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By | August 2, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I will be live on Youtube tonight, doing a slightly tweaked version of my Fireside Chat Podcast from two days ago. I want to thank those of you who provided feedback for that. This is going to be very similar to my presentation from Sunday, but I think it’s noteworthy enough that I wanted to do this for a general audience. I hope to see you there! 

As always, 8 p.m. Eastern time. (We had a glitch last time when I went on an hour late, but that will not happen this time.) 


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  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    There are a couple of points of investigation I think are worth being pursued in the future:

    Assuming MILAB’s occur (and I believe they do obviously) but where are the personnel? You can’t simply have a “secret military” without leaving some breadcrumbs somewhere, especially with the high-ranking leaders you would require to oversee operations.

    Are there any accounts of Military “stars” or “up-and-comers” that either appeared to die or whose careers just seemed to peter out? i.e. Anyone who works in covert intelligence have cover stories relating their daily jobs, they sound mundane and uninteresting so no one really asks about it. Could this be the same – a military career that was on the rise then drops off, becomes mundane but in reality that person actually went on to higher levels of the military etc.

    You’d also need highly specialized personnel in various fields – biology, electronics, engineering, genetics etc – are there similar accounts to the above?

    I don’t know how true it actually is but I remember hearing that some of the passengers on flight MH370 held various electronics patents and were gifted in their fields, with Jacob Rothschild becoming the sole patent holder of Freescale Semiconductor patent after the deaths of individuals on the flight.


    It had been demonstrated that the flight could have made it to the island with the US base on it. Take the staff, terminate the remainder, eventually drop the plane in an ocean somewhere.

    Was it all a cover to acquire particularly skilled people to work on black projects for the remainder of their natural lives?

    Very conspiratorial but throwing it out there anyway.

    The second point of investigation I think that is worth pursuing relates to the abductees themselves

    For those who can remember abductions or have partial memories of abductions.


    Why do they remember and others likely don’t? Is there anything different about them as individuals that appear to disrupt whatever drug and/or tech is used to block or wipe memories?

    For myself, I have inattentive ADD and have great memory recall as a result (most people with this condition do) and I suspect that is why I recall certain events, my brain literally functions differently to the general population.

    I think this is worth pursuing as it could be an interesting avenue of investigation and a potential thread to unravel the tapestry.

    1. Pyroxide_Martini

      Re: MH370 – I know the above is bunk but was using it as an example of what could be done to acquire the required personnel.

  2. MarkH

    Great listening, Richard.
    There’s another reason they are falling out of the sky, they’re running into each other there are so many.

    I hope to hear your thoughts on this interview! Tucker and Nolan, it’s great.

    1. TomTort

      This is an incredible interview! I thank you for presenting it. There is much to digest in this interview and I don’t know how to comment on what was discussed, simply because I didn’t anticipate anything like this. Amazing!

  3. Shaun Watson

    Thanks Richard, quality as always!

    I’ve been doing some reading recently and there is a suggestion by a number of big named authors in this field that the greys (in particular) as interested in our souls, perhaps because they do not have them themselves? and that the human form is a vessel for souls – I think even Bob Lazar made a comment to that effect from some material he’d allegedly read at S4. If that’s true, perhaps their interest in us and our preservation is not for our benefit but for theirs to continue to the line of soul carriers. A frightening thought to say the least, but one that might explain the seemingly mixed messages and experiences people get / have.

    A bit to another point you raise about why these guys are hanging out over people’s houses in the dead of night. I can say they have over our house, many times this year. I have video captures to attest to them being there, and when they do, they mess with my dreams. Seemingly to date that’s all I know is happening. I recognize the pattern, when I wake up in the middle of the night (typ. 1-3am), note the time and check my roof cam footage the next morning. This started back in Feb this year. I can’t say what their motive is, but I’m no one special really and it seems like a lot of effort to rock up (sometimes more than once a night) just to mess with people’s dreams.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Very interesting comment, Shaun. Yes, it does seem that some of these late night visitations are via some sort of remote technology, not always physical abductions. As to why, I said this in the video that I don’t have a good answer to that. Nigel Kerner wrote a book about the Grays and their interest in the human soul. Again, I can’t know for sure but everything should be on the table.

