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By | November 3, 2023

From Youtube video description:

Join Richard Dolan and special guest Jon Stewart as they delve into one of the most controversial videos in the history of ufology – the infamous alien interview video. Allegedly recorded in 1991 and released in 1997, this video has sparked debates and theories among ufologists and skeptics alike. Jon, a former professional wrestler and congressional candidate, has spent years meticulously researching this video, seeking the truth behind the enigmatic footage. In this riveting discussion, they explore the intriguing backstory, the mysterious figures involved, and the potential implications of this video. Whether you’re a seasoned ufologist or new to the field, this deep dive into one of ufology’s most contentious pieces of evidence is sure to captivate. Tune in as they unravel the mystery, piece by piece, in a quest for answers. Visit Jon’s Youtube Channel:


Hi Everyone,

This came as a surprise interview for sure, but my interviewee, Jon Stewart (yes, that’s his name!) was recently made known to me, and we had a very long phone conversation earlier this week. 

In our recorded interview, we discuss the infamous alien interview video, a highly controversial piece in ufology history. The video was reportedly recorded in 1991 and released in 1997. This is entirely different of course from the even more infamous Santilli Alien Autopsy video. John, who has a diverse background as a professional wrestler and a congressional candidate, has been rigorously investigating this video for several years.

His investigation has led him to various sources, including Hollywood, the government, and ufologists. He has also traveled extensively, from Cuba to England, to gather information. He has been told that the video was smuggled out of a highly secure facility, a claim he initially set out to disprove.

Our discussion also touches on the existence of the Department of Naval Intelligence (DNI), a controversial topic within the ufology community. It has been assumed generally that there is no such department (there is of course the OFFICE of Naval Intelligence, ONI but no official DNI). John claims to have received confirmation of its existence from three vetted sources, adding another layer of intrigue to the whole topic. 

At the end, John also mentions his recent investigation into the Roswell incident, which he actually presented to several members of Congress. He believes that the alien interview video and the Roswell incident are of significant historical value and should be thoroughly investigated. 

Throughout the discussion, Jon emphasized his commitment to uncovering the truth, regardless of where it leads. He  welcomes skepticism and scrutiny, believing it to be an essential part of their quest for answers. I agree. 

But I will say that I think Jon has done a very good job in looking into this video. It’s quite interesting and he makes a surprisingly strong case — at least in my opinion. I’d like to know what you think. 

We recorded a second part which is exclusive to this site and I am posting that now. 


11 thoughts on “Revisiting the Alien Interview Video | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Bernard Pelletier

    There’s no way one can tell if there are creases or not under the arm. The film is much too unclear, n if it was clear there would have to be a close-up. And there’s no way one can identify someone based only on the eyes n part of the nose. Also, it doesn’t have to be animatronics, it can be done w rather primitive methods. On top of that, these beings have no mouths that open, they have only slits. They do not speak n do not eat, they use osmotrophic nutrition, n communicate only thru telepathy, which is the same as thought projection. And it looks fake, too. And ‘data’ is plural, and it’s not ‘respiratory issues’, it’s ‘respiratory problems’.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    I did a quick search on Jon. Very quick to see how he went to politics and hollywood?

    “Car dealers have their own trouble with DMV delays, according to a longtime auto dealer who is running for Secretary of State as a Libertarian. Jon Stewart of Deerfield is a former pro wrestler who ran for the Illinois House and U.S. Senate more than 20 years ago. Stewart said he would look to add satellite DMV offices in Chicago to reduce congestion at existing sites.” This is when he recently ran for secretary of state in illinois. It seems a lot of his background is not here?

    But i only heard ten minutes. I have seen him in the past. I didn’t get a very believable vibe from him before. Seems very nervous and i remembered that from before. Wired.

    Sorry Richard. I had done a dive into that video. I can believe that the US would even torture an ET for information. But i recall reading, it was those guys from the special effects that worked for Spielberg. I forget the company name , something with the word ‘Lights’ in it. They said it was a puppet i believe. like i said, i am totally down with believing that the sickos interrogate ET. Maybe counterintelligence agents for one.

    Thank you!

