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  1. JimmyBee

    Hi, Richard.
    Can you speculate on whether these hybrids would be easily detecable via dna?

    Let’s say that my mom is a full human. I, her off-spring, am half-human, half-alien.
    Shouldn’t my dna be dramatically different from mom’s?

    I don’t have a problem with the idea of alien visitation, though I am waiting on some good photos/videos.

    I don’t have a problem with the idea of abduction- like we tag-and-release animals in the wild.

    But, I have a problem with the hybrid idea.
    I believe there is a range of similarity required for sucessful hybridization. Ex: I can see a butterfly/moth hybrid. But not a butterfly/anteater hybrid, though I’d love to see one. 🙂

    Great talk tonight, regards to Tracey!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes I would certainly think DNA analysis should be able to resolve the matter, provided that these other beings don’t have a way to shield what they do. I am not a geneticist, but I would think most geneticists would say, if it’s been changed, they would know. So yes you have a strong point and hopefully we can get some clarity on this matter before long.

  2. Pete

    Dude (can I call you dude?), that was one of your best presentations. All I can say is thank you, well done. Feedback: awesome big picture, balanced, informative, humor, analytical. Nicely done and I look forward to future episodes on this topic.

  3. PressToDigitate

    “What was that one in the middle again?”
    “There are two kinds of people in the world; those who divide people into two kinds, and those who don’t.”
    “e) All of the Above.”
    OK, The Skeptics are correct in that the ephemeral, purely psychic experiences of the Contactees are both Unproven and Unprovable. I still believe many of those to be Real, nonetheless. But you are incorrect in applying that to the physical Abductees. Did I miss something? I don’t believe I heard you mention Dr. Roger Leir or the Implants even Once. Its not *just* that most Abductee accounts are rendered without regressive hypnosis, that most happen while the victim is awake and not in bed, many in broad daylight, many with corroborating physical evidence on the skin, clothing, furniture or vehicle, and many with third-party witnesses to the Abduction or the Abductee’s [otherwise inexplicable] absence. Its not even the fact that a number of cases exist of ‘Veridical Abductions’, where multiple Abductees, taken around the same times from different places, have met aboard the Alien craft, and then met in person again on the ground, able to mutually confirm details of their joint experience. Its that every legitimate Abductee is literally carrying Alien Hardware on [or rather, ‘IN’] their person; microdevices which are provably of Alien origin, by very conventional and widely accepted spectroscopic techniques which are unequivocal, and leave no room for alternative explanations. This *decisively* rules out Fantasy, Delusion, MILABs, “Angels” and “Demons”.

    And yet, the New Agers and Christians may be almost as right as us “Secular Alarmists” on the subject. The “Higher Consciousness” attendant to contact with other Dimensions, the whole host of nonphysical, incorporeal creatures – and “Beings” – and access to the Quantum Plenum, is very likely akin to the Aliens’ nominal psychic mindset. ESP talents that only some of us exhibit, and then generally weakly and unreliably, are as common to the ETs as the Human ability to fry an egg. If they have mastered what we call “Reincarnation”, and technologized it, then they would both be effectively Immortal, and would consider the biological “body” to be little more captive to the Soul than we feel “trapped” in our clothing of the day. They could extract Human Souls, wine & dine them, treat them to a Magic Show, and reinsert them in time for daybreak. They may indeed be angelically “Ascended” patrons of our Afterlife from our perspective. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they aren’t also brutal kidnappers and rapists at the same time.

    The Christian perspective, which also, like the New Agers, ascribes them to some phantasmagorical spectre; the so-called “Demons”, and also ignoring the hard evidence for both their physicality and extraterrestriality, does recognize them as an existential threat to Mankind, having an epochal long-term plan for our displacement off the planet. It is pretty clear that the relevant passages of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament, whether dealing with “Angels” or “Demons”, are really garbled anecdotes of *actual Alien encounters*, poorly recounted, by primitives, then badly translated (across multiple languages), and, finally, edited by committee (multiple times) for political/ecclesiastical purposes. In the end, it may not matter that the Christians doubt the ET origin of the Aliens, so long as they share a general apprehension over their presence and agenda here, and the need to consider forms of resistance. Unfortunately, ‘Crosses’, ‘Holy Water’ & ‘Garlic’ – or reciting Bible verses – will be of no use in expelling them, and the Christians will have to become more pragmatic to be useful in any respect.

