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By | April 4, 2020

Something new here, which is the rollout of RD Short Clips, a very few of which we have already published on the Youtube Channel but Tracey and I just put together our system for keeping this going on a regular basis. Major thanks to all of the volunteers who are finding worthwhile clips from previous programs. We greatly appreciate your efforts toward this project. 

This particular interview has been a favorite of mine since we did it. David Jacobs may or may not be a prophet; only time will tell. But his message is powerful and he is in amazing form here. Tracey acquired the soundtrack and we will look into working with a few of these as we move forward. 



26 thoughts on “THE GREAT CHANGE IS COMING | Richard Dolan Short Clips

  1. peggy robberts

    Not exactly the most uplifting or calm-enducing choice of topic for this particular time, haha!! Still, the “Short Clips” are a great idea. Thanks guys!

    1. mcwest50

      I old enough. to know if something smells I tend to walk away, Dr Jacobs may have a point if these little grays and
      what ever is controlling them is that badass and they are not letting there intentions known then I say they have a
      game plan that is not exactly going to benefit us. I live in the North of Nevada moving to a smaller area and hope
      y’all figure it out, but this pandemic is a tune up for the big event, after all little guys have shown they can shut down
      silos. Like Rich said, when we got the matches they showed their hand. I believe there is a group privy to and in communication with these et’s. I don’t trust our government anymore, choosing between the lesser of two evils. I trust my dog and my horse, my wife, and a couple of friends………………….have a code live by it

  2. Ed Coffman

    Oh man! Given what’s going on, what a timely “Clip.” I was revisiting the “Ultraterrestrial” and/or “Cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis today. And I must say, what Dr. Jacobs is talking about, seems to fit right in.

    By the way, could you do another rendition of that Frank Sinatra Jingle Bells thing, or something else in your repertoire? I could use a good laugh, right about now.

  3. jimirod

    Too much panic voiced from to many current voices,
    ET probably has interpreted this for a long time period.
    They are probably enabling an intervention, if necessary, discreetly of course.
    We are a respite for many others cultures in the universe, They don’t want see that go away.
    Not every body travels beyond the speed of light indefinitely.
    How many planets support population control; we don’t know. Perhaps war is a solution; doubt that, has not been successful thus far.
    Disease could render large population. Intelligence here has mixed feelings on the best way to balance human populations.
    Self management of biological drive has not worked discreetly, that tells us something ET may be working on, or has always been working on.
    We may be subject to much experimental evolving. Not as natural as we perceive.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Thank you for leading with and featuring this one. If widespread Male Infertility from the Wuhan Virus is intended to ensure the general, mass-market acceptance, adoption and use of In-Vitro Fertilization (“IVF”) for Human reproduction (think “Lebensborn”) , it may represent a radical *scaling-up* of the Hybrid production process. If they managed to operate some of the providers, it would mean going from tedious and resource-intensive individual Abductions (from which information leaks out), producing on the order of [tens of?] thousands of Hybrids each year, to a more subject-driven, autonomous process capable of producing on the order of [tens of?] millions of Hybrids each year. If the Hybrids produced from Abductees were the “Advanced Guard” of [trained, specialty] “agents” needed to secure control of the organs of our national security state, tech sector, mass media, etc., then the disembarkation of thousands of times more Alien Colonists – the “Civilians” – into their genetically tweaked Hybrid containers would make perfect sense in the scheme of things.

    It would mean an Alien mass migration cohort, born in the 2020s, coming of age in the 2030s -40s, whose [physical] adulthood would occur when full-duplex Brain Computer Interface to a Hive Mind has been established and become ubiquitous on Earth in Human society. Presumably, this is the “experience” that their “Cruise Director” promised them when they booked the voyage – and “Gave up the Ghost” – to begin with. Their mass disembarkation waited until they could all be guaranteed of “staying connected” when in Human form. Moreover, assured electronic control over the local apex fauna – us – would be necessary to ensure the safety of the [relatively smaller number of] Colonists, and to provide the servitude their presence may require.

