Speculating on Alien Psychology | The Richard Dolan Show

By | August 31, 2021

Hi everyone, 

I am doing a livestream Richard Dolan Show at 8 p.m. EDT, essentially a reboot of my most recent fireside chat podcast on the subject of alien psychology. This one incorporates a few of the thoughts and suggestions some of you have offered, and overall is a bit cleaned up and expanded. I really appreciated the feedback I have received on this one from you. 

Hope to see you there! 


40 thoughts on “Speculating on Alien Psychology | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Ted2

    In watching some recent shows on dinosaurs, it appears that, contrary to earlier expert opinions, evidence now shows that at least some of the dinosaurs were nurturing by feeding their young like birds (who derived from dinosaurs). A recent find of theropod dinosaur fossils (albertosaurus) in Canada found bones from a pack of some 28 animals that died together in close proximity consisting of both adults and young. Apparently, this group functioned similar to a pack of lions. There are other examples from other fossils remains that indicate nurturing.
    I watch a lot of television Probably too much. A recent show on UFOs addressed abductions and started with the Betty and Barney Hill case. For me, the show got off to a bad start saying this was the first UFO abduction case. It was the first publicized case—not the first one if they had better researched the topic. The issue that stood out was that the aliens were studying the Hill’s skeletal system/joints closely. When they inserted a needle in Betty Hill’s navel and she felt severe pain, the leader of the aliens waved his hand across her eyes and the pain immediately went away. How could they know the human neurological system so well and still be unfamiliar with the skeletal system/joints? That just seems odd.
    You discussed other paranormal events such as contactees which non-physical beings and unexplained phenomena. As far as paranormal views seem to go, I would rate you as a UFO moderate, for the most part that believes UFOs represent aliens (probably of various types) that have visited the earth in crafts and have had some contact with humanity, but are yet to disclosed by unwilling governments. Though you consider other forms of high strangeness [e.g., unbodied beings that communicate with contactees telepathically, trickster phenomena (Skinwalker ranch), mysterious disappearances, possibly cryptids, etc.] possible, you seem unsure of their existence. The more liberal paranormal advocate believes in one or more of those high strangeness phenomena often- but not always-with less viable evidence than exists for UFOs/aliens.
    A more conservative paranormal supporter insists on resting their beliefs solely on fully accepted evidence. I have been watching a multi-weekly web cast that you were on recently. The moderators, profess UFO beliefs, but are more open to counter arguments by others. They recently had John Greenwald on who stated he wasn’t a full UFO believer, but was leaning that way based on the evidence he had collected from government files.
    The moderators, and most of the polled viewership of that show endorsed the Showtime UFO series as being an evenhanded presentation. Anytime someone wants to appear evenhanded, but support a viewpoint, they present the favored viewpoint last. In many past shows on the Discovery Network, UFO proponents was always be followed by skeptics who would debase the proponents’ statements in some manner. I only saw the first show as I don’t have Showtime, but your comments on the last two shows seem to indicate bias. The attitude on the web channel moderators seemed to be accepting of that position so long as Showtime was getting the UFO message out. They felt that the general public is not getting the message, or maybe isn’t receptive to it despite all the publicity and more general exposure is needed. Personally, I don’t particularly accept the old “bad publicity is better than no publicity” line.
    In looking at public acceptance of the UFO phenomena (which have been recently presented with a more “conservative” aura than many other paranormal activities) the range of public attitudes seems to fall into these categories: open acceptance, need-for-proof, skepticism, unmindful rejection and animosity (for conflict with existing belief systems). To the best of my knowledge, how widely held those categories are hasn’t been addressed to date. Also, there are those with self-interests that oppose acceptance of UFOs – possibly the smallest group.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Ultimately, the psychology or emotional makeup of the individual Aliens doesn’t matter. We, as a civilization, aren’t dealing with them “1 on 1”; we’re dealing with the expedition that their civilization sent here – for a reason. The Conquistadors, Cortes and PIzarro (and others) undoubtedly had some ‘Nice People’ among their crews. Individually, the ETs may be fine “people”, as well. I – and most of us, I suspect – expect the relative distribution of “Good” Aliens vs. “Bad” Aliens, both within any given species, and among all of the species in general, to lie in some Bell Curve, just as we Humans do, with the largest proportion being of some mixed outlook, midway between “Ideally Good” and “Perfectly Evil”. While I have often cited many reasons from which to surmise that the dominant ETs here are here on a mission of Colonization, led by subtle Infiltration among us, ‘in Human form’, and that that societal *mission* may well be predicated on the depopulation of ‘Our World’, in order to leave it ‘Their World’, nevertheless, that need not impugn the character of all of the individual Alien ‘minions’ here implementing that strategy. Perhaps the Greys abducting Humans, extracting germplasm, and creating Hybrid Containers, are “just following orders” in a regimented, collective society; or, perhaps they are just following *programming*, orchestrated through a neurotechnical interface, and lack the Cognitive Liberty to even choose otherwise.