  4. David LoVecchio

    Couple quick thoughts/questions:

    * If these craft have the ability to “cloak” themselves and they don’t how does that impact the idea that they don’t wish to be seen? Why not do so all the time instead of appearing matte black with 3 or more bright lights that call attention to the craft? Why would any technology capable of completely hiding itself from human eyes and presumably under the control of an intelligence that understands our current level of technological sophistication ever be anything other than invisible to us?

    * Does your criticism of researchers who patronizingly correct abductees who report negative experiences as simply not understanding the benevolent agenda of these beings hold equally true of researchers who patronizingly correct (or hypnotize multiple times) abductees who report positive experiences?

    * Is the abduction phenomena comprehensively covered without mentioning MILABs or any documentation that purports to verify the existence and past operations of MILABs?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Speaking for myself, I explicitly stated in that video that I was not trying to imply that all encounters are “bad.” And I surely hope that I am not patronizing of those people who believe the encounters are positive. Regarding why sometimes these craft are seen, I can’t say for sure but it’s definitely the case that in most instance when they are seen, it’s not easy to do so. They ARE often well concealed. But every now and then someone wakes up at 3 a.m. and goes out for a smoke and sometimes will notice them. Regarding MILABS, of course that is part of the conversation. The real question is, how many MILABS can possibly take place? And over what geographic spread?

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Richard, i know you interviewed Gary McKinnon. I have always thought him to be a really good guy, btw. If his information is real, and he wasn’t being screwed with by the DOD all along……………….Then i would say there is a profound ability to do things on a very major scale. But that is just off the top of my head.

        It seems there are some very, very basic disconnects in the field. Now i don’t think that is the correct term. I would say inconsistencies. I mean, do we believe Gary? I always have. If we believe what he reports, then how can we know how far the u.s. has gotten? And he was looking at that site twenty years ago!

        And now that i think of it, when will one of these revered dod insiders mention him? Does no one mention him to Lue or Travis or the other intelligence officers who get mentioned exclusively in ufo arena? Or do they feel he should have been shipped to the u.s. to stand trial?

        If this has happened, i would appreciate it if someone could share the links. And i will thank them in advance!


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Rita, yes Gary is first-rate and extremely honest. Not only did I interview him, but Tracey and I met up with him in the UK a few years ago. He is such a genuine and decent person, impossible not to like. I think that the reason Lue et.al. don’t refer to him is the same reason why people like Garry Nolan still pretend they don’t know who the beings are behind the phenomenon. Everyone is following the CYA rule. All this public discussion is just a dance. No one wants to say, “There is a massive alien presence, the government knows ALL about it and has been hiding this fact for generations.” No way, not a chance. They leave that for people like myself, Linda, and a few other researchers to say. For their part, they are desperately trying to maintain credibility with the establishment, and you can’t do that if you walk into the room with guns a’blazing. So they have to play a game, and that game does now allow for them to accuse the USG of a massive conspiracy, or a massive covert secret space program.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Thanks Richard. I don’t know what all the many reasons are for cover ups. But not wanting to admit there has been one all these years would account for some of this.

            But then people will want to know why there has been coverup. I think it is easy for ptb, or whomever, to say that ‘people would freak out’. And how can we say that hasn’t been true? I think that is all they need to say. They were protecting our beloved institutions. It could even have interrupted ‘family values’ and the undying belief that america is specially blessed by our lord, etc. I think people will go for that to be honest. My opinion here.