    The whole of your lecture is a strong argument for a ‘Big Budget’, Primetime Cable TV series (“X-Traction”), to recover 100 or so Alien Implants from legitimate Abductees, to end – by “Exposure” – the entire ETUFO debate, Once & For All. But merely *proving* that They’re Real, Here, and Taking People, isn’t sufficient. Its real value would be in the scientific data that we would obtain from the Implants, from their RF transmissions, EMF signals, and neuroelectronic communication, their construction and operation at the nanoscale, and the genetic, metabolic and neuroelectrophysiologic characteristics of the Abductees from which they are extracted. We need to be able to read both the Implant’s transmissions back to the ETs, and its conversations with the nervous system of its “Host”. Obtaining this knowledge may be essential to averting Human extinction.

    Consider that the “Earth-Born Hybrids”, studied by Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, etc. are Alien “civilians”, decamped into Human wetware without a full acclimation and memory support, come from among the ET expedition’s “passengers”, here as “cultural missionaries” [- or simply for “retirement”], while those Hybrids born and raised “offworld”, are the professional “Alien Hybrid Operatives” from Their ‘covert intelligence service’ trained and directed to perform specific Infiltration roles and mission objectives. American Christian civilian missionaries in Afghanistan were not privy to the training or operations of the CIA in Afghanistan (of course, when SHTF, the CIA got its people out, and left the Christians to fend for themselves). Bottom Line: Only the Skeptics are operating on assumptions for which there is no proof. The other three will rapidly consolidate once the hard evidence is effectively made manifest through Extraction — and Exposure.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I just didn’t include Roger Leir in this discussion because I didn’t think I was going to give a total, comprehensive analysis of the entire phenomenon, only the basic perspectives. Regarding your final point there, I would like to think the differences of opinion would melt away after powerful evidence (proof) can be brought forward, although I have a feeling that ideologies tend to prevail over presentation of facts.

  4. Phil Atwood II

    Notes to Self:

    “One day, when Sultan Mahmud (reigned 998-1010) was hungry, he was brought a dish of eggplant. He liked it very much and said, “Eggplant is an excellent food.” A courtier began to praise the eggplant with great eloquence. When the sultan grew tired of the dish, he said, “Eggplant is a very harmful thing,” whereupon the courtier began to speak in hyperbole of the harmful qualities of the eggplant. “Man alive,” said the sultan, “have you not just uttered the praises of the eggplant?” “Yes,” said the courtier, “but I am your courtier and not the eggplant’s courtier.”


    “Then we have to ask ourselves whether it is possible, with beings who have free choice, to be plunged into a world of hazard without this hazard including the possibility of making wrong and harmful choices? The wrong choice may be made between two things that appear to be good at the moment of making the choice; it may be the choice of a lesser, evanescent good and the rejection of a greater and more permanent good; it may be the choice of good that concerns only the individual and the rejection of good that concerns a great number of people. In this case, the choice may be a deliberate one, and yet it is an evil choice”

    J.G. Bennett
    “Η εις άτοπον απαγωγή, που ο Ευκλείδης αγαπούσε τόσο πολύ, είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα όπλα του μαθηματικού. Είναι πιο όμορφο από οποιοδήποτε σκακιστικό γκαμπί. Ένας σκακιστής μπορεί να θυσιάσει ένα πιόνι, ή ακόμη και ένα κομμάτι, αλλά ο μαθηματικός προσφέρει το ίδιο το παιγνίδι.”
    ― G.H. Hardy, A Mathematician’s Apology

  5. Diane Cameron

    Thank you, Richard, for this informative Discussion on the Alien Presence and the Four Interpretations.

    In your description of the New Age ideology, that tends to see the Alien Presence as benign and helpful to humanity, I would include as one of its adherents, Dr. Stephen Greer. His public statements on this topic that I’ve seen, have presented his view that Alien teachings and technologies, including so-called Free Energy, are or will be a boon to humanity. He also has led numerous field trips where groups of people have used lights to allegedly signal and call forth alien craft, in a practice he terms “close encounters of the fifth kind” – alien interactions that are human-initiated.

    It seems to me that an evidence-based approach to studying the alien presence, would need to include study of the incidents reported by Dr. Greer and others who have worked with him. What is the record and pattern of these alleged interactions with alien craft, and what is the level of documentation of these incidents?