    The extensive empirical evidence for Reincarnation, for Near Death Experience and for Out of Body Experience, amply validates what 1973 Nobel Physics laureate Dr. Brian Josephson called “Biological Nonlocality”, and the 2020 Nobel Physics laureate, Dr. Roger Penrose (with Dr. Stuart Hameroff) has characterized as “The Theory of Quantum Consciousness”. These frontiers of research in Quantum Biology and Biophysics suggest that the only way Human Consciousness can actually work, consistent will all of the observed data, is that it must be a Quantum Artifact, which transiently exists in superposition with the neuronal wetware substrate of the Brain, at the level of microtubules (1000x smaller than the neurons which they comprise, themselves). [RD: Consult the three books I sent your Kindle some time back regarding scientific evidence for the Afterlife.] This is also consistent with the findings of Dr. Dean Radin in explaining Telepathy and other psychic phenomena through Quantum Entanglement, of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake in explaining epigenetic evolutionary factors as Morphic Resonance, and of Dr. Bruce Lipton in his interpretation of Conscious Evolution manifesting at the cellular level. Could innately psychic ETs, a century or more beyond us, develop technology to extract the Souls of their people into a “Quantum Box”, for Interstellar Transport, to facilitate “Mass Migration Between the Stars”? When you consolidate all that we know, at the limits of our understanding of the underlying biophysics, Yes; we have no “show stopper” that makes this a scientifically untenable supposition. Over the last 20 years, all arguments that have been advanced against the concept of Quantum Consciousness have fallen by the wayside, as *other* quantum processes have been discovered in nature, at the macroscale and in warm, wet biology.

    Richard, You know all of these researchers that I’ve mentioned, *or* you know someone who knows each of them, personally, from whom you could obtain introductions. Call each of them up, and pose the question, “Is it *conceivable* that an Advanced Civilization may have developed the technology to Extract, Sustain, and Reimplant – Transplant – and, thus, [technologically] “Reincarnate” the Consciousness (“Soul”) of their “people”, as an aid to Interstellar Migration?”. We’re not talking about simply “uploading memories to the cloud”, creating some ‘digital simulacra’ of continued existence in another form, as today’s Transhumanists fantasize over. This is ‘Body as Container as Clothing’. I’m afraid that bad movies like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Plan 9 from Outer Space” just don’t do justice to the reality of the ETUFO problem that we actually seem to be confronted with.

    If this is hard to accept due to its “outlandishness”, compare it to all of the other ambient ‘flotsam and jetsam’ floating around Ufology, endeavoring to explain the ETUFO presence, in all of its confusing mysterium. I’m telling you, when these guys “Invade” a brave, New World, *They Don’t Bring the ‘Meat’ With Them…*

  3. Jean Dorton

    I loved the last ten minutes. Mea culpa re Utopia! But, the connection between the phenomenon and the global situation is a huge concept that I have been trying to piece together, myself. It’s very sketchy, of course, but I sense we are being tweaked by more than politicians and the media. There are some things beyond the capabilities of the usual suspects. I felt a lot of clues were dropped around George Floyd’s death – Chauvin(ism) (that term extends to a sense of racial superiority (not just gender) by definition) the verdict came in on 420 (marijuana prohibition has notoriously been used to oppress black men, in particular), the daughter named Gianna featured prominently, reminding us of Kobe Bryant and a different kind of tragic death of a black man and similar heartfelt family sentiments, despite disparate stations in life. Maybe I am attributing something of my own meaning to these things, but they took us all on a big ride through consciousness about black men, specifically, imo. That feels like more than a coincidence to me, given the clues, as I see them. There is more, but that one is the most fully developed, atm.

