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By | November 15, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be airing a pre-recorded interview I did a few days ago with an anonymous researcher who is the co-author of a very interesting and (I think) important piece of research. It’s available for download here and is titled “Loose Threads.”

The report analyzes a number of recently leaked documents (Davis-Wilson, Oke Shannon Notes, Jack Houck notes) along with other documents, publications, and interviews to piece together a fascinating story of a group of individuals in the classified world trying to penetrate the secrets of UFOs and aliens. 

This is a long interview, more than two and a half hours, so you might want to watch it in chunks. This is a very long interview that covers a lot of ground.

The picture the two researchers have painted is worth our attention. First, they emphasize some of the history behind and the importance of the Advanced Theoretical Physics working group. Some of you are probably familiar with this group and others of you may not be. But the argument of the authors is that this group, starting in 1985, in many ways was the germ of at least a good portion of so much of the modern public conversation about UAP today.

The authors also have a lot to say about the significance of remote viewing in the world of intelligence. Specifically, in the efforts of the intelligence community to understand elements of the UFO and alien presence. I think this part of the interview is one of the best, and you want to pay close attention to it. Remote viewing, in other words, was not just some sideline activity to help us know the locations of Russian submarines. It was considered a vital method for developing information – including technical information – about the nature of UFOs and the alien beings that control them. It’s not that remote viewing provided a perfect panacea for such goals. It didn’t. But it was one of the few tools available to use and it appeared to have some “hits” as it were, in that effort.

Another technique the authors discuss in their paper, and which we talk about here, is the – let us say potential use – of other technologies by the militaries and their corporate sponsors to detect the locations of UFO craft. This was a truly fascinating part of the discussion and I have no doubt there will be a number of researchers who will want to follow up on this possibility.

Then there is the entire narrative concerned with “baiting” or “drawing in” UFOs or UAP. This may have included attempts to bring down such craft and there is the suggestion that two events in the 1990s fall under this category. The authors and my guest talk about the use of directed energy weapons to do this.

Finally, they have a lot to say about the current research being done on “experiencers.” that is, people who have had some sort of direct contact with either UFO craft or alien beings themselves. This research today is primarily associated with such individuals as Dr. Kit Green and Dr. Garry Nolan, and the authors have quite a bit to say about the development of this research.

Not everything is nailed down 100 percent. There’s some speculation here. But all of it is interesting and I do think you will find it worthwhile. 

One technical issue I should mention here. About three minutes into the interview, our livestream connection was temporarily interrupted. This didn’t cause any problem with the recording itself, but when my guest returned, his previous video window remained black on the screen for the entire remainder of our interview. That was completely my fault, and I apologize for any distraction it may cause you. The quality of the conversation ought to overcome that, but I wanted to mention it here and it was the result of my own technical limitations and ignorance. So sorry about that.

That glitch aside, I do think many of you will find this conversation to be extremely thought provoking. My guest knows his material, that’s for sure, and he makes his case very well. I hope you enjoy it.

As always, the program starts at 8 p.m. EST. This will not be a YouTube premier, by the way. The video is too long and we just decided to do a normal upload. 


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  1. Ted2

    I believe that the Groom Lake Desert Rat UFO Website run by Glenn Cambell addressed Bobby Ray Inman in the mid-1990s as a government insider with special knowledge, but I don’t remember much more about that.

      1. Ted2

        The Desert Rat only ran in the 1990s. It was possibly the source of widespread recognition of the status of Inman regarding UFOs.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Which makes it all the more noteworthy that Inman was being discussed by the ATP in 1985. Of course, those guys knew many things that the rest of the public did not.

      2. Christian Morales

        Wow this interview was fascinating. It’s credible even tho it’s anonymous, and it’s got lots of pieces to the puzzle. Completely off topic, Richard but I’m worried about Jimmy buying into finding something in the ocean if they do find something it’s not part of the phenomenon. Avi doesn’t understand the 5 observables and the power these things have. It’d be great if he could listen to this interview but he couldn’t not at his stage. It takes a while. I was nuts and bolts at first and now well idk, it sucks because I used to respect academics and had them at a high standard and I don’t anymore. I think they don’t know sh..

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I’m guessing you heard my interview with Jimmy as well, in which I definitely came down hard against that idea as well. Funny, Tracey thought I was too rough on poor Avi Loeb and so in the next segment I was a little bit nicer 🙂 but I still think he is incredibly naive for thinking that anything can be found. The object is the size of a basketball or beach ball in the Pacific ocean! If it’s extraterrestrial it’s intelligent and will never allow itself to be seen, much less caught.

