Interview with Project Unity

By | August 8, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

This was an interview I recorded late last week with Jay Anderson of Project Unity. Jay as always was a great interviewer and very graciously allowed me to roam. We got into topical issues, then went a bit more philosophical and it all was good. I hope you enjoy this!


9 thoughts on “Interview with Project Unity

  1. Rmarks

    A delightful pivot from The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 to Stoned Ape Hypothesis to testosterone-driven warfare as an engine for technological advancement… great stuff.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      “testosterone-driven warfare as an engine for technological advancement” 🙂 This has been the feminist hypothesis for a long time. At least it has been mine!

  2. Anthony Dobson

    Hi Richard, I don’t comment often on your site. However, having just watched your interview with Jay, I have to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Jay is a super-smart guy and the dialogue between the two of you was a joy to watch. I’d love it if you guys could make it a regular event!


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you. Yes, Jay is unique in many ways and a really good interviewer. Glad you enjoyed it. I am sure he and I will continue doing these. This wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

  3. Bjofod

    I think we are in devolution! Many stupid things point in that direction. I am sure that we humans did know the difference between man and woman long before we evented the wheel, yet we now have polititians asking how to define what a woman is. In 2023!
    They want to mimic a large volcono and spray 20 million tons of sulphuric substance in the upper atmosphere to block some sun. Forgetting that in 1815 a volcano that size blew up and a year without summer and crops was the result and people died.
    The acid rain from 20 million tons poison do not seem to matter and the CO2 from the millions of planetrips is not questioned.
    People. What we see here is possibly a terraforming in disguise. Much more clever then bullets and lasers.

  4. Andromeda107

    I completely agree when it comes to NASA. NASA maybe a civilian agency , but the DOD /Pentagon runs the show behind the scenes to some extent. NASA has always looked very negatively toward uaps/ufos. During the hearing representative Frost was somewhat talking up NASA ,particularly the so-called uap study team NASA set up in 2022. I think he truly believes that NASA is actually going to look into the uap/ufo phenomenon ,and if this team actually does ,which I highly doubt , that they will share their findings with us. Mr. Frost really needs to do his homework when it comes to NASA and the subject of uaps, and he should start by talking to Donna Hare, or looking at some of the old NASA camera footage that NASA always claims is ice particles or camera glare. Mr .Frost is going to be very disappointed when that NASA report comes out, if it comes out.Their findings will be absolutely zero, or at least that is what they will tell the public.The NASA study team if just for show. Great talk Richard and Jay.


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