            I think if there is someone admitting that ‘craft’ have been here, then the fact of ET has to be part of that. Or am i wrong? If earthlings didn’t make these ‘things’, then it is not ‘us’. So i think that is already baked into this. Unless they keep going with ‘our enemies’ have this tech and we should be scared about that too they would say. In fact, those congressmen , some, actually said they are more afraid it is China or Russia! LOL

            Why is this new version of blue book, etc, coming up again now? That is what i would like very much to know. And i will never ever believe it is because of Tom DeLong. No way. Even if everyone else thinks that is true, i will not buy it. 🙂

            My long term friend who is interested in this area thinks it may be because another government has sort of threatened to spill some of the beans. And if it should be Putin, he will be discredited as , you know, propaganda. And frankly, the same with China. Let’s see. Did i cover all of the axis of evil redux here? 😉

            So. My meta question would really be, why now? And i know it isn’t because people in DOD feel that i personally should have the right to know all truth. They don’t tell truth about what they do themselves, why would they tell me bigger stuff? When any of these spooks and contract men tell me what they have been up to on earth, i may believe what they say about anything beyond. Until they get recognizable character about their own dark deeds, i have no reason to think they have become men of high morality.

            Thanks, Richard, rita

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              What I have always believed is that there is a constant swell of pressure from below that these people have to deal with. Our situation is not static, and especially because we are all digitally connected and can share information, it has made the coverup more of a challenge than in prior years. Which means they have to be flexible. So, acknowledging SOME element to UFOs can be an effective way to pacify people for a little while longer. To my mind, it’s all about buying as much time as possible to prolong all of this. But that doesn’t mean, in my view, that everyone who has pushed the UFO/UAP matter are doing so dishonestly. I have spoken to Puthoff for many years on this and feel VERY confident that he genuinely believes in some level of greater openness on this subject. He stated this to me privately more than 15 years ago. I believe him. I think the same is true of some of these other people. But they can only go so far. Many of them have security clearances to deal with so they have to be careful. But they have been able to slip some information out to the rest of us. And the establishment continues to do everything it can to stifle any forward motion.

      2. David LoVecchio

        To clarify, I was thinking of David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins when I mentioned researchers who arrogantly dismiss claims of positive contact with these other intelligences. Jacobs in particular is so set on his interpretation of Their Agenda as being correct that he doesn’t hesitate to dismiss initially positive recalls under hypnosis as screen memories before continually subjecting the individual to multiple hypnotic regressions until the narrative that emerges is traumatic and aligns with his own. How is this ethical? If there’s a legitimate trauma you don’t bypass the mind’s defenses by forcing it up, shoving someone’s face in it and fail to acknowledge your own pre-existing biases in the process of doing so! This only re-traumatizes them, possibly about an event that didn’t happen as recalled. I do agree that in the hands of a competent, licensed, certified and objective practitioner hypnosis can be one of many useful tools but is Jacobs objective? I don’t think so.

        While these craft are well-concealed every now and then they also lolligag around floating over heavily trafficked highways as if to say, “You guys!! Look up here!” I don’t know how to reconcile that behavior with any intelligence capable of truly concealing itself and trying to keep a low profile.

        Your questions about MILABs are appreciatively challenging. Whatever the answers to them are I believe that MILABs constitute a significant piece of the puzzle. I’d love to hear a deep dive on them including ones that have been referred to as an “Exercise of General Synthesis” by those involved in their execution.

        Please also understand that behind my criticisms/questions there’s a lot of love 😉

        1. itsmeRitaC

          I very much appreciate your comments too. 🙂 And i totally agree with this one. Although i don’t know what MILB means.

    2. Shaun Watson

      On your first point. In my experience of the triangular craft (I assume they are) that have been hanging out over my house are invisible both to visible light, and the near infrared of security CCTV, until their propulsion system fires up. At that moment the camera sees 3 blobs of light in a triangular formation, like an equilateral triangle slightly tilted relative to the camera, that stay on for about .4 or .5 of a second, then fade in sequence. It either just disappears or zips off at an incredible speed. Usually the ‘body’ of the craft is not visible, but in one or two captures I think an edge or corner can be made out, but I’ve yet to capture really clear footage, as is the usual frustrating way!

  5. Clifford Ribaudo

    Been thinking about your comment that Black Triangles floating over houses, which are seen and reported A LOT, and which I tended to regard as some kind of US ARV (TRB3 or whatever), are probably NOT ours. I think you are dead on here. Hadn’t thought about it much before but, no way we are flying our most top secret tech over neighborhoods at 3 am all over the USA just for fun. No way. This HAS to be aliens doing abductions. What possible reason could there be for the US to be flying its super secret stuff around neighborhoods at night as much as these things are seen. I think you are exactly right on this.

