well be many opportunities for mistakes, certainly by myself. As of now, it looks to me that we had (A) comparatively low-level observation for a long time (B) an increase starting around the year 1800 or so and (C) a Big uptick around the time of WWII, although there could have been a gradual increase to some extent between 1800 and the 1930s. Totally possible. Or, something entirely different that I am missing.

  6. Bjofod

    Very good Richard.

    Me personally am sure the clue to the whole UFO phenomena lays in understanding the truth about our ancient past ( wich is also covered up btw )
    Together with old texts that are beeing said to be myths and religious fantasy.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, interesting. I think this same thought is what has prompted my deep excursion into the ancient human past, something that has been nearly obsessive to me for the past four or five years.

  7. JimmyBee

    Hi, Richard.
    Nice chat tonight. While listening, I began to wonder “Why were they interacting with kids at the Ariel School? Why at Westall school?”

    I’m familiar with the Ariel case, but not so much with the Westall case. So, I searched for info on Westall and found a recording of Dr. James McDonald interviewing a Westall teacher.

    Here’s a link, in case you have never heard of this interview. I know Dr. McDonald is important to the subject of Ufology.

  8. Bjofod

    Off topic maybe even if I see a connection with the ” alien ” topic. Also maybe ” project bluebeem ” that seem to be much more of a real thing then a holographic projector. I dont know if this is something that should be discussed here but an aerial phenomany that passed very fast was taped also. Just loading up some links that should be watched and prepare to be surprised.



    All should explore more

  9. William Mott

    Brilliant lecture!
    Yes we need to get rid of the ridicule and stigma surrounding this phenomenon.. The media and the Govt try to keep the Stigma going by Denial and the usual x files music. Like it’s some joke.
    We need to really ask ourselves Why are they here? What are they up to? However the Stigma keep most people quiet. So sad 😞 😔

  10. BrianRuhe

    Why are UFOs and ETs here?

    This is a blog I posted on my website today, https://www.brianruhe.ca/why-are-ufos-and-ets-here/
    inspired by Richard’s Aug. 29, 2023 video here, which I highly recommend to my readers and viewers.

    Why Are They Here? | The Richard Dolan Show

    From the evidence that we have, we can hypothesize that extraterrestrials are incredibly far ahead of our technology and our mental, spiritual development. When people see a flying saucer going from one area of the sky to another, what are they doing? They are probably running sorties from a mothership. They have an infrastructure. When they are seen going in and out of oceans, they may have underwater bases. They have intention and likely agendas with objectives.

    Who are they? What are they doing? Why are they here? When native Indians first saw European ships arrive they weren’t asking, “Gee! How are those ships made?” No. They were asking, “Who are they? What are they doing? Why are they here?” These are the most important questions humanity should be asking. The big problem in our society is that we are isolated. Our society in not openly discussing the most important questions. We aren’t asking the right questions. Ajahn Sona said, “Knowledge is good at answering questions but wisdom knows which questions to ask.” This isolation in our society was caused by force- by top down ridicule but this has improved in recent years.

    We need to encourage others to ask these questions. We need to talk about this. Fortunately, this discussion not censored on the Internet, even with all the growing censorship across the world. If you question the Covid vaccine you can be de-platformed, lose your job and be shunned by your family and friends. But if you say that there are aliens here working an agenda to transform humanity and revolutionize or world- no problem!

    So let’s talk.