  3. Gal Matheys

    always thought it was fake , did not change my mind yet but i do have some rethinking to do.
    i really wanted to come to vegas but this shity war not going to end soon bearly any flights from israel to the u.s and its all around 2000$ hopeing to show to next confrence

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Pardon me but as a Jewish American i do not call what is happening a ‘war’. I find what Israel is doing to be blasphemous and i find the conflating of Jewish and Israel to be at an all time high here in the US. This is also dangerous to me. I guess you are able to have internet access on your side of the ‘fence’.

      Apologies, if Richard rather not post this, i am alright with that. I am only sorry i couldn’t get to DC or NYC when Jewish Voice For Peace Did “Not in My Name” shutdowns.

  4. Andromeda107

    I saw this video years ago,I never knew what to make of it. Its a fascinating video,and it;s totally possible that the video is real. I am glad to see that someone is taking a closer look at the video . Thanks Richard and Jon I really enjoyed the interview,and the deep dive into the video.

  5. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    I recently watched Richard’s two part deep dive into the controversial 1997 “Alien Interview” film.
    Though I was no longer an A.P.R.O. Investigator at the time of the documentary’s release, I did closely examine the film when it came out.
    For those that have not watched Richard’s 4 interviews with me earlier this year, and are not familiar with my background, I’ve had 2 career paths which have actually complimented one another for more than 40 years.
    One as a Physical Security Specialist, and Intelligence Analysis working with various Federal agencies which Richard can attest too, and as a Make-up Special Effects Artist, Costume Designer, and Prop Maker.
    Here is a short 2 minute interview about my work for Disney, and Marvel Studios. Though I’ve also worked for Lucas Film, Sony Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and NBC Television where I worked on two seasons of Jack Web’s “Project UFO” where I did Prosthetic alien masks.
    Firstly, I want to applaud Jon for his professional investigation, and due diligence on this incident. He should be roundly commended.
    Also, I would never say never in regards to the authenticity of such a film.
    That said, one of the reasons Jim Lorezen, A.P.R.O.’s head, took me on as. an Investigator was my film and Make-up Special Effects experience for what it could bring to the table in analysing films and photos of purported UFO’s, and Aliens, submitted too A.P.R.O.
    My two largest interests as an A.P.R.O. Investigator were crash retrievals, and reported Alien sightings, and their descriptions.
    At one point we seriously considered putting together a “Coffee Table” style book/catalog of all the Alien physio types found in our A.P.R.O. files.
    In part 1 of Richard’s review of the Alien Interview Jon shared that a film.artist who had been tasked with analysing the 1967 “Gimlin/ Patterson” Bigfoot film gave his thoughts on the Alien Interview documentary.
    To share an example of A.PR.O.’s experience in analysing Cryptids, in 1976 A.P.R.O. was asked to analyze the Gimlin / Patterson footage on the film’s 10th anniversary which we did with the assistance of the Kodak Center in Phoenix Arizona, as well as the University of Arizona, and later the “Yerkes National Primeape Center at Emory University.
    Though the analysis of the Gimlin /Patterson film by A.P.R.O. is an interesting subject in itself, I share it here only as an example of the work we did in these types of incidents.
    In regards to the Alien Interview, as much as I would love to share that it is likely authentic, in my professional opinion it is not, and I believe it is actually a hand puppet and not animatronic at all.
    This was also the sentiment of Academy award winning Make-up Artist Rick Baker, whom I know, and worked with in the 70’s.
    Here are just a few of my many reasons that I believe the Alien is indeed a puppet.
    Firstly, though many of the film artists that Jon spoke with shared that the Alien couldn’t be a foam latex figure because it had no folds under it’s arms, by 1990-1997 few professional artists were still using foam latex for figures. They were using Elasto Polymers, Silicones like “Dragon Skin” made by “Smooth-On” products.
    Silicone skins for puppet figures were far more life like in both texture and moment, and the Silicone was, and is, vastly easier to work with than the traditional Berman Foam Latex that had been.the standard used by film artists for decades, including by myself.
    Also, the articulated movements seen produced by the Alien’s lips, and mouth, that impressed Jon so much, had been mechanically achieved as early as 1990 in films.
    You can reference such film examples where character masks used radio controlled servos to articulate the mouths, and lips of masks to form vowel shaped words in movies such as “Spaced Invaders” circa 1990
