USO and Adaptive Alien Behaviors | Richard Dolan Show

By | July 9, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

I have a new program on Youtube this evening. This is a continuation and some expansion of a few themes I have been covering here lately. I’ve been speculating for a while now on potential alien behavior and psychology, even sometimes speculating about their politics and society. This presentation is about the idea I floated on my Fireside Chat Podcast about how it may be that ‘they’ may well be responding to us in many different ways, including what may be significant elements of the USO phenomenon. 

Here is the description for the Youtube video:

Richard explores the phenomenon of Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs) and their potential connection to non-human intelligences, emphasizing the need to understand their behavior and intentions. He presents data from his research, highlighting patterns and consistencies in USO sightings, such as a significant increase in nighttime activity starting in the late 1960s and a high incidence of electromagnetic effects, particularly in military encounters. He suggests that these patterns may indicate adaptive and intentional behavior by these intelligences in response to human technological advancements, underscoring the importance of considering the psychological and social structures of these entities in UAP/UFO research.

I really want to thank many of you for your feedback on my FCP which addressed many of these themes. Very much appreciate that. 

The show will air tonight (Tuesday) at 8 pm EST. Right now I have the show linked via the image above, as I was having some trouble embedding the video there, as I usually do. If I can fix that, I will, but the image will get you to the video, no problem. 



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