INTERVIEW with “Alien Theorists Theorizing”

By | July 1, 2021

I am not an accomplished Spotify user, but I suspect some of you are. Although all you need to do here is click the play icon. 

This is an hour-long interview I did about a week ago with an interesting group of guys. Honestly, I can’t remember everything we discussed, but I remember enjoying this. I hope you do too. 


24 thoughts on “INTERVIEW with “Alien Theorists Theorizing”

  1. Harry Harris

    The Discovery channel did a 3 hr! show called “UFOs Declassified: Live”. Was about the released UAP report. It kind of seemed something between a game show and a panel of commentators. Actually think they did a decent job especially for a general audience and the show host ,Josh Gates, asked the panel some pertinent questions (for a change). The basic panel was Nick Pope, Jim Semivan, George Knapp, and Jeremy Corbell but included a host of others such as John Podesta, Harry Reid and Lue Elizondo among others usually giving off stage comments by video. In any case, for a general audience it was not a bad representation of the subject currently and gave some historical but limited context. Very little about crash retrievals (Roswell) and no abduction cases etc. Would have been interesting to get someone like you on that show to give a more complete view of the complexity and strangeness of the subject and what might be its ramifications.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    ‘Alien theorist’. Well, that will be a new line of podcasters and niche’ on social media and in the world at large. I can’t flipping wait! 🙂 I am sure they will all have direct experience on intergalactic psychology as well.

  3. JurassicRanch47

    That discrepancy between the observed importance of UFOlogy, and the apparent lack of scientific and academic structures to investigate all of it’s implications, forms a dark silhouette of what is missing from the picture, yet must be there. The discrepancy is a warning buoy marking a vast submerged structure that is the official UFOlogy. We’re the side show. It’s a little like the nomadic bands of “camp followers” that attached themselves to army units and large railroad construction crews in the West, some good folks and plenty of gamblers, bar keeps, hustlers, hookers and hangers-on. Eighty years ago (Cape Girardeau) they started needing answers. Military & civilian leaders had to go to academia and industry. The scope is vast, enough to employ thousands of academics for going on three generations. We never hear a word from them. Breaking tasks down to “need to know” would increase personnel numbers, and no one would know the bigger picture if they didn’t have to. There’d be all sorts of physicists, aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, cosmologists, astronomers and chemists. But, there’d be archeologists and/or paleontologists going through the Mars data with a fine tooth comb, possibly the moon as well. Civil engineers would be examining alleged ruins on both, while others designed structures for human use. Industrial engineers would design factories for building our anti-grav craft. How many medical schools would be working on alien physiology, psychiatry and psychology? Linguists, economists, theologists, geologists, micro-biologists, climatologists, mining and water engineers investigating aliens, alien tech, alien civilizations and alien worlds. The counter-intel op to watch all of this would be massive. Would FBI & CIA even be trusted with it?

  4. Mike Drake

    Good interview. I’ve been re-reading the first few chapters of your book UFOs and the national security state. Great stuff.

    You’ve said recently that you’d match your level of knowledge on UFO history against anyone, and as a result you’re the perfect person to ask this. When reading your book I got genuinely freaked out when I read the accompanying document by the DOD when project Blue Book was formed (the one directing all military personnel to take the matter seriously and report it) It struck me how similar this historical document is to the DOD doc put out on the heals of the UAPTF report, so… After reading your book I couldn’t help but wonder if this is more of a rebrand/reboot than anything to do with disclosure.

    Given your historical knowledge on the subject can you (time permitted) please post something to help those of us that need help understanding why this current situation that we are in is new rather than a repeat. To my eye other than the fact that unsophisticated weather balloon debunking is not possible it all seems so incredibly similar to the other historical rollouts of projects Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book as you described in you book UFOs and the modern security state.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Mike, thanks for this question. I’ll give a short answer here but a longer answer in a post, maybe even from a fireside chat tomorrow, or soon after that. The earlier statements from the 1950s were nearly all classified in one form or another. If not fully classified, then quiet at the very least. United States military back in those days absolutely did not want people to think that they were worried about UFO incursions. But they were. At least certain elements were very concerned. The main thing that is different today is that for the first time there is a quasi-official acknowledgement that there are genuine unexplained objects traversing our skies, and even interfering with military operations. That’s never been admitted before. Even in 1952 during the famous press conference in Washington DC, General John Samford did not go nearly that far. so in the public realm, at least, we are in some new territory. There is still a long way to go if we are to get to any genuine truths, and only time will tell if we get there.