  5. Mike

    There are way too many people reporting same telepathic communication.
    It goes across decades, cultures, nationalities, religions, education and anything else.

    It suggests to me that there is some type of brain “switch” we are born with in “off” position by default. This may have inspired ML Ultra, BTW.

    In response to ET “soft spot” theory, I would propose outside of the box opposite theory. What if they are afraid that we can turn our brain switch “100% on” by ourselves?

  6. Carolyn3

    Thank you, maybe it’s time to get his book . it’s been on my list to get but keep avoiding it. Unfortunately I don’t see a world wide wake up regarding any of this. I’m still holding out for the more benevolent ET’s to come in and assist with all of this. I can hope.

  7. Craig Champion

    Yes – this interview was not lost on me. As radical as this hypothesis may sound, one must also acknowledge the extensive work that Dr. Jacobs has performed. Hmmm…music in the background…

  8. J-Rod

    I rest my case. we’re no match. In fact it’s surprising there hasn’t been a major retaliation, if we, truly are, downing their craft. Be careful what we wish for. Anyway….back to the pandemic.

    1. PressToDigitate

      There was. Chernobyl. Shuttle Challenger, followed, in quick succession, by anomalous in-flight failures of the Titan, Delta, Atlas, and Ariane rockets. The odds against these all happening, in sequence, by chance, are Billions-to-One Against.

  9. carroll.vance

    Hi Richard and Tracy, my first post here, enjoying all the great and thought provoking content, thank you! Tracy, I remote viewed earth the year 2700. At that point, there has been a massive spiritual awakening, pretty much everyone is very loving, that is considered normal, and is part of the zeitgeist. It felt like because of the awakening, earth was more in contact with the more spiritually developed races like the Pleiadians (have a lot of current contact with them). Definitely, the earth will not be taken over by the more cruel races out there (have experience with them too), I would have felt that as part of the zeitgeist of the times. I also remote viewed 2200. That is an age when the big spiritual awakening is in progress. The earth is more green and wild in some places, and people are starting to get more in harmony with nature, but it is the beginning of that big change. By 2700, that harmony with nature is experienced as normal. I have hundreds of years of remote viewing experience on this planet over many lifetimes, some using exotic technology, so it is just part of my normal life to remote view. I get a lot of requests from friends to put in mildly! So Tracy, it would be interesting to hear any experiences you have of remote viewing future earth and how you see the development of our collective human spirituality and how we connect to future alien races. There seems to be some concern there, like this interview, so some more clarity would be great. Cheers! Carroll

  10. icubud

    This interview is one of my favorites as well. Dr. Jacobs passionate and plain speaking about the stupidity of a lot of the so-called UFO research. If u are a person who doesn’t believe that we have been visited by other life forms (extraterrestrial) u clearly are either trying to deceive yourself or you are dumb.
    The abduction occurrences is what needs to be focused on.
    This is what needs to be the pressure point to use constantly in ref to the government. Easily an obvious failure of the military, defense systems because they are not being successful in protecting the citizens of this country from enemies foreign and/or domestic. Puncture through the government on this matter.

  11. whatif

    Outstanding interview, Richard. Abduction has always struck me as a sort of sideshow — a less serious aspect of the greater UFO/ET subject. With the vast, growing number of people making abduction claims, one would expect more convincing evidence by now. Additionally, the fact that most abduction events occur in the context of sleep suggests a neurological explanation. **HOWEVER** I have to admit David Jacobs’ work and final analysis of the subject is eye-opening to say the least. I’m coming around to accept that abductions are perhaps more than plausible, mostly due to Jacobs.

    One area of discussion that came up in the interview touched on the notion that governments are underinformed and, therefore, ill-prepared. Perhaps, but I have doubts about that. For instance, in my view AATIP is small potatoes. There are likely deeper, darker, extremely well funded programs that have existed for decades that make AATIP look childish in comparison. Thus, I would not assume AATIP represents the extent of our government’s knowledge of the ET phenomenon. It would not surprise me at all if AATIP were a diversion.