        2. T. J.

          Covid was an EARTH Shaking wakeup call to stop trusting “authority” & “experts”. If it wasn’t for you, then you may as well play Russian roulette again, I think you’re do for another booster.

  2. David LoVecchio

    Richard, I haven’t listened to this yet but in reading the summary I couldn’t help but notice that this individual, whose testimony presumably has some pretty profound implications, has chosen to remain anonymous. That is disappointing. As someone who tries to maintain a balance between healthy skepticism and tempered belief I can’t give this individual the benefit of the doubt that presumably you do. On the other hand you know who this person is and have verified their credentials and claims to the highest extent possible. Knowing you as I’ve come to through your books, interviews and this site I would expect nothing less.

    I’ll try to withhold my judgement as much as possible until I’ve listened to the whole interview but I find this “anonymous source” stuff bothersome.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I would say that his identity is irrelevant. It’s all about the research he and his partner have done. It’s about connecting dots. Plus, he did agree to do a video interview with me. I mean, his face is out there now. He’s got a family and for whatever reason wants to retain some measure of privacy. I understand that.

      1. David LoVecchio

        Mea culpa. I should rein in my digits before I have enough info for an informed opinion. When I read “anonymous researcher” the image that reflexively comes to mind is something like a silhouetted individual with a computer modulated voice talking about how aliens love strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music. This was not that. Cue Homer disappearing into hedge meme.

        Remote Viewing
        Years after Pat Price dropped the alien base bomb on Skip Atwater in 1973 other remote viewers were given the same target under more controlled, formal protocols. In 1982 Joe McMoneagle remote viewed underground tunnels and ball-shaped objects but didn’t detect the presence of any individuals there. In 1986 another remote viewer named Mel Riley reported the presence of individuals at the site, one of whom seemed to be aware of Riley’s presence and invited him to observe him operating some sort of console that Riley described as reminding him of an organ because of its keys, buttons and switches.

        Directed Energy Weapons
        This section (which I’m still listening to) got me wondering whether or not there might be any correlation between the use of these weapons and the occasional flock of birds that drop out of the sky dead with no apparent cause. I know it’s a stretch but if a strong EMP is being fired into the atmosphere I’d have to imagine that it could have potentially disastrous effects on the central nervous system of any bird that happens to get “zapped”. Even if it didn’t kill them but only temporarily interrupted muscular function gravity would do the rest. Maybe there’s a correspondence between birds falling out of the sky and areas of high anti-neutrino density.

        Continuing to listen now…

  3. MarkH

    Loved listening, every minute was captivating. Thank-you Anonymous for a great interview. I could have listened for another 2 1/2 hours.

    I wonder if people who have had implants have had samples taken and scans done revealing the same brain connectivity?

    Going to listen again it was so good.

    Thanks Richard.

  4. Ron Holmes UK

    Rich, you accidentally gave the mans first name – when the stream recording restarts after the 7 second break.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yeah, Tracey told me the same. Oh well, now his first name is out. I don’t think his anonymity is going to last forever anyway. I did feel bad when I learned about this, but it’s done so what can I do? 🙂

  5. SunPower

    Hi Richard, Since this research seems to indicate Remote Viewing is a valuable tool for gov agencies to use to find out about UFOs and their crews, has any UFO researcher considered using RV techniques to discover information about gov programs and findings and to verify theories about what is going on in the black project world re: UFOs? I’d be very interested to know which ET groups, if any, the gov would consider baiting & shooting down (possibly killing the sentient occupant(s) in the process). RV might be able to help verify or corroborate some of this informed speculation.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I’m guessing a few people may have tried but I’m not aware of any publicized results. I am married to a remote viewer who keeps resisting that I give her these tasks, because she doesn’t want to be front loaded with information. Hopefully I can persuade her otherwise! I am not giving up 🙂

      1. SunPower

        Also, wouldn’t the SRI RV guys think of doing this? But, did I hear the gov has developed their own RVer counter measures similar to what they call the Transcendental ET groups? (supposedly, they can do cog overlays on the RVers & blank out their memories and perform substitutions. Very interesting topics.

  6. Warwick Mccormick

    The thing that jumped out to me was the talk of two types of et. The humanoids and those that are more elusive (I took it to mean that they are not physical beings). That might account for some of the paranormal aspects of ufology. Also you can see why some Christian fundamentalists thinks of them as demons, because one might say that a non physical being is a spriritual being!