    And the first live action “Ninja Turtles” film:
    The radio control servos used for these masks were only a few dollars each, and common to obtain at any hobby shop then, and now.
    Still, I don’t believe this was an animatronic figure, but only a low end, technically speaking, hand puppet, more akin to a Ventriloquist Dummy, and that the mouth, and lips where articulated by the puppeteer’s fingers.
    Take a look at the skillful manipulation of “Lamb Chop” by the talented Shari Lewis, and how she articulates the puppets every word.
    I believe this is very similar to how the Alien puppet was manipulated, and exactly how I would have accomplish it.
    Again, though one of the Make-up artist had shared with Jon that if the puppet was cast in foam latex, once it’s arms were lowered it would create folds in the arm pit areas.
    This would only be true if one: it was cast in foam latex, and two: if it was sculpted with extended arms that would later be lowered.
    Though the extended arm.pose was a common practice for many projects of this type for many years, in this case I believe that the Alien figure was sculpted as a bust from the mid chest up, and the arms sculpted in a downward angle, likely 30 degrees, and only from the shoulder to mid bicep as the film maker didn’t plan to articulate the arms which is an important tell that the Alien is not real, that I will explain in more detail later in this post.
    Jon went to great lengths to identify what appears to be a medical monitoring device seen in the film.
    As an investigator I would agree that searching out the existence of this device may give provenance to the authenticity of the film.
    Though given the same information that Jon received from medical instrument engineers, I came to the very opposite conclusion that Jon did.
    I believe no one could identify it because it simply ISN’T a medical measurement device. Not even a “One Off”.
    It is only set dressing intended to add a particular ambiance , and visual drama that will draw the viewer into the urgency of the unfolding narrative.
    Honestly, you have to ask yourself “What is the basis of it’s metric?”
    There are no graphs on the screen or indication about the lights movement up or down, or side to side that would give the operator any indication if a rapid or high bounce is good or bad, and what the mean healthy indication is.
    Jon also mentioned that monitor stand legs resembled a Civil War bullet cartridge, and postulated that if someone had built this as a prop that it was unlikely they would cast and use such an obvious terrestrial item?
    I can say I have done it literally hundreds of times. Even SPECIFICALLY repurposing a bullet casing as another useful object.
    This repurposing and casting of common objects has been done for ages by prop makers.
    In the film “Pacific Rim” the military armour created for the actors was principally made up of repurposed “Ironman” armour pieces, and others from the Batman trilogy.
    In the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” the details of the Mother ship’s surface where comprised of a mesh mash of World War 2 tank, and battle ship model parts as well as some cars. All easily recognized if you saw them at close range.
    The monitor doesn’t give anyone specific metrics about the Alien. You only know it’s movement is indicating distress when the Alien keels over coughing., and shouldn’t the Psychic in telepathic communication with the Alien already be aware of the medical distress?
    Why would you even need a monitor at all except for visual drama?
    The monitor literally shares nothing beyond a sense of urgency as it strikingly, visually, resembles a heart monitor, or a life support indicator, demonstrating distress, and ultimately possible death which has been used in far more films than I could possibly list examples of.
    This brings me back to my aforementioned tell about the Alien’s arms which has to do with the “Autonomic” or involuntarily nervous system.
    Any life support instructor will share that the first two UNIVERSAL “Involuntary Signs” that a person is in respiratory distress is One: They can’t utter any speech or noise, and Two: they will automatically reach for their own neck and mouth.
    As I noted this is universal, and involuntary in prime apes.
    Of course the easy out here is that this is an Alien, and when they can’t breath their arms simply remain limp at their sides, and they face plant sustaining serious injury to their head and large eyes.
    I believe from an evolutionary standpoint this would have doomed these creatures long before they ever left the caves of their home world.
    Though you notice in the film the creature, instead of face planting which would have been the natural outcome, it’s gasping, visual features, remain centered to the audience.
    If this was a real medical emergency the medical attendants would have immediately placed the individual on their back, face up, on the hard floor, and arched it’s neck to open it’s airway.