    Also I have doubts about Jacobs’ conclusions regarding ETs performing abductions in secrecy. He may be right that this is a sign of some kind of weakness, however consider what would happen if they were more carefree and direct. Total mayhem would ensue; planet Earth would be in total chaos. So assuming the ET goal requires that the earth’s societal infrastructure remain stable, they would probably prefer to operate in the shadows. They may have weaknesses we could exploit, but in this case I’m not convinced operating in secrecy is any indication of one. More likely it simply better serves their endgame. Just my two cents.

    Thanks again for this!

    1. PressToDigitate

      I used to feel exactly the same way about Abductions. That they couldn’t be real, they were imaginal, or if they happened they were few and far between, were for some zoological ‘tag & release’ study, bioassay, etc. Then, I happened to discover that two different friends of mine, in completely separate social circles, neither of which was connected to Ufology or the paranormal in any way, were each serial, transgenerational Abductees, with full conscious recall, often taken in daylight, while wide awake, both had physical trace evidence, third party witnesses to their abductions and absences, and veridical evidence from on-board the alien craft, etc. The odds against meeting two such people randomly are “astronomical”, outside of any UFO-related social context, *UNLESS* the incidence of Abductions is actually quite high. Upon delving into the Abductions arena, you find out that *most* abductions don’t happen during sleep, and have these same elements of corroboration to one extent or another.

      As to “more evidence”, you have to remember that the strongest evidence we have for ET at all, anywhere, period, are the Alien Implants surgically extracted from Abductees, which prove – by incontrovertible ICP-MS Spectroscoy to be composed of metals with non-terrestrial isotopic concentrations – the “Gold Standard” in mainstream Planetary Science of whether a sample of metal or mineral is from Earth, as each planet has its own isotopic ratio “fingerprint”. The Implants “ain’t from around here” – and, therefore, neither are those who implanted them in the Abductees.

      Far from a “sideshow”, the Abductions (and Hybrids bred from their sperm/ova) appear to be the whole reason they are here; its happening on an industrial scale, and has been since the late 1950s. This means that hundreds of thousands to millions of ETs could be “Walking Among Us”, executing a long-range Strategic Plan; even, “walking the corridors of the Pentagon, undetected” as one General reportedly observed long ago.


    There is a certain purity to a good old fashioned, “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” perspective. I love this guy! One of the very first interviews in listened to when I joined the site.

    Has anyone given thought to the recent pandemic being our counter attack against the invaders? Heck, in worked in War Of The Worlds.
    – T LaMar

  13. SunPower

    Dr. Jacobs doesn’t answer why the advanced ones don’t just take over and stop messing about. It could be because they are not actually physically here. They could have technology (holographic? Anything with a wave nature can be a hologram.) to interface with people and create agents on earth to act for them and carry out their plan. I think the human looking ones that can be overheard talking to each other telepathically sometimes were always on earth and are unrelated to this. I think Dr. Jacobs is still weak on defining opportunity and motive for his interesting hypothesis.

  14. itsmeRitaC

    I think the ‘change’ should be fought with large injections of estrogen to avoid the hot flashes!

    Sorry, but the invasion of the body snatchers already happened. Anyone notice the mindlessness out there?

    Projection is a very powerful psychological artifact. i do agree with the silliness of the fact that the whole ufo issue is still treated like it was fifty years ago or more. However, human psychology is barely understood, believe it. So people think they understand this stuff?

    I wonder what is the way to fight this invasion? I guess we need more nukes. God bless Raytheon. Maybe Will Smith is our man?

    I apologize. Actually, this didn’t tell us much of what is being discussed. i am assuming it is the E.T. take over of our planet. Maybe that was the point of all the sci fi movies all along…………To make us feel jaded about it? To be honest, i don’t know who he thinks should be working on this problem. I assume these aliens have no wisdom at all. Just pure survivalism? Sound familiar?