  6. PressToDigitate

    THIS is what you need to be doing for the public – for the WORLD; analyzing what the Aliens are DOING here, not recounting legacy Sightings of “How many Saucers could dance on the head of a cloud — in 1952?” Its not the Alien BEINGS we need to know about, its the Alien DOINGS. We know there is ONE DOMINANT GROUP, of [physical, Extraterrestrial] Insectalins, Reptilians and Greys (large & small), that is doing ALL of the Abductions, LOTS of Abductions, involving the kidnapping and Clinical Rape of Millions of innocent people, over the last 67 years. ALL other Alien manifestations, whether Tall Whites, Nordics, Glowing Orbs, or “Feathered Blue Avians”, regardless of their “Dimension” or “Density”, are obviously impotent and unable to intervene or interfere with the Abductors’ predation of Humans – as we have not a single account of them ever doing so. It matters not whether they are ‘benign’, ‘benevolent’, or “Good” Aliens, nor if they’re from other Worlds, Galaxies or Universes; they are of no help to Man in any meaningful way. If they are “Good”, they would choose to intervene. That they do not intervene, means either that they are NOT “Good”, or they have no power to be useful to us. There are no other options here.

    NO “Good” intelligent beings would stand idly by while Millions of innocent people, of an intelligent, technological, space-faring species, are *TORTURED*, *RAPED*, IMPLANTED and INSEMINATED, against their will. That they do so (not a single Crash Retrieval account is accompanied by any stories of aerial combat between rival UFOs bringing down the crashed saucer) PROVES that the other, non-abducting species out there – (given that they actually exist and are not just psychotronic avatars for the Abductors, themselves) share no sense of Compassion or Morality with Human Beings. Either that, or they are, in fact, allied with the Abductors, or are just militarily weaker and diplomatically subservient to them, in the power politics of this section of the Galaxy. It is entirely possible that these other species, particularly any purported “Interdimensionals” of a nonphysical nature, do not actually Exist, but are psychic/psychotronic projections of the Abductors, engaged in other forms of Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Propaganda, Social Engineering, or other subtle manipulation of Mankind, to help facilitate their Invasion and Colonization of Our World.

    Just as its not Alien ‘Beings’ but the actual Alien ‘Doings’ that must concern us, its not the Unidentified Flying OBJECTS that matter anymore, at this point. Its the “Identified Taken SUBJECTS” that matter. Not people with phantasmagorical little dreamy dreams, but those with Alien microdevices implanted in their bodies, proving an actual ET Abduction; those with new anomalous surgical tool marks, missing time, with garden dirt or debris in their beds in the mornings, waking up wearing clothing that is not theirs, or was put on them backwards. Those are the undeniably real “Experiences” that we need to be debriefing more comprehensively, and analyzing, from their DNA to their EEG, BEAM, fMRI & PET scans. We need to know how their Implants work. We need to decode its signals – both those to and from whatever is monitoring them, and those between the devices and the Abductees’ own nervous systems. As I’ve said here, many times, we need to [very publicly] yank the Implants out of 100 more Abductees, on Reality TV, and analyze everything about them, while telling the Victims’ stories to the world.

    In the wake of the TOTAL FAILURE of “Disclosure”, now that it has been ACHIEVED, to tell us anything substantively useful about the ETUFO presence, Ufology must move aggressively to KICK DOWN THE DOOR on this issue, by *EXPOSURE*. The most obvious and direct way to do that is just such a Massive Leir Replication, through televised Implant Extraction – of such professionalism and in such numbers that it can not be denied or dismissed by the medical or scientific communities – or society at large – any longer. Call up JKLC, and see if he’s ready to film a sequel to “Patient Seventeen” – a series called “Patient One Hundred Seventy”. Otherwise, all of the last five years, from AATIP to the TicTacs, to UAPTF, to AIMSOG, to ARRO, will be for naught; it will just bury the whole issue for another ten years, until the Alien Colonization of Our Planet is fait accompli – which is the intent of our Quisling Elites and the Vichy Collaborators in the global Deep State (National Security State).