    Diane Cameron

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Diane, this is something I have been interested in for many years. Although Dr. Greer and I have only occasionally talked, and never too deeply, I can fairly say I know his work pretty well and have spoken at great length to many people who have attended his sessions, and a few who have been very close to him. I have come away with the sense that sometimes things have “happened” at these, although a large number of alleged encounters were nothing of the sort. It’s a mixed bag in my view but in addition to the CE-5 work initiated by Greer, many others have followed up and claimed success. Sort of. It’s hard to nail this down. I’m still exploring and don’t know if I will ever have closure.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Since WWII, at least 100 independent human Research Inventors have demonstrated devices which tap into Free Energy/Overunity phenomena, and a half dozen or more have demonstrated Anti-Gravity effects on the lab benchtop. Theoretical foundations were developed that proved to consistent with the experimental results. The FE/OU systems are all generally consistent with each other as to their dynamics and principles, and so are the AG experiments. In all cases, the Inventors were murdered or personally destroyed by intimidation, arson, character assassination, business fraud, or other bizarre contrivance. In many cases, actual reports of “Men-in-Black” and other paranormal aspects have been reported, which likely pertained to all such situations. The conclusion is that it has been the Aliens inhibiting Man from progressing to these technologies for the past 80 years. Thus, the implication is not that Humanity has wondrous technology to gain from Alien Relations, but that they have an agenda which is less than advantageous to us.

        While I suspect that Greer’s Groupies may indeed be making ‘Contact’ of sorts, 1) It may not be the dominant ETs responsible for the Abductions, and Infiltration of the National Security State, or 2) They may be playing with (or studying) his CE-5 teams, and still be malevolent kidnapping rapists – just without telling him about it. Even so, such mental communication is not to be relied upon, as telepathy is subject to interpretive bias in the receiver. This is why I recommend we establish a private electronic link with Them, [initially] via Microwave. What Majestic did in the late 1940s, as a Top Secret government project with unlimited funding, can now be done by a handful of grad students for about the price of a modest house.

  6. Jim Pearson

    I first have to accept some things not scientifically proven as true. Our universe is muti-dimensional and is teeming with life. Many of these different lifeforms are playing games with the human race. Take Skinwalker Ranch & crop circles as examples. There is a predominant conglomerate of different aliens whose presence on Earth & in the solar system is widespread. There are probably factions amongst them. These are the guys that are doing all the abductions. Bob Lazar is telling the truth. Some are in cahoots with the military and have some kind of understanding with them. They have bases all over the planet. I think these are the guys that David Jacobs says are here to take over. Barbara Lamb talks about many kinds of aliens, physical & non-physical, and I believe that some of them do want to help the human race. They are not doing a very good job. I accept that there are many different kinds of aliens out there from all kinds of different dimensions and space-times. There are all types, for sure. To make it simple though, some are Lamb types and some are Jacob types. I believe the Jacobs have a literal leg up on the Lambs. You are being a nice guy giving consideration to the skeptics and Bible thumpers. To me there are only 2 potentially valid interpretations, the Jacobs & the Lambs. Of course we could all be absolutely wrong because they are way beyond our comprehension, but like you said, we have to try.

  7. Klaatu

    Hi Richard,
    Very articulate and well thought out presentation in attempting to differentiate the various dogmas surrounding the abduction phenomena. Unfortunately for me, I find most of these stories to be lacking in credibility, insofar as there is very little evidence that any of them actually occurred in objective reality.

    One notable exception I make is the Travis Walton case. While not an abduction case per se, the main reason for this is precisely because Walton’s case was purely accidental. Moreover, there were other witnesses to at least part of it. What happened to Travis was not intended to happen, and there was no overarching motivation, be it insidious, rapturous or otherwise on the part of the operators of the craft. I believe he simply got too close and triggered some type of onboard, automated defense system that injured him. possibly seriously. Moreover, the witnesses behaved exactly as you would expect upon seeing something so inexplicable and violent that their brains could not process it. They panicked, and ran for their lives. Very human reaction, under the circumstances.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it. I’ve read Mack, Hopkins, et al. I found John Mack to be the most objective and structured. Not surprising, given his background. I believe that had he lived, he would have eventually diagnosed the abduction phenomena to be a legitimate psychiatric syndrome, possibly linked to the deeply rooted need for a human/spiritual connection. Something that is sorely lacking in our modern society.

  8. Rosanne Losee

    I go back to what Lue Elizondo said about abductions. If they are abducting humans, it is evil. It is an act against our will and our dignity. The Christians, especially fundamentalists, appear to view them as ‘demons,’ and again, the question that can be asked is, ‘why would demons need space ships?” The other reason given is that they are ‘deceivers’ and that is what demons would be and do.