    Keep healthy, rita

  15. Carolyn3

    ET invasion is starting to look good now as I sit here eating my End of the World as I know Chocolate.
    I think I’m breaking out the Death By Chocolate Cake slice tonight. I see a pattern here and it’s going to be I’m going to have to lose 5 pounds from stress chocolate. At least it’s organic choco,

  16. Rosanne Losee

    I just jumped right down here and didn’t read any of the other commentators above. Listening to Dr Jacobs, I know he is a foremost knowledgable leader in the UFO phenomenon. Many years ago, when he published his first book, “The Threat,” I had already been reading as much as I could on the phenomenon.

    His book scared me to death; probably because I knew it was true, and didn’t want it to be true. I threw the book into the garbage can! Yes, I did, and only now years later, I went back and bought his other books. I am grateful to him for sticking his head out among all the denialists, particularly within the science community, who has self-censored and shackled younger scientists into learning more about this.

    For me, THIS is the key issue! If the science community is still in defiant denial, then we will never figure out any means of dealing with this profound eventuality. If the science community cannot and will not investigate and listen, then the media will not investigate and listen.

    Here are the bulwarks against knowledge.

    One other thing… the aliens are as my old UFO virtual friend, Dr. Scott Littleton, opined, ‘nuts and bolts.” He believed they have superior technology, but folks, they are still mortal. Which means that they may be formidable enemies, but they lack something, which they badly want.

    Our souls. Our inner psyches which are superior to theirs. They are regimented, hive mentality, devoid of emotion. We are superior to them in that way. I often wonder if Christ, who went to the desert for 60 days and nights, and when visited by ‘the devil,’ said, Begone! I wonder now if the devil was actually these aliens who have probably been around for thousands of years.

    If anyone has an idea on how to pierce through the wall of indifference in the science community….that could become a goal of those of us who are trying to make them pay attention.

  17. Dennislogan.927

    Hello Richard,
    There’s are many of. Us that are hyper aware and can’t be controled. Their mind control doesn’t work on us and we should be studied. If doctors have a hard time putting you under for surgery or have never been knocked out from a blow to the head, you are possibly hyper aware. I have dealt with this my whole life.10 surgeries and I’ve woken up in the middle of back surgery while the surgeons were grinding home to fit four cages in lumbar spine. I felt like I was being sawed in half, no fun. I stopped breathing after screaming and they have me more sleepy juice. Dr said it took 3 times the juice to put me out and keep me out. Not for one surgery but nine. Point is, we’re out there and can’t be controlled, I’ve had contact. I remember every moment of them, I kept playing music in my head, Led Zepplin 1. They can’t deal with loud music. We can fight back, but I don’t believe that all ET are bad. Some are protecting us and are fighting a hot war that’s been going on for a long time. We just don’t see it.

    1. Holly

      This topic is a great ‘What if’ prompter. What if Dr. Jacob’s “best guess” as to the nefarious nature of ET motives for creating hybrids is anthropomorphically biased, and fear-based from listening to emotional clients, unable to look at their experiences from any other perspective?
      What if ET’s have always, or from time to time, played an active role in the evolution of humans, through genetic engineering?
      What if the ‘great change’ is many generations away, through generations of breeding with current hybrids, instead of being ominously imminent and a sudden threat?
      What if the ‘great change’ is simply greater telepathic awareness through several generations of breeding with hybrids bred relatively quickly (since the 1940’s) in order to be accepted by humans of today?
      What if this is the end goal? Is genetic change in the form of telepathic awareness a threat to our existence, or an evolutionary improvement/leap of the human species toward a greater understanding of the universe and our place in it?
      This musing in no way reflects a lack of concern for abductees and the trauma they’ve undergone.
      It’s merely an offering of a different perspective where the end justifies the means from the perspective of ET’s.
      Again, humans are a moral, emotionally and culturally complex species. It is not my intent to minimize or negate the importance and value of those aspects of how we define our reality.
      I merely offer a hypothetical perspective as a means of providing a possible explanation for motive in the creation and planting of hybrids.

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