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I am actually looking forward to the ET colonization. The guys who have been doing that job all of my own life are boring psychopaths and creeps.

      But let’s face it. I am not your typical earthling. Or even………………………………..
      Cheers PTD

    2. Rosanne Losee

      I agree with you TOTALLY .

      It is the Abduction scenario that is the KEY, and everything else falls by the wayside.

      And we need to know if there is anything a human can do to stop the abduction from happening. Yes, it’s crazy to think that, but who knows. Unless we take this secret out of the shadows and into the light, we are just circling the drain.

  7. Clifford Ribaudo

    Richard, I’m getting that you are not totally on board with the scale of the phenomena suggested by the Roper report, which was for the sake of readers of this post, 2% of the US Population. LOL Ok, I had difficulty with that as well… until I read Sky People by Ardy Sixkiller.

    In that book she collected hundreds of accounts of indigenous peoples in Central America and one of the main things that stood out was that just about any town she walked into throughout Central America she would be told of almost weekly encounters of one kind or another with aliens and craft and most had accounts of them or their friends or relatives being abducted. It made me think, we are perhaps fortunate the US Gov’t is keeping the buggers more suppressed because it seems rather like the wild west down there.

    Anyway lets take a look at the potential scale of this globally even if we don’t accept the scale of it in the US Alone. In the analysis I sent you, I used the following formula for number of abductions of:

    # Abductions of a Population per year = Population x .02 x .55

    Why .55 (55%) because people claim multiple abductions in the lifetimes and often more than once per year but with diminishing frequency. So I stuck my highly accurate finger in the air and decided that I should reduce the frequency by approximately half or .55 abductions per person per year. Using this approach we get the following numbers for the following populations:

    1) US Population (20 year avg) 307,000,000 = 3.3 million abductions per year.
    2) Global Pop (20 year avg) – 6.9B = 138M abductions per year.
    3) Indigenous Population of the Americas (aliens seem to have an interest in indigenous for some reason) 54M = 594,00 abductions per year.

    If you add the ones in the Americas all up and divide by 365 you get 10,879 abductions per day. Now if Roper is off by a factor of 10 for some reason that is 1,088 abductions per day.

    Or if you do this Globally using the Global population numbers you get approximate 208,000 abductions per day. If we reduce this by a factor of 10 then it is 20,800 per day or if you want to be super conservative and reduce it by a factor of 50 that is 4,100 abductions a day.

    Given all the reports around the world I do NOT think it unreasonable to go with a number between Roper and 1/10 th of Roper. Now people might argue that this is too high and if true, we would be seeing UFOs all over, all the time. Nope, not really. Consider that according to FAA there are 45,000 commercial flights in the 29 million square miles of US Airspace per day and moving 2.9 million people around. Looking up how many planes do you see? Not many. One here and there and they are not trying to hide.

    Conclusion: We know abductions are happening. We have a fair amount of data to suggest A LOT of abductions are happening. We have some data from the US Navy no less (2004) that implies they saw a fleet of over 100 UAPs dropping into the ocean from space… so how many abductions do you think they are doing with those. Why do they need fleets of 100s of UAP? Mining? Abductions? Sightseeing? Just saying.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Clifford. I only expressed some reservation about the exact percentage of abductees as potentially *a bit* high, and even then not necessarily so. Just as a definite possibility. Even if it’s high, I personally have little doubt there is A LOT of abduction activity happening, as I stated. As to your statistical breakdown, my only argument is against your use of the .55 percentage. Here is why:

      If 2 percent of the population has been abducted, this is over the course of a lifetime. It’s true, as you say, that MANY people are multiple abductees, even more than once per year. However, it is not at all certain that everyone is a multiple abductee (even if perhaps most are). And it’s definitely not clear that half or more abductees are abducted more than once per year. We all know that yes, it happens, but the .55 number you insert at the beginning of your calculations skews the numbers way high, in my opinion.

      Of course, I’m simply using my guesswork against yours, so I could certainly be wrong. It just seems that overall the numbers you arrive at are much higher than what I would arrive at. I suspect others here would agree with you, however.