    But humans are deceivers as well, as would be aliens. It doesn’t need a necessary component of aliens that they are ‘demons’ because they are ‘deceivers.’ Some of this religious thought borders on fanaticism, with people seeing everything through a lens of ‘God” and “Demons.”

    Maybe more than likely, they are just evil ****ards, taking advantage of a race of humans with a lesser technology to combat them!

    Nigel Kerner expounds even more on this meme, believing the aliens want our souls, which they don’t have. Again, this reference may or may not be true, but I don’t believe just using a prayer to Christ is going to stop them. After all, we see everyday ugly and horrific things happening to innocents around us, despite the pleas to God to stop them…prayer makes people feel good, with hope, but if we are honest, it is not a magic wand.

    I believe what Scott Littleton once said…they are the ‘alien raj’ and they are simply using our DNA to create a hybrid race, taking humans at will, and clandestinely. With no respect for our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs. We know there are animal mutilations and we know there have been reports of human mutilations as well.

    Someone can not just say that they are a ‘alien hybrid,’….they would have to prove it beyond reasonable evidence for such a statement. At least with abductions, we have physical evidence as well as the first person account of decent, honest people who have no real reason to lie about such a thing.

    I agree with you that there may be positive aspects of abduction or with certain aliens, but again, this is supposition and we have no real hard evidence to claim it; it may just prove there are more than one race of beings here on Earth, some positive, some ‘demonic’ just like our world is right now.

    Rich, have you considered putting on a person from mainstream science? Michio Kaku? He has at least shared some remarks that UFOs should not be just immediately rejected, or perhaps another astronomer/astrophysicist to butt heads with? They are a tight, too tight, community, unable to see past their telescopes.

    Also recommend having Terry Lovelace on, or have I missed it?

    Anyway, great job of portraying all these different interpretations of this very unsettling, very scary phenomenon.

  9. smbodie3

    The more we study the phenomenon the more elusive a single explanation becomes. There appears to be multiple things going on in general, so could not that apply to abductions as well? There may be multiple races with multiple agendas conducting their operations at different or overlapping times. Some may indeed have our best interests in mind and are being truthful about their agenda or are obfuscating “for our own good”. Others perhaps are being subversive and may not care if we know the truth as it is inconsequential.

    Conversely, if there is a singular cause, a single race or multiple races with the same agenda, the converse theories of the events must originate in the abductee or experiencer. Since it does seem unlikely that any of the beings would convey the truth behind their actions, they are surely gleaning conscious and subconscious thoughts from the individual with who they are interacting. Combined with a long historical knowledge of humanity, this would give them a powerful tool to present us with meaningful thoughts in order to keep the person calm and cooperative.

    Accounting for either of these scenarios (or any combination of both), the variable becomes how is the individual interpreting the events. Surely, the beings would rely heavily on an individual’s deeply engrained belief system to associate actions or implant memories. Regardless of the narrative posited to the individual, it seems natural that logic and reasoning would quickly break down during the encounter, as well as when reliving such fantastic events during a regression.

    A similar case study would be examining the affects seen in individuals suffering from PTSD. Our subconscious tends to fill in the blanks and ascribe meanings during the recollection of a traumatic event, which may obscure the true implications even more. We humans are not wired to handle these events well to start with. Add to that is an entity that no doubt is very aware of our mental frailties and obviously has the capability to take full advantage for their own ends.

  10. Andromeda107

    I must admit I on team Dr David Jacobs,I don’t agree with everything he says ,but I do agree with a lot.I think the beings are here for scientific reasons. I believe they aren’t interested in making open contact with us , at least not anytime time soon.I think they only interested in collecting their genetic material to make their hybrids. But to what end these hybrids are going to serve, I have no clue. I am also extremely skeptical of people who I have meet at conventions who claimed they are starseed children. The other thing I wanted to mention was that I don’t find a lot of people of color talking about abductions.I grew up in Louisiana in a predominately black neighborhood and I never heard anyone talk about this subject , even today ,when I go to conventions I rarely see any people of color at the UFO conventions,I am not sure what to make of that,its weird.Barney Hill is the only person of color that talked about being abducted ,or at least the only black person that has openly talked about his abduction experience.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It is too bad not many persons of color tend to be at UFO events. I have known a few, but not too many, it’s true. Privately, I have met a few people of color who have CLEARLY had abduction or encounter experiences. I wonder why there aren’t as many who have gone public about it, but they definitely exist.