  7. Miitcell Grey

    Excellent, the 2.5 hrs just flew over, you have to get this guy back some time, the interviews are going great.

    Maybe we could all use the CE-5 protocols and entice a Grey down for an interview, I bet that would wake ppl up a bit. 🙂

    Thank you.

  8. PressToDigitate

    That was your best show yet! It was also a great argument for why you must have an *Institute*.
    Your guest and his partner are precisely the kind of Staff that such an Institute would employ, and the Fellowships that it would confer, and the Grants that it would make to independent Researchers.

    I became familiar with BDM Corp. in 1987, via Star Wars research that my company was involved with. BDM was a leader in classified plasma technologies, fusion and directed energy. They would, indeed, be the Contractor of Choice for the program described in that timeframe. They were unencumbered by ethics as I recall, and poaching the Intellectual Property of others for use in their classified programs was common practice.

    The 3Ghz band is well within the specifications of Commercial Off-the-Shelf Gyrotrons industrially available today. In fact, they are made to be tuneable over a significant range, and adjustable in power. A Directed Energy “Anti-Saucer” Artillery could be privately developed from these COTS components, and optimized for economical mass production. The Aliens’ vulnerability to this means of interception is not something they can ‘evolve past’ with better technology. It is rooted in the fundamental physics of Electrogravitation, as I have long noted, from the work of Drs. Podkletnov, Pohrer & Modanese. Any ET craft using Anti-Gravity propulsion will be subject to the same interference. They can’t help it. This is why the lack of Crash Retrievals in North America since the turn of the century must be the result of either Treaty or Infiltration (or both), because some deliberate decision was made to stop shooting them down.

    The background on MGEN Stubblebine is important. His wife, Dr. Rima Laibow, predicted the C19 Plandemic in detail in a 2009 interview with Jesse Ventura. Stubblebine was the only senior official to call out the 9/11 False Flag, publicly declaring that it was a Missile that hit the Pentagon, not a 757. His independence was why he was forced out.

    The bit that everyone is missing about the Remote Viewing programs, MKULTRA and the Aliens we’ve had in captivity that ties all of it together is that the real objective of all this government psychic, psychotronic, and psychopharmaceutical research in the 1960s – 1980s was a desperate attempt to find means to *counter* the Aliens’ abilities at “Mental Suasion” (“Mind Control”) of captive subjects, and their tactical advantages of reliable practical Telepathy, Clairvoyance (RV) and Precognition. MKULTRA wasn’t about finding “Zombinal” to control citizens at home, but rather about developing Countermeasures against ET psychic and psychotronic capabilities. That’s its real secret. The net assessment has to be that these efforts failed to stop – or even detect – the infiltration of the National Security apparatus by Alien Hybrid Operatives, which led to the eventual termination of these programs, or their reutilization by the AHOs for other purposes. That doesn’t mean it was futile, merely that Col. Alexander was incompetent and didn’t know what he was doing.

    Again, we see evidence that everyone we’ve heard about – the Kit Greenes, Gary Nolans, Hal Puthoffs, Eric Davises, etc. were/are all outside contractors given limited, highly compartmentalized knowledge, and tasked with very specific issues, as opposed to being actual “Insiders” with a panoramic cognizance of the government’s ETUFO related operations. It seems increasingly likely that we have never even heard the name of an actual Insider; not even their Human cover name, much less what they’re called off-world by their own people.

    Imagine if you had a couple dozen researchers like that guy, some in-house at the office full time, and some doing M.S. Theses and Ph.d. Dissertations on topics the Institute was funding, at various universities, all Tasked, Mentored, Advised and Proctored by you. Imagine you had a team of chemically and electronically augmented Remote Viewers, in a Faraday Cage in a Vault in the Basement, dancing through the Alien Lunar Command Center. Imagine we built a Megawatt-class 3Ghz Anti-Saucer demonstrator to … “demonstrate”. The tracking mechanics he described are also replicable without government.

    This video is a look at the kind of “Next-Gen” Ufology that I’ve been urging you to embrace with such an Institute. It is noteworthy how much of the discussion was of matters from the 1980s, which had become known within Ufology at or around that time, but has since gotten lost in the dust. We haven’t really learned anything new about UFOs since the 20th Century; we just keep rehashing the same few famous Case Studies, and chalking up more sightings of “Lights in the Sky”. Meanwhile, millions more innocent Humans have been Abducted, and millions more Hybrids have been produced from their germplasm, some major faction of which are, today, Walking Among Us. If we don’t get a better handle on the Alien presence, PDQ, Humanity will be totally subsumed by it. That’s why You Need An Institute, and millions in research funding put at your disposal.

