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By | October 31, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I often like to do a Richard Dolan Show on Tuesday evenings, but I have an interview set up for someone that will have to push things a few days later. He’s a very interesting and dedicated researcher and I have a feeling his work will generate some interest — and most likely some controversy, too. 

I will leave it at that for now. Expect something in the next couple of days!


11 thoughts on “Interesting Show Coming

  1. Arthur Preston

    Hello Richard:

    I am a big fan of all your work, and been a very active user in your members forum for months. However myself and a 2nd long time user has recently been silenced by Science Bob on there. Science Bob appears to have gone off the deep end and is threatening multiple members “my way of the highway” sort of thing. It is all about those of us that are critical of Lue Elizondo and the whole “TTSA crew” that triggers him. He is also locking down normal threads that are critical of Joe Biden. He is acting like a out of control dictator. Please review the behavior of Science Bob on your forum and consider looking for a replacement, because he appears to have crossed the line with many members at this point.

    Arthur 33

    1. Christian Morales

      I’m not Dolan but I can relate to being upset when people criticize Lue or Mellon and here’s why. They had the best of intentions. You can argue they were lying because really they weren’t telling us the whole truth of what they knew, but NDAS is a pretty good excuse for that. Mellon and Elizondo did so much for this topic to me personally it’s sad to watch them get attacked. It’s so sad man to watch the stupidity of ufology and it’s true sometimes we are our worse enemy. As far as Biden I can’t protect him but I hate trump
      Too. I’m
      Actually freaking out about elections 2024. If you’d like to have a healthy debate of the TTSA
      Crew I’d be happy too.

      1. Arthur Preston

        This is about the free expression and exchange of ideas. If members are being threatened with bans for criticizing Lue Elizondo by the forum leadership I don’t see how that is healthy. I know the left LOVES censorship these days though. I have been banned from the forum for 1 month by I presume Science Bob (who hates my guts). I did not join the “TTSA/Biden” members webpage, I joined the RD webpage. If criticism of these figures is against the rules they should be explicit in that.

  2. J Buckner

    Are you and Tracey still planning on speaking at Stairway to the Stars?
    The culinary/ hotel workers have voted to strike on November 10 if there’s no contract – first day of the conference – and I’m told by friends in Las Vegas that the union and hotels/ restaurants are miles apart on the contract.
    I have decided not to attend – there’s already complaints about the airport due to State Department terrorists threat warning, and a strike of 35,000 workers could bring the Las Vegas strip to its knees. It’s already going to be a mess with the preparations of the Formula One race to be held on the 18th, but I also don’t want to deal with finding other digs and putting up with long lines at food venues. I have heard rumors that the conference might be moved to a non-union venue but that doesn’t solve anything really.
    I’m not going to cross a picket line, even if the hotel stays open with scab labor. That labor, I’m told, will likely be illegal aliens who have recently worked during the strikes in the LA and South County hotels/ restaurants in CA. I do not support illegal aliens working to fill in as scab labor when fellow Americans are just wanting better working conditions.
    I’m sorry I’ll miss this conference. Looks like it could have been a stellar event, but bad luck with the timing of it all.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes we will be there. Well, if there’s a strike of the hotel workers, I’ll bring some protein snack bars, I guess. 😉 Hopefully things will go well. Sorry you won’t be there.

  3. Walter Malesa

    Day late and a dollar short here but in regards to USO activity you should look into interviewing anyone you can find From NUSC (naval underwater systems center) located in Newport RI, during the mid to late 80’s they worked on the naval “over the horizons” program with trident submarines and regularly had some serious issues with USO activity. I was privy to more than a few conversations regarding this topic, including them repositioning low orbit satellites to verify the sailors concerns.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Walter, you definitely got my attention with this comment. Well, I will certainly look into this. If by any chance there is any information you have that you feel would be helpful to me, I would certainly encourage you to let me know about it, whether you feel it’s appropriate in a comment here, or a private message via the Contact Us tab on the website. But thank you for this comment in any case, I appreciate it.

  4. tr33f3r

    You have us quite intrigued and interested in the upcoming interview. Was the interview you were speaking of the Alien Interview or one with a human?

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