    This man’s experience affirms the possibility of my theory to me.

  4. iam080


    Are you aware of any Montecarlo game theoretic modelling of Warp-capable civilisations which rapidly grow to extensively occupy the universe?

    Where it is assumed that rapid space-time manipulated propagation (effectively FTL / traversable wormhole travel) is considered feasible and also that such (fit-for-purpose) technological mastery is achieved by advanced, first-order / ancient species which have evolved to be either

    a) benign, expansionary OR
    b) hostile, expansionary

    [Non expansionary species are irrelevant to Contact scenarios and may be assumed to eventually be absorbed with (a), OR subsumed with (b), OR assumed to eventually become expansionary themselves – as either type – through engagement with (a) or countering (b). ]

    The output of such modelling might be thought of as like a Conway “Game of Life” (sentience which permeates across the universe).

    If such risk analysis (of warp-capable intelligences) has NOT been a part of decades of public SETI-type discussion and computational study, why might that be?

    Alternatively stated, for those security-cleared scientists who are aware of the advanced performance and novel physics of UFO’s, do you think such risk analysis has not been reported to decision makers?

    Another perspective for you to consider:

    Assuming YOU were the FIRST sentience which gained the technological power to manipulate all events in time and traverse all locations across space (i.e. you became the FIRST hyper-intelligence to occupy this universe, possessing nearly unlimited resources with such vast infrastructure that you were effectively omnipotent):

    1. would you permit the galactic rise of aggressive / hostile, expansionary intelligences from other worlds? (i.e. species which may grow their interstellar territories and develop as a potentially competing threat to your domain of influence) YES / NO?
    (YES = absolute acceptance of a risk of destruction of your being (and also that of any / all other lesser intelligences) by a competing hostile entity, NO = relative engagement to minimise the risk of destruction of your being)

    2. If NO, then as the first hyper-intelligence in the universe with omnipotent observation of the development of lesser intelligence(s) possessing traits which are overly aggressive, hostile and expansionary, would you
    a) KILL :-1: – eliminate that evolving species (and any other intelligences allied / associated with it) before it could develop as a threat? (YES?> consider what stage of development / expansion triggers immediate extermination and what may be lost through such intervention)
    b) LET LIVE :+1: -seek to minimise such traits but still allow evolution to occur?
    (YES? > consider what is gained by enabling alternate sentient life in the universe and what are the risks of too much/ too little engagement with such species)

    3. Given your answer in (2), (as the first hyper intelligence), IF your actions were detected by the less developed intelligence, would the evolving species probably assess you as
    a) an aggressive / hostile presence
    b) a benign presence

    4. In light of the potential assessment of the less developed intelligence in (3), would you be more likely to
    a) adapt and rapidly hasten your actions in (2)
    b) adapt and substantially slow your actions in (2)
    c) not change your actions in (2)

    5. Based on your answers above, do you think the evolution of humanity has been / is subject to
    i) 2a (an aggressive / hostile hyper-intelligence) seeking to KILL our species
    ii) 2b (a benign hyper-intelligence) seeking to LIVE with our species?

    6. Based on your answers above, do you think a hyper-intelligence would co-operatively engage OTHER evolving, non-human intelligences to interact with humanity to help achieve either 2a or 2b? YES / NO?

    (YES = NHI’s are involved in relative engagement with evolving humanity to minimise the future risk of destruction of NHI beings, NO = NHI’s absolutely accept that the hyper-intelligence will fully negate on their behalf the future risk that humanity might pose toward the destruction of NHI beings.)