  9. T. J.

    I’m in the midst of listening to this (with the very handy text to speech app called “voice aloud”) and I’m proud to be a part of this site and feel fortunate in regards to this Wilson Davis notes movement that you pushed (among others) even in the face of little snipes from people like the black vault and I’m sure many others.

    There was a small UFO Twitter campaign to contact your elected officials regarding UFOs, when I used to be a part of Twitter b4 covid and only for a short period of time maybe a year. Anyway I printed off several complete packets of the Wilson documents, associated write-ups, and included links to some of your videos and sent those huge envelopes to several congressional members from my state and I believe a couple others.

    Now here we are and these documents are part of the congressional record 🙂 I have no idea if the ones I sent were part of that, but I know it did not hurt and if anything maybe taking into consideration at a future date.

    With the coordinated false narrative surrounding covid even from our supposed UFO community, I have felt blessed to be here with some like-minded folks as it’s provided me some foundation in sanity.

    Keep up the good work

    1. T. J.

      I was referring to the beginning of the “piece of research” I downloaded that begins with the wilson davis notes. It is very long and I’m still not done with it. I just noticed the video is now available at the top of this post, which I did not realize would be pasted there “after” your initial post 🙂 so I’ll be giving that a listen as well.

  10. Joan Dillon

    These special connections in the brain sound most interesting! Could this be somehow connected to why many musicians are often noted as having increased incidents of noetic experiences? (Grant Cameron: Tuned-In, the Paranormal World of Music)

  11. OgronWaitress

    I’ve been listening lately to the audiobook version of Jacques Vallee’s Dimensions and he’s always pushing against the ‘nuts and bolts’ explanation for ET/UFO activity. I know many of us admire Jacques on this site but how do we square the techie side of retro-engineering, understanding the physics etc with the sometimes mystical/illusory aspects of close encounters? Is there pretence at work but if so, why? Head-scratching stuff.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I love Vallee in many ways but I do think he pushed way too hard for many years against the standard ETH scenario. I don’t know what it was about him. Boredom? I really don’t know. Yes, there are oddities about this phenomenon that we don’t understand but I have always thought some version of ETH is the best and simplest explanation. Occam’s razor.

  12. Clifford Ribaudo

    Interesting interview, my ears really perked up at the point where you mentioned references to meditation and yoga and I was wondering what type, then I remembered I had the paper sitting on my desktop since last week (it was posted on the experiencer group last week). I see that the paper mentions Vipassana meditation. Now this is a form of Raja Yoga meditation. Well actually it is a preliminary to Raja Yoga meditation. The two are associated with “different schools” but in the final analysis Vipassana prepares one to do Raja Yoga mediation. It teaches one to see the disturbances created in the mind caused by the various activities arising from the physical body. This is a necessary prelude to learning to concentrate and not allowing the mind to be disturbed by such extraneous factors so that it can be focused on “higher disturbances” or impressions. Raja Yoga just jumps in and says many in the west already know how to concentrate from their jobs, so skip that step and learn to concentrate on a topic and only that topic and learn to be receptive to the higher impressions quicker. Anyway, I get whey they would have recommended that to Burroughs as a beginner. It is the easier way to go in the beginning, and he even protested at the difficulty of learning that as a beginner and the time it took.

    When I step back from all the inside baseball of this talk and this paper I am struck by the confirmation of the point I have been trying to make here and elsewhere and which is that IT IS ALL ABOUT CONSCIOUSNESS. And actually those bits in the paper (pg. 123-124, 131) sort of highlight that this is THE CENTRAL and CORE element to understanding or arriving at an understanding some of what the aliens are up to and how they do what they do and including their tech. You won’t ever get their unless you understand consciousness and understanding that will change your consciousness. Look at what Einstein did to our western consciousness, it force many physicists to the East to find words and concepts to explain what the Math is saying.

    Green and Nolan and Alexander… Alexander knows A LOT about this area, I have heard him give interviews and when he is not being cagey he says things that tell me he’s read widely amongst various esoteric teachings and including Blavatsky and Bailey. I’ve heard him say things I KNOW he can only get from there, and actually of course he would go to the best English sources for some of this. Anyway the points is that all these guys are zeroing in on the consciousness factor, and the only place you are going to be able to learn about it that is Earth based is in these esoteric teachings. In the places in the world where they have been studying consciousness for thousands of years and that right now is in the East and in the yogic sciences.

