INTERVIEW: Alien Agendas & Task Force Report

By | July 1, 2021

Hi Everyone,

This is an interview I did a few days ago with Melissa Tittle of Gaia for the Cosmic Cantina Podcast. All this was in anticipation of the UAP Task Force report, so it’s pre-release but certainly topical. 

In fact, a great deal of it was focused on my recent book, The Alien Agendas, which she liked very much. There’s a fair amount of conversation about the book in this interview. 


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  1. PressToDigitate

    The anecdotes from your book of instances of apparent Hybrid Infiltration which they discuss after your interview are not only plausible, they echo many accounts reported by the ‘Targeted Individuals’, and generally attributed to ‘gangstalking’ “paranoid delusions”. Before the ‘Havana Syndrome’ of RF/EMF targeted Anti-Personnel attacks was generally confirmed and recognized, most people dismissed the “TIs” as crazy – just as many people dismiss the Abductees until they become familiar with the evidence of Alien Abduction reality.

    Do we have any accounts from the ‘Inside’ as to how the national security establishment, or Majestic itself, is able to distinguish Hybrids in screening personnel for sensitive positions? Or do they have no such ‘Cylon Detector’? Or did they once and have since abandoned the procedure, after becoming sufficiently infiltrated despite (or before) such precautions?

  2. wildbill65401

    Hi Richard! 😊

    So, I went into this video thinking that the hosts were going to be having some kind of in-depth discussion with you about The Alien Agendas. I was very shocked to see that the interview was like 15 minutes. 😮 I continued watching and within 10 minutes I was bored to tears. I am not sure why people think that channel is all of that and a bag of chips, but I was not a fan. I am glad you received wider exposure, but I hope that if you were to be on their channel again that you receive more screen time. Maybe I am biased. 😇

    Wild Bill 🤠

  3. TomTort

    Interesting conversation on what was written by you in your book. However, there was a big concern on what should be expressed and how ideas were stated that could get some flac because of the inappropriate content. I saw nothing that should be criticized or categorized as out of line. One can’t always negotiate legitimate information when it is appropriate for description and understanding in a discussion. It is more than obvious that one must act as though one is in “church,” otherwise censoring is a big problem.
    I think U-tube gets a little carried away. These “nutty” restrictions force legitimate discussion on appropriate content “watered down” or eliminated entirely.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Please don’t hate me everyone, but all i did was look at this photo and i decided to ‘pass’ on it. Sorry.

    I also am on the record as thinking the ‘agenda’ term is loaded to say the least. I am guessing that our own PTD no doubt has more to say about hybrid infiltration than the little group i see here. 🙂

    I know, i know. I am like such an elitist! But i figure a lot of people in social media world are bummed about the ‘disclosure’ report being so lame and i think much prep was done because they thought it would be a big deal.

    Am i wrong or were some of the ‘in the know’ insiders claiming that we were going to get some big time news in that report? We should be taking names because they can be written off as people who are not ‘in the know’ at all. Or easily duped.

    1. PressToDigitate

      I very much agree with what you said about the supposed “Insiders”. I don’t believe that Ufology has ever heard from a single genuine Insider. Even those we revere as ‘closest’ – such as Puthoff and Davis – are just lurkers, hanging out outside the tent, thrown a few crumbs in the form of meaningless consulting contracts to keep them busy and distracted. Colonels Alexander and Peterson never had any grease, either. When every last known Human is ‘On the Outside, Looking In’, you have to logically consider the possibility that all the real Insiders are *Not Human*. Combined with the myriad ‘Men-in-Black’ stories of preternatural means (i.e. ‘Mental Suasion’) being invoked to maintain the Coverup, and the peculiar treatment its been given by the media for 80 years, and you have to conclude that “this is no ordinary scandal suppression” at work here. This is all circumstantial evidence that our national security establishment – and national media – were successfully penetrated by Alien Hybrid Operatives, decades ago, and the Truth sabotaged as their prime objective. With Their psychic abilities, and Infiltration potential, the question must be asked: “Why WOULDN’T They?”

      To suppose that in 80 years, seemingly *not a single* ascertainable authentic “Insider” has come forward – with the arguable (and, in the scheme of things, ‘minor’) exceptions of Col Philip Corso and Bob Lazar – just simply beggars credulity. There would certainly have been Thousands – if not Tens of Thousands – of ‘people’ working on the Inside, directly on Extraterrestrial hardware, its deconstruction, re-engineering, and reproduction, not to mention biological analysis, in the years since Cape Girardeau in 1941. Now, EVEN IF we excuse those involved during the ‘War Years’, and even the ‘Cold War Years’, as keeping secrets “patriotically”, we still have decades in which Thousands of workers all stayed silent. I’m sorry, but Human Beings just aren’t that circumspect, loyal, or reticent. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. The only plausible explanation is that Alien Hybrid Operatives have been running the show, behind the scenes, and employing more of their kind for the labor and management to do so, for at least the past 30 years.