    Though in this case the Alien’s face remains pointed at the camera as the medical attendants work from behind it, over it’s shoulder. This is intended staging for the audience.
    This alone tells me the film is contrived. Not to mention that such an incident would only be conducted in a level 4 bio lab where the medical attendants would be outfitted with their own bio suits tethered to their own oxygen supply.
    Neither were either of the attendants responding with the common medical equipment brought too a respiratory distress incident such as:
    * A bag-Valve-Mask Device.
    * Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMA)
    * Endotracheal Tubes
    * Or The OPA which is a medical device that is used to maintain or open an individual’s airway by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis, a small flap in the throat. The OPA is typically used in unresponsive individuals., The NPA is a tube that is passed through the nasal passageway to secure an open airway.
    This was a hand operated puppet.
    The puppeteer was concealed below the high counter.
    The puppet obviously could not be raised by the medical attendants and be turned on it’s back without revealing it had no lower half, or arms.
    There are many other aspects such as the cosmetic shading on it’s cranium and face which is totally unnatural.
    When was the last time you saw a bald man with deep dark shadowing accenting his cranium?
    Or a gaunt individual who’s bone structure was contrasted with deep tones to bring out the boney features of their face?
    Likely only in a SciFi film.
    Again, the easy out is “It’s an Alien and all of them have cosmetic shadowing accenting their bulbus heads, and boney lower face”
    The last point I want to make is, that for me it doesn’t pass the “Uncanny Valley” test.
    For those unfamiliar with that metric, the “Uncanny Valley” is a common unsettling feeling people experience when androids, humanoid robots, puppet figures, and audio/visual simulations closely resemble humans in many respects but are not quite convincingly realistic.
    For me it definitely does not not clear this bar.
    It’s jerky, top heavy movements scream hand held puppet.
    Jon did share that he didn’t believe anyone would spend the amount of money needed to produce what he believed was a very high value short film.
    I saw absolutely nothing that appeared high value even for the 90’s.
    Film budgets can be costly. Though I can also share from personal experience that Hollywood often grossly exaggerates what they’ve spent on certain aspects of a film for marketing purposes.
    You’d be shocked how small real budget allowances are for even many big productions.
    Yes, if you enlisted a major Special Effects Lab like Stan Winston’s, you will be spending a good deal. Though I saw nothing of that caliber in the “Alien Interview”. The production value didn’t exceed what I’d classify as “Garage Level” film making, and can point to excellent fan made film shorts from that tome such as seen here in Sandy Collora’s “World’s Finest” that was done on a minor budget with many unpaid volunteers.
    My observation’s are not intended to be critical of Jon’s investigative methodology, or to assert that he didn’t conduct a through investigation.
    Based on what he has shared, and my own professional experience, I’ve simply come to a different conclusion.
    There in fact may actually be an authentic Alien video out there that was stolen from a high security facility. It may still be out there, or has sense been recovered by those it was taken from.
    As to “Victor” he may really believe the film he has is authentic. He may have been deliberately deceived for some purpose, and there could be many reasons he was.
    This is where I do, respectfully, believe Jon may have dropped the ball in the investigation.
    Investigators are tasked with determining the “Who, What, Where, and Why” concerning an incident.
    Still, determining the motivation of the individuals involved in an incident isn’t required in proving why or if an incident occured, even in a murder investigation, as the principles motives may be unknowable and not make rational sense which happens more than not.
    I do believe such films, videos, and photographic captures, of living and dead Aliens, do, or at least did, exist, if they weren’t purged over time to maintain security, and plausible deniability.
    With all due respect to all Jon’s hard work, and personal scarifies, the “Alien Interview” is unfortunately not that film.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Allan. I am so glad you offered your knowledgable and detailed assessment of this video. Of anyone I know, you are probably best positioned to offer a reasoned comment. Many thanks.

      1. Allan Lavigne

        It was my pleasure Richard. Looking forward to hearing your lecture at the conference this weekend.
        Allan Lavigne
        Former A.P.R.O. Investigator


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