    7. In 6, if YES, where NHI’s cooperatively engage with a hyper-intelligence to interact with evolving humanity to achieve (2), are such NHI’s
    a) aggressive / hostile, working with the hyper-intelligence, seeking to KILL our species
    b) benign, working with the hyper-intelligence, seeking to LIVE with our species?

    8. I) In 7, if 7a (aggressive / hostile) and the objective of the hyper-intelligence is 2b (benign), then are contradictory NHI interactions truly permitted by the hyper-intelligence? YES/NO?
    II) Alternatively, in 7, if 7b (benign) and the objective of the hyper-intelligence is 2a (aggressive / hostile), then are contradictory NHI interactions truly permitted by the hyper-intelligence? YES/NO?

    (YES? = Such expansionary NHI’s are themselves managed by the hyper-intelligence in 2.)

    9. Based on your answers above, regarding the assessments/ perceptions of a hyper-intelligence and NHI’s by human power groups, which do you consider to be a more treasonous act –
    A) revelation of the knowledge and potential nature of the hyper-intelligence and NHI’s?
    B) generational suppression of that knowledge such that the majority of the public remain unaware / disinformed?

    10. Based on the above, and with regard to clandestine human power group decisions / actions, do you think the US military, Congress and the public – for decades- have been
    a) protectively led
    b) cunningly misled?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This is brilliant. I’m going to need more time to review this. I’ve copied and pasted it to my separate notes. I’m really impressed by this line of reasoning. Thank you.

  5. David LoVecchio

    Thanks for expanding on your thoughts on alien psychology. It’s a fascinating thought exercise that prompted me to ask the following questions:

    Do you believe it’s possible to directly experience someone else’s emotions ?

    Do you believe the capacity for emotions is contingent upon being a mammal? In other words is there a sufficient enough biological basis for emotions to rule out the possibility that a human being without any detectable heart or brain activity would experience emotion of any kind?

    Regarding some of the early humanoid cases where the entities were frequently reported as repairing their craft: do you give any credence to the theory that these are deliberately staged for the witness?

    And finally, do you ever plan on doing a deep dive into MILABs?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      To answer your questions. I think, speaking for myself, it is occasionally possible to go pretty deep into some other person and experience their emotions. Not in a telepathic way for me, but in an empathetic way. I think mammals are especially designed to be emotional creatures, at least mammals on Earth. But the question is if we can be disembodied, can we continue to experience emotions that we learned in our life as mammals? I think the answer could very well be yes. The real question is if we were not mammals and became disembodied entities, would we experience emotions? I’m not as sure about that. One of the members of our sight in a comment suggested that some of the ship repair cases were indeed staged as a way to gauge our response. I thought that was quite insightful and potentially true. And I think diving into MILAB cases is a great idea. I’m making a note of that for a separate post sometime.

  6. James Hageney

    Hi Richard,

    I was enjoying this talk. Unfortunately, at 30:26 the sound abruptly cut out. For about 3 minutes … Last thing I heard was about long tails … You were delightfully animated while muted, though.


  7. mcwest50

    I’m glad you talked about this subject and clarified what I believe are consistent behaviors.
    You made a clear point of saying the small androids are the little helpers for the tall grays
    or mantids which appear to run the show. The small grays have a singular purpose and
    behave in a uniform manner. It appears to me that their constant appearance around the
    Navy is an attempt to push disclosure into the open sooner, and is our openness now
    whats changed not the number of sightings by the Navy? I would like to hear what you
    think about who and how many races/species are here, as this number is varied and

    1. OgronWaitress

      It’s crazy because what if, at the end of the day, the physical forms we perceive in ‘alien encounters’ are naught but an illusion – a result of mind control? Then we’d need to ask why ‘they’ want to appear as, for example, scary insectoids or bizarre little grey men with bug eyes. Either way, those ‘alien physical forms’ are kinda problematical, I find.

  8. Clifford Ribaudo

    Some additional thoughts relative to listening to you verbal presentation.

    This is from my own experience, direct perception (arrived at via meditation) and understanding of various yogic states of consciousness as well as having been a 40 year student of Raja Yoga and Theosophical / Alice Bailey Western Occultism. I will keep my answers short. If you want more information ask me a question and I will respond.