      1. Mike Drake

        That answers the question perfectly. I guess as similar as it all seems we wouldn’t know about much of the historical content/context (stuff that you mention in your book) without the countless FOIA requests put in by researchers in the 70s and 80s.

      2. Rosanne Losee

        A baby step, but an important one, this ‘soft’ disclosure. I hope to see the reality of it in my lifetime.

  5. MarkH

    Hi Richard.
    An excellent podcast.

    I don’t think we need another war to advance technology. Instead, we need altruistic people like CMd Fravor suggested to use their enormous wealth to expedite tech.

    We can only speculate, but if “they” monitor and see human existence on the brink of disclosure or destruction, whether by covid or the military, perhaps the next move is for the Aliens to make.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. JudyV

    I really enjoyed the conversational tone and theorizing posture of the “alien theorists” talk, and also appreciated your recent talks about the Task Force Report.
    In another of your recent talks you touched on some of the geopolitical situations around the world, and I enjoy your musings on where we’re going from here. In that regard I’d like to mention a book I just enjoyed, and which might interest you. It’s “2034,” a speculation on the next world war written by a retired admiral and a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  7. Sonya Johnson

    Well I’ve clicked on everything, not all at once, and get NOTHING (but frustration) !!! Please be more specific. Or at least the gist of information. Thank you.

  8. Roscoe

    for some reason I really enjoyed this interview!!
    always interesting to hear RD genesis story, always some new tidbit I didn’t know…

  9. Roberto Orci


    Long time student of your work. Great to join this site. Have referenced your thinking often as a screenwriter/producer (Star Trek, Transformers, Ender’s Game, Cowboys and Aliens).

    Can’t wait to dig into this site. Keep up great work!

  10. BrianRuhe

    I listened to all of this and it was good and peppy. I would like you to address the Grey alien agenda more, Richard. Suzy Hansen’s book, “The Dual Soul Connection” is the best I’ve read on this agenda. Like you say here, this is the most profound and important topic.
    Very good,
    Brian Ruhe

  11. whatif

    I enjoyed the interview. Hearing the Dolan perspective from 10,000 feet is rare and enlightening. Thanks.

  12. Ferdi Öztürk

    Roberto, you being in the Film/TV biz, what’s your opinion on the idea that ET-related stories (Spielbergs movies but also Independence Day) were in some kind or fashion not only inspired by Ufology, but also directly or more probable indirectly sponsored or “produced” by the national security state / MAJ-12 / “them” / etc.?

    And on a more personal basis, I’m a huge fan of John Ringo Mil-Sci-Fi, e.g. Posleen Wars, Live Free or Die, Into the Looking Glass, …
    He has some nice ET-ideas… do you know his work? I always wanted to see it on the screen but it seems he couldn’t find a producer

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It is an interesting theory. I certainly would never rule out such a thing. I suppose what it would require is a deep, historical/journalistic dive into the details of the creation of those movies. It’s not something that I am intensely familiar with, other than in generalities. But I do think there is potential there, and quite likely in some instances genuine manipulation. But I just don’t know.

    2. Roberto Orci

      Certainly Ufology inspired some film makers. Others are rumored to have been inspired by personal experiences (Spielberg).

      As for the national security states influence, tougher question. I, myself, have not been directly directed to do anything or change anything by the powers that be. Can’t speak for others.


  13. Ferdi Öztürk

    Thank you Richard for your answer, I guess sice the first War of the worlds radio show the entertainment industry is interwoven with ET / ufos, perhaps that famous panic then was the result of them testing the public? Would mean the government knows about this stuff much longer, century / centuries? My comment / question was directed towards the author of a comment earlier. Roberto (Orci) who is a big well-known script writer/ producer. If I remember right he even worked with Spielberg

  14. Anthony Falletta

    I loved this interview been listening to both of you for years so great to see this collab!

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