    2. Rosanne Losee

      Terry Lovelace, whose book “Incident at Devil’s Glen” gives his searing account of being abducted by aliens while he was in the military, and that his friend, a black man and soldier, also was abducted with him.

      Later, he says his friend suffered even more greatly than he did, and died as a result of the horrors of his abduction.

      It is an excellent story, worth the time to read it; it took him many years of keeping quiet while he was Asst Attorney General of Arkansas, before he finally came forward to speak of his experiences which left him in a bad way.

    1. Phil Atwood II

      “A MAN who sets out to justify his existence and his activities has to distinguish two different questions. The first is whether the work which he does is worth doing; and the second is why he does it, whatever its value may be.”
      ― G.H. Hardy, A Mathematician’s Apology

  11. Phil Atwood II

    From a Sumerian-Akkadian-Judeo-Christian perspective Aliens are for me just an extension of theoretical givens.

    Ideally, the components thereof will equip soundly in the process of it.

    God is with us…

  12. Cat Gardner

    Hi Richard – This was a great presentation. It’s so helpful to hear you talk through how you’re processing and organizing the available data. We all learn from you as you narrate your sense-making.

    Also — I came across an experiencer story that I think you will find very interesting: Stuart Davis is an artist who had a mantis encounter that led to an entire series of other events and synchronicities. He is very grounded, rational, articulate, and is going through a methodical process of pursuing and trying to gain insight re these experiences.

    I recommend starting here – good podcast interview with him.

    Then listen to a podcast that he made about his experience

    He also started a podcast series called Aliens and Artists, that features interviews with other artists who have had encounters.

    Of all the experiencer reports, his is up there with the most articulate and cogent I’ve come across to date.

    Hope you at least enjoy the good story!

  13. OgronWaitress

    I think, whatever their ultimate agenda, ETs could win my support simply by preventing this stupid race from destroying itself a mere 1000 years it discovered gunpowder.

  14. ODDJim

    Like “The Dud” I too think that your presentation was clear, and very well articulated. I listened attentively to all aspects. The ONE point I remember is “Viewing through a social lens” . Yes, as we all accumulate our perspectives from “conventions”, religious stories, history divulged from various points of view, individual experience, actions and repercussions, the Law, school, books and THE Government— No wonder thinking people are confused, and searching. Your synopsis of the UFO presents is clear and historical documented about coverups, and your research, and your need to share–are ALL amazing and captivating. My though processes align with yours. Still, after seeing magicians play card tricks beyond my capability to understand how they do that, I have decided that they simply know a lot more than I, and enjoy manipulations. Given “the social lens” that we are all focused by, you point out all the diversions that confront us. No wonder we see card tricks. Well, anyway, I am thrilled to follow your explorations. I hope that you do reveal the “entity” behind the curtains, what the curtains are made of, and discover the reasons for the strings being pulled. It seems that I am a watcher. Dr. Greer wants me to be part of the solution. That is one take. I am not sure if I am capable of that degree of immersion. Just a bit wary of card tricks, I guess. I like your reasonability better. Given the Social lensing that we are accustom to, I wonder if we are ready for “The Truth?” I remember a story when confronting an alien entity where it threw the contents of its digestion onto a conversant, apparently as a friendly gesture of sharing a meal. Are we ready for that? Or, far more counterintuitive encounters? As we often say–Oh SHIT!

  15. Lucretia McBride

    November 16, 2021
    I have to say those were some interesting comments I scrolled past to make my own – Great talk!! I travel a lot in my forensic work, so, It was really a treat and informative to catch up on this topic, as I sat in the coffee shop between destinations, with my tiny earbuds plugged in – you outdid yourself – on so many levels – I know you have been giving this a lot of thought for quite some time:

    I interpret the off-planet others (who abduct) from another perspective:
    Particularly as bold perpetrators who commit criminal acts, given the testimonies from those who allege to have been abducted and the subsequent treatment they have been given:

    As a former law enforcement officer I am the first to point out that most everything an abductee allege happened to them; if the (alleged) offender/perpetrator was not “an alien” or involved a “UFO/UAP” or high strangeness – the perpetrator would be apprehended, questioned, investigated and prosecuted – for a variety of local ordinance, state statutes or federal rights violations rather than the victim trying to report the incident to have an investigating agency refer them to the coroner for a psych evaluation.