    1) Are aliens trying to steal our souls? To understand my answer, one needs to understand what a soul is first and then why the answer is: NO, a soul cannot be stolen!

    What is a soul? It is YOUR consciousness. It is what YOU, as a ray of the absolute, an atom or life unit in the one life have developed of a “self-realizing” consciousness through millions of years of evolution. Obviously re-incarnation is implied.

    Aliens … or any other being for that matter can’t steal that. They can kill or push out the vehicle or body it is currently inhabiting but they can’t steal the consciousness that was inhabiting it.

    2) Are some gray aliens “androids”. Well I can’t say for sure that none are, but my own understanding of the Gray I encountered and which accords with what others have said is that they appear to be souls inhabiting cloned bodies. They do not have sex organs and therefore obviously do not procreate in the Earth human manner. But this does seem to corroborate what many abductees have said about some of these entities and/or have seen. They seem to basically create the forms in what amounts to a large “test tube” and then have some means of attaching their consciousness to the body.

    This actually accords with an advanced Eastern Practice know as Tulku, wherein a soul can permanently (with the permission of the previous occupying consciousness) take possession of a body that is no longer needed. So given these beings seem to be quite advanced, then yes I think this is what the ones without genitals are doing.

    3) Do the Grays have family “units”. Well obviously not in our sense which is tied to the process of physical procreation. But in the spiritual sense then “YES”. The Eastern occult tradition has a concept of “egoic groups” or groups of souls that are related and move together in their evolution and work. They are not necessarily physically related in the human sense, although often they are, but they ARE related as “Egos” or Souls. They have been evolving together through the millennia and move together.

    Here on Earth we often see a similar process with various egos re-incarnating together in various relationships. Not all of them are familia and often involve friends and business partnerships and other forms of work. They move together as groups evolving and eventually serving the larger purpose together.

  9. wvhlblynnc@gmail.com

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  10. mcwest50

    probably won’t get an answer, but I’ve never heard you put a number on how many races/species
    of Aliens are visiting, our have taken up residency. just a general number

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I think it’s less than 57, but more than three. That’s a big range, I know. But I’m still not able to take every account as literal truth, nor every account as precisely remembered. But I definitely think there is a human-looking group, a gray group (with variations), mantid beings, probable reptilians, and most likely a few others.

      1. mcwest50

        Well not sure how anyone arrives at a specific number but less than 57 leaves a lot of
        room for variations. You pointed out the various types of grays which seems to be the
        most active bunch. I personally have had a difficulty getting past 20 types, taking in
        the strange types seen in Hopkinsville and the Flatwoods monster which like Hopkinsville
        contact with multiple little big eared and long armed creatures do not fit sightings similar
        to those. The short hairy creature and another strange type in So America. The Tall Whites
        written about Charles White, Mantids, Tall Grays, Nordics and Pleiadians and of course the
        Reptilians. and a few others like the old astronaut and the tall helmeted types in the craft
        in Canary Islands, throwing in a few others I still come in under 20, my mind just has a
        difficult time processing all these Aliens/species now visiting our living here.

        Richard you must have a tuff time with this, is it my imagination but most have popped up
        in the last 70 years, are our communications the reason for this large number of Aliens?
        Or is it the bomb that created a ripple effect? The huge microwave picked up in the cosmos?
        Thats why I asked for your best guess at who’s here or visited. I’m trying to understand this
        in it’s entirety, I must say I struggle with the significance of this.

        Thanks for answering

        1. mcwest50

          I was hoping you could point me to a more definitive publication on
          the different types that have been recorded and verified as much as
          one can dismiss a hoax. I have not spent near as much time on the
          subject as you but as I’ve had to constantly question my bs meter as
          ufology gets more convoluted with the number of characters now
          claiming to be part of the story my only buoy of fact based events
          is you Richard. I watched Showtimes Ufo and they have changed
          characters ethnicity and altered the facts of what is known to many
          that I stopped watching. Thanks again, I’ll ask around the forum

      2. OgronWaitress

        Quick query, Richard, if I may. I’ve not seen or heard anything regarding the audiobook release of your ‘The Alien Agendas’ tome. I’ve been holding off buying the paperback simply because I enjoy your narrations. I recall you mentioning recording the audiobook but no mention of it on amazon.com. Please advise. Thanks!