      Either way, we both agree that MANY abductions are taking place, millions of them, on a worldwide scale.

      1. Clifford Ribaudo

        Ok, I hear you. Yes, difficult to know how often abductees are abducted. Many who are out there talking about it say multiple times per year with diminishing frequency with age. So, the use of the factor of .55 is like saying an abductee is abducted roughly once every two years. But agreed, in this realm it is sort of like playing darts in a wind storm LOL.

  8. Bjofod

    Not back to full numbers after covid yet but any given day more then 100.000 planes are in the air. More then 10.000 in the air at the same time.

    In US alone there is more then 10.000 rotorcrafts and 10.000 experimental crafts according to the FAA site.

    Maybe i see 10 of those planes each day if i look up but most of my time i need to keep focus on what is at ground level.

    If someone is visiting here in a planned matter with an agenda the number of flights could be big, much bigger then 1000 each day. That is nothing.

    It is comforting in one way. There will not be a nuclear war. They will instantly take out live missiles and have demonstrated that capability for the military as far back as the late 60s.

    Remember the incident with the ufo that was filmed flying sircles around a missile and destroying it. Not by chance i think, it was a demonstration.

  9. Pyroxide_Martini

    I would suggest that abductees are located by their unique energy signatures.

    This is useful to watch on Monroe’s gateway system:


    If you put out a signal, someone else (with the right technology) can channel back to the source – think tracking phones as a basic example.

    This, IMO, is why it doesn’t matter where abductees go, they can always be located when other entities are seeking to take them again.

    The next question therefore is, can you block and/or cloak your own energetic signature or at least project the equivalent of a VPN to prevent tracking.

    With regards to Remote Viewing – If a highly skilled RV subject could also mask their locality and indeed themselves, they would be a very useful asset.

    I still think RV is just the tip of the iceberg of capabilities. The next step would be Remote Influence and potentially Remote Projection (not just conscious astral projection but physical relocation). When you break us all down to building blocks, can you relocate your very being to another location – is this not the basis of Star Trek’s teleportation except instead of using technology, we are using are own inherent consciousnesses.

    Worth considering all of the above.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Okay, THAT is very interesting … their energy signatures. Sure, honestly, why not? I think we can assume “they” are sophisticated enough in that department to track them.

  10. Diane Cameron

    Thank you for this talk, I find it to be very important for two reasons: (1) You are laying out an analysis that helps everyone to better understand the UFO phenomenon, by presenting the geography of UFO activity and quantifying the magnitude of this activity. (2) Highlighting the importance of the alien abduction phenomenon as possibly the most prevalent activity/ methodology that the UFOs are engaged in here on Planet Earth.
    It is because of the danger of abduction, that citizen scientists who might contribute to the documentation of UFO sightings, may be reluctant to enter this field. When one of us sees lights in the sky that don’t behave like “normal aircraft” the impulse is to grab the cell phone, put it into video record mode, and head towards those lights. The problem then arises that if the lights don’t turn out to be a neighbor’s drone, or a cellular tower — if they are truly unidentified – then there’s a chance that the act of my aiming my cell phone towards those lights and hitting “record,” may draw unwanted attention in my direction. In other words, turning on “record” is like Frodo donning the Ring – Sauron can now see and monitor Frodo. Not good.
    – Diane

  11. Shachar Keren

    I could speculate that perhaps there is a reason why the US is such a hub for sightings and abductions ,is because its a new culture relative to all the old ones with Canada and Australia still very much European colony and not some kind of new contract between people and state, its a “wild west” and its leaders overturned the rule of king\queen ..
    modern Russia and china too..

    it all boils down to the different groups of aliens involved here I think .. correct me if I’m mistaken but most abductees say they were abducted by some kind of Grey’s or reptilians , while others who purport a more benign experience often talk of some space brothers blondes and in the new age groups there are other types of aliens usually very wise and spiritual ..

    so my point is that perhaps extrapolating the number of Aliens on earth based on US sighting is not the way to go and there is a reason why there more sighting the US .. and more such activity in general… but I could be wrong.

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