    Evidence for scientific evaluation, interpretation and prosecution is the operative word here, but then again, how do you apprehend and prosecute a perpetrator who may be off-planet or dimensional? You can’t – that’s what makes the topic of abductions so difficult for others to hear.

    the topic “The Alien Presence: Four Interpretations” was an excellent start – but isn’t sufficient enough to give relief to those individuals who now find themselves victimized in some manner from their experiences.

    I am looking forward to hearing more on this topic, again, thanks for such an eye-opening presentation.
    Blessings to you and Tracey.

      1. Phil Atwood II

        IDK. (Epictetus moment…Demonstrative commentary?)


        “Y.M. I suppose, then, there is no more merit in being brave than in being a coward?

        O.M. Personal merit? No. A brave man does not create his bravery. He is entitled to no personal credit for possessing it. It is born to him. A baby born with a billion dollars—where is the personal merit in that? A baby born with nothing—where is the personal demerit in that? The one is fawned upon, admired, worshiped, by sycophants, the other is neglected and despised—where is the sense in it?

        Y.M. Sometimes a timid man sets himself the task of conquering his cowardice and becoming brave—and succeeds. What do you say to that?

        O.M. That it shows the value of training in right directions over training in wrong ones. Inestimably valuable is training, influence, education, in right directions—training one’s self-approbation to elevate its ideals.

        Y.M. But as to merit—the personal merit of the victorious coward’s project and achievement?

        O.M. There isn’t any. In the world’s view he is a worthier man than he was before, but he didn’t achieve the change—the merit of it is not his.

        Y.M. Whose, then?

        O.M. His make, and the influences which wrought upon it from the outside.

        Y.M. His make?

        O.M. To start with, he was not utterly and completely a coward, or the influences would have had nothing to work upon. He was not afraid of a cow, though perhaps of a bull: not afraid of a woman, but afraid of a man. There was something to build upon. There was a seed. No seed, no plant. Did he make that seed himself, or was it born in him? It was no merit of his that the seed was there.

        Y.M. Well, anyway, the idea of cultivating it, the resolution to cultivate it, was meritorious, and he originated that.

        O.M. He did nothing of the kind. It came whence all impulses, good or bad, come—from outside. If that timid man had lived all his life in a community of human rabbits, had never read of brave deeds, had never heard speak of them, had never heard any one praise them nor express envy of the heroes that had done them, he would have had no more idea of bravery than Adam had of modesty, and it could never by any possibility have occurred to him to resolve to become brave. He could not originate the idea—it had to come to him from the outside. And so, when he heard bravery extolled and cowardice derided, it woke him up. He was ashamed. Perhaps his sweetheart turned up her nose and said, “I am told that you are a coward!” It was not he that turned over the new leaf—she did it for him. He must not strut around in the merit of it —it is not his.

        Y.M. But, anyway, he reared the plant after she watered the seed”

  16. whoa45

    Richard can you expand upon why you don’t subscribe to the New Age interpretation? It’d be great to learn the specifics of your thought process on this…

    I don’t trust their position myself, but I assume you are going off of more than just a gut feeling. For me, I think much of this is rooted in Tom Delonge’s message that these beings are largely involved in deception and manipulation. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Farsight Remote Viewing group, but they have a video that I think does a great job in discussing this at length (linked below). This is the most comprehensive reasoning I’ve heard on the subject. The channelers have no way to determine if the information coming though is genuine and not with mal intention. The beings send in deciet mixed in with half truths but puport them as absolute truth. And perhaps the beings aren’t actually who they present themselves to be. Perhaps it could be a Grey misleading the channeler into thinking they are a Tall White, etc..

    Can you detail how you arrived at your conclusion?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have had my entire adult lifetime of interaction with new age culture, well just like everyone else I suppose. But definitely a great deal of new-age ideology within the UFO field specifically. I think it’s an example of a belief system that is well-meaning but ultimately destructive, something I have talked about publicly and in writing many times, but certainly one I can can come back to here. Ultimately it is the naive utopianism within that been system that I find to be unhealthy–among other things as well. How many more people am I willing to alienate? I suppose the next time I discuss this we will find out. I don’t want people therefore to think that I don’t believe in a lot of things considered woo in our society. I do. It’s the cultural baggage that comes along with the New Age movement that I find destructive. I’m just not sure I want to dive into this aspect of the culture wars just now. What I’ve said here is probably more than enough!

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