  11. Stojan Karlusic

    For this discussion maybe we should just refer to nature. All life, intelligent or otherwise require resources to combat the deleterious effects of entropy – on their bodies and societal groupings where they apply. If you are an ant, rabbit, Human or Grey ET, you need resources, even though your MODE of thinking is completely different.

    Take for example the different animal species drinking from a pond in a nature reserve. Despite the different thought process of each species, ALL need the water to survive.

    Perhaps we need to analyse ET behaviour through the lens of their NEED for resources, even though they have very different psychological processes compared to us.

    In many ways the ETs are like us – they need resources – and that drives their goals…only problem is they have the ability to “neurally engage” as per David Jacobs and they have better ships than us.

  12. OgronWaitress

    It’s crazy because what if, at the end of the day, the physical forms we perceive in ‘alien encounters’ are naught but an illusion – a result of mind control? Then we’d need to ask why ‘they’ want to appear as, for example, scary insectoids or bizarre little grey men with bug eyes. Either way, those ‘alien physical forms’ are kinda problematical, I find.

  13. Roland Reade

    Hi Richard another great pod cast except for the mute LOL, thought we had been intercepted 😇😇😇😇😇 I have had to strange specific cases either in REM sleep or just waking up, that was very different from sleep paralysis that I have suffered from now and again, the sleep paralysis really made me scared to go to sleep because I was fully aware the state I was in and tried to draw breath to wake up quite embarrassing when you aware of you partner next to you because I always wondered if I was having a seizure, but luckily my girlfriend advised she did not see that, so I have been used to that and by the way does not happen all the time. But that is something I have sort of got used to but have been occasions that have not been the norm in that situation and basically runs this way either just going to sleep or waking up I have had the paralysis but have had entity’s poking me in the ribs and really uncomfortable and the only way I can describe them is they were small and faces like venison masks but really is a loose description very uncomfortable but have a major feeling they were from a different dimension that J Valle hit upon in passport to magonia and Dimensions and the strange thing about those experiences I have not had them again even though I have had sleep paralysis again without the entity’s and on a strange note after those rare experiences I would always here a loud knock at my door always at 4.00AM that would wake me up but no one there tricksters from another dimension ?

  14. Philip Rampi

    Going out on a relative limb here…

    Have shared this with Richard via the Contact form, yet not heard back as to whether or not he’s listened to it, and whether or not he’s cool with me sharing it. Being that it’s been a few weeks, and I’ve not heard a request to not share it, I’m doing so now via this post.

    It’s an 11 minute mashup of this podcast, which boils Richard’s talk down to some bullet points that made sense to me to use in a short version. I’ve composed the soundtrack that accompanies Richards words.

    I’ve only shared it with my nephew, who’s a major fan of Richard’s, and who introduced me to Richard’s work many years ago. He loves it and thus encouraged me to share it in that he’d only listened to a portion of the original podcast and found this to be a compelling short version that inspired him to re-listen and enjoy the enhanced musical ride.

    I created this out of inspiration and gratitude for Richards decades of great work. I hope it’s appreciated in the spirit of which I’m sharing it.



    Richard Dolan Podcast – Speculating about Alien Psychology
    Music by Philip Rampi

      1. Philip Rampi

        Cheers Richard! Your blessing is deeply appreciated!

        Are you cool with sharing it outside of this members site? Either way, please PM me with any concerns.

        Gratefully… 👽 ✌

  15. whoa45


    New member here. I’d be really curious as to your thoughts on Tom Delonge’s credibility and his main premise that the entire UFO phenomenon is about multiple gods (ETs) that fight amongst themselves and by design (the jealous “bad” ones) factionalized mankind into different religions to then step back and let us fight each other…? The malevolent ETs would be the little Greys and I don’t believe he’s named the other races within this particular group that would be considered be benevolent or neutral to humans.