    Now IMHO the western psychologists and Drs and researchers in consciousness are a bit too focussed on the physical brain. I get that they want to know the regions of the brain that are active, but let’s use a little logic and remember that to do Telepathy, for example, I don’t throw brain cells at you or DNA, do I? No, I send a thought through some subtle, as yet undetected (by western science as far as we know) medium wherein thought travels. And so it is NOT PHYSICAL and this “thought form” hits your consciousness body, your subtle mental body and which then registers eventually physically assuming you have sufficient mind body and brain connection AND the understand in your existent brain knowledge to understand what landed there.

    Just to give you a sense of how well articulated this science already is in the esoteric literature… albeit highly advanced and not read by most …. I offer this quote. NOTE the paragraph labeled #1 and its discussion of the Pineal and Pituitary and then understand that they are in close proximity to the “Caudate-Petuman” which is well within the “magnetic field” this quote talks about:

    “The secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages is the power to visualise. This is the first stage to be mastered. Disciples should lay the emphasis upon this process; in it lies eventually the ability to use the creative powers of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure to further the ends of the Hierarchy and to carry out the Divine Plan. All the new processes in meditation techniques (for which the New Age may be responsible) must and will embody visualisation as a primary step for the following reasons:

    1. Visualisation is the initial step in the demonstration of the occult law that “energy follows thought.” This, of course, everyone interested in occult study recognises theoretically. One of the tasks confronting disciples is to achieve factual knowledge of this. Pictorial visualisation (which is a definite feature of the work in many esoteric schools) is simply an exercise to bring about the power to visualise. In the work of those disciples who are being trained for initiation, this external aspect of visualisation must give place to an interior process which is the first step towards the direction of energy. The visualising of pictures is intended to focus the aspirant within the head at a point midway between the pituitary body and the pineal gland. In that area, he draws pictures and paints scenes and thus acquires facility to see—in large and in detail—that which he desires and for which he intends to work. The visualising of what might be called “directed process” goes on in a more focussed manner and in the area directly around the pineal gland. The pineal [Page 90] gland then becomes the centre of a magnetic field which is set in motion—in the first place—by the power of visualisation. At that point, energy is gathered by the disciple and then directed with intention to one or other of the centres. This focussed thought produces inevitable effects within the etheric body and thus two aspects of the creative imagination are brought into play.

    2. The power to visualise is the form-building aspect of the creative imagination. This process falls into three parts, corresponding somewhat to the creative process followed by Deity Itself:

    a. The gathering of qualified energy within a ring-pass-not.

    b. The focussing of this energy under the power of intention, i.e., at a point in the neighbourhood of the pineal gland. The energy is now focussed and not diffused.

    c. The despatch of this focussed energy by means of a pictorial process (not by an act of the will at this time) in any desired direction—that is, to certain centres in a certain order.

    This process of energy direction can become a spiritual habit if disciples would begin to do it slowly and gradually. At first, the visualising process may seem to you to be laboured and profitless but, if you persevere, you will find eventually that it becomes effortless and effective. This is one of the most important ways in which a Master works; it is essential, therefore, that you begin to master the technique. The stages are:

    a. A process of energy gathering.
    b. A process of focalisation.
    c. A process of distribution or direction.”

    From a section of “Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. 1, pg. 89-90” on Meditation.

    Now note that the Teacher (Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul) is talking about these effects in the SUBTLE bodies, not the physical, but which have connection to the physical. They DO produce effects eventually in the physical, but western science MUST eventually learn that the physical is always secondary to the subtle bodies and that it is those subtle bodies which are the true causative factors.

    Also I should mention that the meditator DOES NOT FOCUS in these regions. They focus in their consciousness and that when done right and in the right way then the physical locations are automatically and properly stimulated. The meditator does NOT NEED to focus there, it just happens if the consciousness is properly focussed. For example, I NEVER focus on my Ajna center (third eye), I focus in my subtle, mental body in a center called the “heart in the head” and which is entirely subtle and ABOVE my physical head. It is an etheric center and which is related to the connection between soul, mind and brain and which when properly active automatically activates the Ajna center in physical brain. So when I am doing it right my third eye just automatically buzzes with activity.

    So, why are the aliens more easily attracted to people doing thought experiments…. well, as some of us know … Including myself, they are HIGHLY TELEPATHIC, which means they can play with thought like you play with a baseball. And they are highly alert to activity on the mental plane and when someone is operating on it is like yelling in a fairly quiet area. You more easily attract attention. Your mental light is brighter, and they can clarivoyantly see it. I say “fairly quiet area” because the majority of people are downward focussed and their thinking is relatively simple and operates on more mundane matters that do not create much “light”. This is however changing with human evolution.