    Brian Ruhe

  11. Allan Lavigne

    Great show; it is very important for us to continue postulating what we’re observing regarding the UFO phenomenon, and continuing open debate about our observations is critical to arriving at a meaningful understanding.
    As to ancient Alien encounters I haven’t forgotten I owe you a personal analysis on my take concerning best evidence which I am still gathering together.
    In regards to the Nuremberg 1561 woodcut, I’d be incline to agree with you if it was an isolated case, though another very similar incident occured in Bassel Switzerland and illustrated in a pamphlet by Samuel Coccius in 1566.
    Further many similar incidents were recorded throughout Europe describing battles in the sky throughout the 16th and 17th century.
    I’d also share that EVERYTHING in the 16th Century was seen through a religious lens. Wither a comet, eclipse, or strange behavior in livestock, unusual weather, etc all had religious relevance to viewers who believed signs in the sky pertained to events unfolding on Earth, and wrote about them with this basis as such.
    The drawings of the various things in the sky in the woodcut and 1566 pamphlet were prophetic in their design as they are the most reported modern UFO shapes. It’s hard to believe it is simple coincidence. Further, if these were intended as religious symbolism it’s inexplicable to me that the artist would embellish each one with such detail.
    Other elements you sight as contradictory such as the time of the occurrence, although there were early time pieces in the 16th century, they were not in wide use.
    People still made best guesses about the hour, and people did generally wake before dawn to service animals and prepare fires and other chores to get a start on the day.
    His note that many saw this event may have been compiled after the event as word of the incident spread. It doesn’t”t indicate that he personally saw hundreds watching the event as it occured.
    The Sun’s orientation in the sky is simply artistic license just as was the face on it. The illustration shouldn’t be interpreted as documentary style incident rendering .
    Regarding the nature of the Visitors; I absolutely believe we grossly over estimate their advance superiority.
    I can only share what my investigations revealed, and of course those were only a tiny, tiny sample of thousands of cases todate.
    Still, they were some of the most extensively investigated, with some of the best eyewitnesses, and supporting evidence.
    As I shared in our conversations, just because the Visitors have advanced vehicles doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are that much more advanced than humans.
    In fact, as you know, many contend that we may have successfully created similar vehicles. I do doubt this, as if humans have, those hiding it have some explaining to do.
    Still, the advance nature of their vehicles only tells us they have access to advance tech.
    If they created it, found and back engineered them, bought them from another race, we have no idea.
    None of the abduction cases I investigated demonstrated these beings to be of a vastly superior intellect.
    If you recall in the Barney and Betty Hill case the Aliens were mystified by Barney’s false teeth and had to ask Betty why his teeth came out and her’s didn’t?
    That doesn’t impart to me a vast superior intellect.
    Also, something that I note about all these interactions; they did not read the abductees minds.
    The leaders, and the leaders only, did communicate telepathically. Though that is different than reading minds.
    When the Alien that had been examining Barney entered Betty’s exam room, he spoke to the leader, in a language Betty did not understand, and then the leader telepathically asked Betty why Barney’s teeth came out?
    If they could all read minds the Alien that took out Barney’s teeth could have read Barney’s mind, or communicated with his leader telepathically. Though he didn’t, because I believe they can’t.
    It appears that some, in my cases the leader, have the ability to transmit communication but that’s the extent of it.
    This has been exaggerated and construed to be an innate neuro link and what you describe as a “Hive Mind”
    As to a “Hive Mind”; I strongly disagree. I believe this is simply a misinterpretation of a professional military demeanor.
    Observers could conclude that Earth’s military forces have a “Hive Mind” if viewed from afar. Though it’s simply disciplined structure.
    The Visitors cool demeanor is identical to what is sought in Earth’s Astronaut corp.
    If you’ve ever heard Neal Armstrong’s Moon landing recording you’d never know that he had only 30 seconds of fuel left to find a landing spot or crash.
    I could go on in greater lengths about what I believe are misinterpretations of these beings that have arisen over the decades, though in short I doubt that except for their tech that they are that much different than humans.
    Nor to I believe that they have anything to do with the top down revolution currently in progress.
    The lust of wealthy elite men to rule the world is as old as humanity itself.
    Though we are experiencing dark times now as a result, it’s not at all unprecedented. The methods may be different, but the dream of world conquest is easily recognizable as a purely human ambition.
    If you’re an interstellar civilization capable of controlling time and space itself with the entire galaxy as your playground, it would be ridiculous to spend decades, untold resources, and endanger the lives of your explorers to clandestinely intercede in this planets affairs to enact some type of totalitarian regime more in keeping with their cultures morays.
    The Human race still suffers from enormous hubris and their knee jerk reaction remains that they are the center of the universe and everything that happens is about them.
    If humanity is ever going to grow up they have to obtain some humility.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator
    1974 to 1980


    1. itsmeRitaC

      “Nor to I believe that they have anything to do with the top down revolution currently in progress.
      The lust of wealthy elite men to rule the world is as old as humanity itself.
      Though we are experiencing dark times now as a result, it’s not at all unprecedented. The methods may be different, but the dream of world conquest is easily recognizable as a purely human ambition.
      If you’re an interstellar civilization capable of controlling time and space itself with the entire galaxy as your playground, it would be ridiculous to spend decades, untold resources, and endanger the lives of your explorers to clandestinely intercede in this planets affairs to enact some type of totalitarian regime more in keeping with their cultures morays.
      The Human race still suffers from enormous hubris and their knee jerk reaction remains that they are the center of the universe and everything that happens is about them.
      If humanity is ever going to grow up they have to obtain some humility. ”

      I agree with these sentiments Allan. 🙂

  12. SunPower

    So, Richard has asked for an answer to the question, “Why are they here?”. I admit I didn’t come up with anything just by considering the question. I think there are many groups here in large numbers. They might each differ as to their reasons for coming here.
    So I asked to be told the answer. I realize all the groups don’t talk to me and I wouldn’t necessarily recognize which group was talking if one did. Any way I was shown the reason one group is here as follows:
    I was walking around the corner of a shed to the back of the shed. There I was met with a flurry of beating wings kicking up a small cloud of dust. I backed away back around the corner but realized I had seen a bird caught in a mouse trap and he couldn’t take flight to get away. I peeked back around the corner and it was a sparrow caught in a mouse trap but I couldn’t tell what part. If I reached over to try and free him, he would go crazy flapping his wings to escape. So I walked away.
    Later thinking about the poor bird, the thought formed that the bird was caught in a trap that was not set for it. The trap was intended for a mouse. Humanity (the bird) is caught in a trap that was not intended for it. I decided to get a stick and try and spring the trap and free the bird. Maybe just some feathers were caught and the bird could survive. They wanted to know what I would do and noted my intention, of that I’m sure. So I got a long stick and crept up to the bird in the trap. But when I got close I realized his neck was caught in the trap and he had expired. I freed his body anyway and left in a very sad state.