    Many folks think he’s just crazy, lying to make $ through his books/movies, or being used by his advisors for disinformation. For people not on board with him, I believe it’s largely b/c his intel is just too dense and dark for most people, and it’s simply too jarring for them to handle. He is drastically challenging their worldviews on humanity/religion/purpose and it’s really too much to swallow and accept that he could actually be telling the truth.

    One very important piece I think that non-supporters of Delonge are not aware of are the WikiLeaks emails that irrefutably show that Tom was indeed in communication with generals and being briefed on the subject. Once you accept that he was telling the truth about meeting with these advisors, I think his take on the phenomena becomes much more plausible to accept. Would you agree? Do the two go hand in hand?

    In his radio interviews, he’s discussed why he knows he’s not being played:

    – He specifically sought his advisors out, not the other way around
    – His advisors don’t have a past or current counterintelligence background
    – Most of the information he learned from his advisors only confirmed what he already knew from his previous research

    My additional reasoning on why he’s not being played:

    – Most of Delonge’s message is largely scary and depressing. I just can’t see that this would be the tone of disinformation his advisors would want to be disseminated into the public. Why would you want to frighten the heck out of the public on this subject? I suppose fear is a mechanism that is considered useful in the right circumstances, but Delonge’s take on this subject is too shocking for the average person and I would think it’s simply too extreme for disinformation on a macro or micro level.

    – He has to ask permission before speaking on anything. And quite frankly dispersing these volatile nuggets on shows like Coast to Coast, Fade to Black, and Earthfiles is not nearly enough to move the needle as far as reaching the masses.

    – Thus, the information has only really been made available to a very specific and contained group of people who are actively seeking this type of knowledge/answers… People like me, and your members I suppose. We go looking for it, and then we run into it. It’s not like Delonge went on the Larry King or Barbara Walters show. I suppose his “Advisors” and the generals could want disinformation specifically for the relatively small ufology audience, but I just don’t seem to buy that would be the case.

    I feel accepting TD’s message as truth (at least regarding the little Greys and how they have attempted to manipulate humanity through religion and war) is reasonable. For me, it’s about filtering and vetting through the information and making a decision if it makes sense to take essentially accept it as fact. And he’s stated that his advisors are aware that the Greys do attempt to manipulate them, so I think that further reinforces that any messaging given to Tom from his advisors should be accurate… His advisors appear to know when they are being played.

    And I get the feeling his advisors play along in return to the ETs to a degree, as to not let them know (that we know) what they are actually up to. TD stated that part of the reason you aren’t going to see full blown “Disclosure” is b/c we now have the ability to fight back a bit, and we don’t want to show our cards… It’s essentially become one big game of chess.

    What are your personal thoughts? Is this reasonable or am I off the mark here somewhere in accepting his take as essentially the truth on this phenomenon (at least as it pertains to little Greys)?

    If you have not listened to his interviews already they probably amount to over 10 hours, but they are so well worth it. But there are several summaries on your forum and Reddit which outline and highlight the important takeaways.

    I think it would make for an incredible video for you to discuss this subject at length. Even better would be to also include discussions on what is going on between him and Steven Greer. Greer has stated that Tom was some sort of understudy of his, but then Tom got hijacked by his “Advisors” into the military-industrial complex side of things. Greer says that Tom/TTSA are fear-mongering unnecessarily since all ETs as a whole are benevolent. Meanwhile, I can’t find anywhere where Tom will even mention Greer by name. There seems to have been some sort of falling out between the two. I think the two ends of the spectrum are fascinating. Many of Greer’s hot takes are largely unbelievable to me, and I think much of your audience feels the same.

    The truth is somewhere in the midst of all this, and I think Tom’s stance from his advisors makes a whole lot of sense. I’d love to hear your take on this.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I know and respect Tom DeLonge. I firmly believe he has had access to deep and genuine information, although I also think he has personal opinions on this stretching way back that I am not sure are in accord with everything I believe. But all that’s okay. I do believe he is on the good side in this.

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