      Funny how that would put the final sellout during the Bush, Sr. Administration. Yes, “GHW Bush” is “CGB Spender” – a/k/a “The Smoking Man” – in savant Chris Carter’s unconsciously channeled X-Files conspiracy story line. If we’ve been Sold Out to Alien Colonization, Bush, Sr. was a part of it. And, you’re right; we’ve got no real sources “in the know”. The best we’ve got are astute *analysts* like Richard – and, apparently, from watching CITD, Very Few Of Them.

      But how is “Agenda” a loaded term? Do you believe the ETs come here without one? Are they vacationing on holiday? Did they all just take the wrong Exit off some hyperspace bypass, and wind up here by mistake? Are they mere ‘Tourists’? Come on, its not realistic to believe they have no rhyme or reason for all that they’re doing here…

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Hi there. Well, thank you for such a thoughtful response.

        I just had a new realization that one of the most basic disagreements we have is based on the fact that i think there are more simplistic ways of connecting some of the data points, my latest term here. I just ‘got’ that after all this time. You know how those moment occur, although it seems it would have been apparent like a year ago? 🙂

        Anyway, i don’t feel the need to explain much of this nefarious behavior, including Bush Sr., head of CIA/V.P/Potus, with an evil , (my own term), alien ‘agenda’ And this may include the differences in our world views. I won’t even say ‘politics’ because i honestly feel that term is too limited. I most likely, and it is only my assumption, think that you find certain people in the DOD, etc, to have always been good patriots, etc. I don’t have that perspective. In other words, i have no problem believing that they quite capable of as much ‘evil’, as any hypothetical non human entities. And obviously, we both see Bush Sr. as nefarious, btw, because i thought he was, ET not even a consideration. I always saw him that way.

        Btw, if you are familiar with someone i have very mixed feelings about , Paul Craig Roberts and i had an email correspondence and he, much to my surprise, admitted that many in the Reagan, gag me, administration thought that asassination attempt was to make Bush president all the way back then.

        Oh, ‘agenda’ being a loaded term. Because it sounds non neutral. And the only ‘agenda’ that can be conceived by most humans is destructive. There are indeed ‘constructive’ agendas, btw. But somehow that doesn’t seem to come up.

        Now. Of course i can’t say one hundred percent that the hybrid theory is wrong. Of course i can’t know anything except my own mind and heart with that much certainty. So that is what i do with much of this phenomena. I do believe, in my soul, that anyone or thing that can be so far advanced, had to evolve inner abilities as well, and i do have a very comprehensive view of that area of reality. I absolutely use it and live it. It is a knowing that permeates me.

        If anything, i have reason to believe the the government or powers that be created any problems that may be going on, and no doubt are. The last people i want representing me, rita, are those that seem to be in control. As the twisted and foolish people they are.

        And so there you have it. I think this is the most direct and clear i have been on this topic.

  5. jeffgiaimo

    Has anybody else here had fantasies about having sex with an alien?

    My greatest fear about meeting an alien face-to-face is that they might be able to read the thoughts that I am having about what their alien bits might consist of.

  6. Kristin Stroud

    Has anyone encountered an issue with purchasing the ebook / Kindle version of The Alien Agendas? I attempted to buy on Amazon tonight and the purchase link is unavailable (specific to ebook, not paperback). It says “Item Under Review” – perhaps isolated / specific to me.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Kristin, are you attempting to buy this from within the United States or another country? My sister in Spain told me she had to get my book (paperback) from Amazon.UK.

  7. Kristin Stroud

    Hi Richard! Thanks for the reply – I’m in the US (NC). I ended up just buying the paperback because I couldn’t get the Kindle version to work – supposed to arrive tomorrow 👍🏻😊 Thanks!

  8. Gayle Alexander

    It’s almost September and the Kindle version still isn’t available. Helping my lack of impulse control I guess. I’m so grateful to have found this website! Thank you Richard and everyone who contributes.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Gayle. Yes, I JUST learned that the kindle version of my book The Alien Agendas is (for some reason) not available. It was, but now it isn’t. I spoke with Amazon customer service yesterday and the person I spoke to was perplexed, since everything I did on my end was fine. I expect to hear from someone today. Hopefully that can be fixed SOON.

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