  13. jcaplan

    Thank you for this fascinating interview which provides much new material. I have three points to add:

    1) With regard to deliberate attempts by the US and other forces to bring down certain craft, your interviewee cited the Weygandt case in Peru in which he surmised that a craft had been brought down because of the observed damage. The evidence for this scenario was, however, stronger than surmise and was given directly from Weygandt himself. He states that he was serving at a radar facility at the time in Peru utilising laser strike and he was to provide security for that installation which was tracking craft coming in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. “They had laser range finders and all kinds of high tech stuff”. He says that he was”confident that when he saw the …craft it had been hit by something. Something had taken it out”. He refers also to being taken after that under escort to a base which had multinationals (Chinese, German etc) working there;

    2) With regard to radio frequencies being omitted from certain UFOs in the region of 3ghz, it is notable that in The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel: Series 3) the production team frequently measures a radiation spike of about 1.623 ghz when phenomena occur. Sometimes this is measured as a signal being broadcast. On one occasion the production team broadscast on this wavelength and there followed a number of UFO sightings that night in the area;

    3) In 2004-5 in Coronia in Sicily a number of unexplained fires broke out in the town and this prompted an investigation by the Italian military. It seems that they traced the source to electronic radiation coming from an object 80 kilometres away under the sea. A UFO was also filmed firing a directional beam at a helicopter which was scouting the sea. The military identified the wavelength of the beam and considered using the frequency of this energy device in an attempt to communicate and to attract them. A discussion between the Italian commanders and Luis Elizondo about directional beams, wavelength, and communication appears in one of his programmes on the History Channel (“Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation) but Elizondo appeared to say that the Italians may be further than the US on this.

  14. Christian Sedlatschek

    I do like the idea about shooting down aliens with directed energy or radar weapons. That was my first thought when I heard about the Roswell incident (especially after reading Debbie Ziegelmeyer’s book on “the alien colonization of Earth’s waterways”). It may not have been a crash but a mere deliberate takedown of that craft. The point here is that this technology existed already in 1947, hence the knowledge of UFO existence and possible interaction must have been aware to governments (much) prior to that. Another piece in the puzzle! This leaves serious doubts in my mind about the presumed technological advancement of UFOs and their overall technical capabilities. They may be able to bend space and time but a directed radar weapon may manipulate their propulsion system and take their crafts down. Wow! ‘m starting to believe that these beings by far do not have divine competencies. We, as human beings, may just convey divine capabilties into them. The ultimate questions remain: What do they want here on school planet Earth? What are they doing around the world in the middle of the night in your immediate neighborhood? What factions are here and what are their agendas? How are the globalists connected to this? How do they interact with these beings? I would love to set up an appointment with one of those hybrids and talk it all through 🙂 I did like your discussion, Richard, with Jack Roth (I have pre-ordered his book and I am looking forward to reading it) and his descirption about this hybrid lady at Atlanta airport. Again thank you for these interviews. I find them quite stimulating and enriching.

  15. Andromeda107

    Richard your guest did some great research. I really enjoyed listening to every you both talked about, especially about the remote viewing program and how the remote viewers attempted to remote view inside an alien craft . It was interesting to learn that some beings couldn’t sense they were being remote viewed and others did. I also really enjoyed hearing about the use of MRI machines in the research on people who were remote viewers or people who brains were more open to receive telepathic communication. It was all very fascinating,I do hope you have him back on the show. I will definitely check out his paper ☺️.

  16. wildbill65401

    Greetings and salutations! 😀

    I totally understand that you are trying to expand your brand, which is why you posted this (and the newest) interview on YouTube as being available to the general public. From a purely 100% selfish perspective, I would like to humbly request that in the future if you are able to secure these interviews that you reward your loyal Gold tier members with exclusive access to the video. (Wow. I am a Gold tier member. What a total coincidence. 😇) Maybe it does not have to be exclusive “for all time”. Maybe for only 2 weeks? Then maybe an additional 2 weeks to Gold and Silver tiers? Then it goes to the general public? 🤔

    Just food for thought. 😊

    Wild Bill 🤠

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Bill and yes I am hearing you. I just recorded a two part interview with the VERY great researcher Stan Gordon and will be having part two solely for members of the site here. And I do have plans for Gold-only content. Give me a little bit of time but I am working on it.

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