  13. Justin Vazquez

    My good sir. OK so he was off by 30 minutes let’s give him a break. Second off you disparaging his comment that many people saw it? How the hell do you know what people were doing 500 years ago in the early morning time. They were probably lots of people up. They weren’t sleeping in on the weekends. Getting ready to watch their cartoons. They had early stuff to do mainly farming, taking care of livestock. I’m sure many people were up at that time the fact that you disparage both of these points so strongly disappoints me because I usually think of you as a smart open minded person but this one really missed the boat with me.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I guess this one angered you? btw, I didn’t disparage anyone. Listen carefully to what I said. But the fact is that we tend to be extremely ignorant of the actual historical context of those cases. I am guessing, with all due respect, that includes yourself as well.

  14. Allan Lavigne

    You’re very welcome. Hope you and Tracey are taking sometime to enjoy the holiday weekend.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Allan Lavigne

  15. Robert McGwier

    Thank you for your perspective. It continues to be a very valuable to the overall community. Younger people only get their views from Twitter, TikTok, etc. It is important for the serious to get a serious reasoned perspective in long format.

  16. Tony Bermanseder

    Hi Richard!
    You asked a number of questions in this video which can be answered in these dramatic times.
    Why are the UAPs moving in the oceans?
    Because the three phases of matter in solid, liquid and gas (and plasma) represent three/four hyperspace plenums colloquially known as physical, astral and etheric or similar labelling.

    If you revisit the Mark Sims videos regarding his communion with Tezjbar (similar to Spock’s mind-blend in many ways), you will find a very simplified description for the multidimensional universe.
    Technically a 12-dimensional universe can be described as three hyperspaces of 4 spacial dimensions without time connectors if the 3D volume is modelled as a 3-dimensional surface or manifold as the boundary between a 4D and 5D spacetime.
    The USO then intersects the astral dimensions of Sims/Zedjar as the second hyperspace ‘liquid’ plenum with the ‘solid’ first hyperspace plenum known as the 4D universe of Minkowski-Planck-Einstein.

    Why are they here? and for how long have they been here?

    All ET’s can be said to have been born in quasi-physical form some 2.24 billion years ago at a time nexus when the self-simulating universe of universal undifferentiated consciousness could self-reflect and begin to distribute a collective consciousness in mental observers as universal intelligences ETI.
    At that time unicellular lifeforms on earth (half way at its birth some 2.3 billion years earlier) could begin their evolutionary journey through the lifeforms.

    So the ETI began to interact with the primitive lifeforms from the point of universal self-reflection as the distribution of individual consciousness carriers and information processors.
    You then correctly point out, that the acceleration of technology is closely linked to ET observation as a direct correspondence with UFO-UAP-USO activity.

    Why are they here?
    They are our ancestors in astral (second hyperspace) form having mostly graduated as ex-human embodied consciousness forms. Not being solid state individualised they nevertheless can individualise in the liquid or gaseous forms. So you ‘passed on’ ancestors all are ET related in such astral-heavenly interdimensional body forms. In short the old human on earth is the descendent of the starhuman in the astral and higher plenums, and is also the descendent or offspring in the mental waveform of the ETI . But the human on earth becomes the ancestor in solid bodyform for all the ETIs in an universally applicable wave-particle or mind-body duality.

    As Sims/Tezjbar address, the ‘master plan’ of the universe and the reason for the ET presence is to ‘graduate’ the solid state plenum in individuated self-simulation (namely all consciousness carriers and data processors, who can attain ETI status) into a higher consciousness form WITHOUT having to discard the solid state body form.
    This so becomes a resonance physics.

    Mark Sims seems to have disappeared from the ET community, and his old website is defunct; but I could send him the following message on Facebook. This message and links can answer your questions about ETs in more technical detail.
    Thanks for reading this Richard.

    Hi Mark!
    it seems you have disappeared from the ET forums and your old site cannot be reached.

    Your universal contact Tezjbar and his guidance for ascension has been and is presently rigorously formulated. If you read this please download the following files to find Tezjbar’s guidance verified.

    You are an angel in harmonic disguise, but you know that due to your experiences of communion.

    The ancestors in body is the old humanity intrinsically modular string monopolar self-duality. then we are the starhuman descendants in mind-wave form of the Tezjbar disembodied ex-humans.


    An extended History, Nature and Evolution of the Meijer Twin-Bipolaron


    Quantum Cosmology and the Unified Field


    The Nature of the Twinsoul in Unified Wave-Particle Duality


    Pythagorean Harmonics and Fibonacci Series coupled in Riemann’s Zeta Function, Penrose-Hameroff Microtubules and an Acoustic Quantum Code


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