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By | June 13, 2023



Hi Everyone, 

I will release my recent interview with Steven Bassett later this week. Right now I want this video to go out, since I think it is of more immediate value. In this I discuss the recent news of Grusch, potential Hearings, Steven Greer, etc., and emphasize what questions I think we need to be asking, and what answers we ideally want to be looking for. 

I will have a live link to this video at 8 pm EDT, when it goes live to the world. As we’ve discussed here previously, if I could make it available to you guys first, I would do it, but the way Youtube functions with scheduled videos, it’s not really possible, as far as I can tell. 

I must say, the current wave of news is keeping everyone in the UFO field rather busy! 🙂


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  1. Richard Brown

    Hope the NHI take Greenstreet with them next visit. That guy is exhausting. Earth could use a break.

  2. Pyroxide_Martini

    My two biggest complaints with Dr Greer have always been his delusion (IMO) that all abductions are military only and that all ET experienced during such events are essentially robots – what nonsense. Does he really think that an advanced species that we interact with wouldn’t be calling ALL the shots?

    Certainly from my experience, the military were not running the show, the highly decorated individual speaking to me appeared to be more of an observer of what was occurring rather than calling the shots.

    We may have been loaned “drones” to assist with tasks but the ET / UT are most likely in control of these programs at the highest level. What on earth does Greer think we’d have to barter with to maintain any semblance of control? Nothing. We’d have NO advantage over these species. Our best bet is to “go along for the ride” and attempt to guide where we can.

    Secondly, in terms of all ET being benevolent? How does he maintain the ongoing arrogance to assume this? At best, it would only be an educated guess based upon technology and societal projections but he could easily be wrong.

    Does a cow being lead to a slaughterhouse consider humans evil? (Not saying ET eat us, this is just an overall point) – from the cows point of view we’d be monsters, absolute monsters but we don’t consider ourselves evil.

    It’s completely subjective and viewed through the prism of our own morals and ethics which don’t apply to any other species apart from our own (and our concepts evolve over time anyway)

    I’d ask Greer to look someone in the eye whose had serious invasive surgeries performed on them, had objects shoved up their nasal cavities against their will, eyeballs pulled from their socket to operate behind it and tell me it doesn’t feel very f-cking evil to the individual regardless of their intentions

    Let alone species that will just view us as an ongoing annoyance (ants at a picnic to be eradicated) or simply too risky to be allowed to evolve further

    What an a$$hole

  3. Don.B

    The more I look at everything, including unrelated events, the more I’m leaning towards the conclusion that the folks responsible for the UFO cover-up, global domination and nuttiness everywhere originate with Operation Paperclip, perhaps as a “Plan-B”. Kinda makes sense to me as they all went into the various parts of the govt and intelligence agencies, financial institutions, colleges, tech companies, media, etc… Has anyone ever traced all the people and their transplanted career paths for both the USA and Russia? Wonder what that would turn up?

    Doesn’t have to be a huge group, but key roles/players in various agencies, education systems etc. Long term revenge from getting their asses kicked in WW2. Hasn’t it been reported that they were working on anti-gravity, and that they had received help from another race of beings? Perhaps this wasn’t BS after all. But then again, maybe I’m just a conspiracy analyst.. 🤪

      1. Pyroxide_Martini

        I’ve often wondered whether the Nazi’s truly lost WW2 or whether they migrated like a virus and infected a new hierarchy in America via Operation Paperclip and others. Either this was a purposeful “fail safe” should the war effort fail or most likely, the transfer of such people into positions of power in exchange for their knowledge and expertise lead to a bleed through effect of their idealogies amongst new peers. It’s easy to see how this could happen also in the absence of a war and purely ongoing indirect, philosophical discussions that talk of the greater good, sacrifices to protect humanity and of course the arrogance of such people in their belief that no one else could possibly understand the situations they were in, the difficult decisions they had to make (esp with a potential ET threat).

        We’ve seen it in social experiments and you see it via FB and YouTube algorithms – they narrow your scope, adjust your feed, guide you to a new narrative that now starts to seem reasonable and you’ve become indoctrinated before you realise it. This could easily happen in secretive programs where half your co-workers are ex Nazi’s and you have no one else to talk to due to the nature of your work.

        Of course they wouldn’t call themselves “Nazi’s” anymore, that would be improper but they’d rebrand and everyone infected by their ideology would also group together and start the very breakaway civilisation you’ve long suspected

      2. Clifford Ribaudo

        And, if one looks at the section in Greer’s most recent Press Event (Putting aside his obvious patchooli laced doe eyed world view of the beneficence of all aliens), the section on what Senator Inouey told the lawyer involved in his project about a shadowy group operating outside the Government (actually, ANY Government) is similar to the internecine war that Tom DeLong’s Sekret Machine books portray as going on between elements of the US Military and some other criminal group (of humans) with roots in the Nazi War machine and which is taking place right here on Earth.

        These two groups seem to be exploiting captured alien tech for purely Earth base, human criminal activities of one kind or another. Whilst I don’t agree with Greer’s characterization of Aliens and abductions, I don’t think one can disregard all his MIC whistle blowers and what they say. There is some there there and neither can one disregard the Sekret Machines stuff.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      For “getting their asses kicked in WWII”? OK. I would say the u.s. is another manifestation of the Nazi mentality so it was an easy transfer. I know, americans are way better than those guys. We are god fearing, oh wait, i believe Germany was very Lutheran as a rule? Maybe my history is wrong though. Unless the citizens there were all in the underground and none of the honchos were protestants? Someone here must know. I am certainly no intellectual. I am very open about that fact here and elsewhere.

      I hope i don’t get called and cancelled here. I am deciding to have a detached attitude with all the spin that comes out from the insiders. I admit to sounding a bit cynical right here. I feel like it is 2002 all over again. Doctrine for the third decade of the 21st century. Paging Misters Crystal and Cheney and Wolfowitz………………..:-)
      Cheers, rita

  4. Henry Howland

    Wondering if anyone else has opinions on the Greer presentation.
    My impressions without a deeper analysis are that the only credible witnesses Greer presented during this whole event were Donald Heckert and Michael Herra to a lesser degree.

    I do not feel that Eric Hecker is credible, especially after perusing his website, I don’t think working for Raytheon as a non-engineer, a company of over a hundred thousand at the time the events of his claims took place, help his credability either.

    Steven Digna was forthright with the fact that he had neurological issues and made one of the most fantastical UFO stories I had ever heard with plenty of holes and concerning elements. He called Dr Greer his General towards the end which is more concerning than endearing despite of the crowd’s reaction.

    DC Long was all over the place, had a very rough start making underhanded comments about the others and recovering, he made several comments about his background and what he had been doing since the “accident” which did not help his credability.

    Overall I think the lack of media coverage was a good thing for the credability of the topic as a whole. It might be good for the Colonel to testify to AARO or Congress, but his encounters wouldn’t move the ball forward in Congress’ understanding of the subject.

    Had more to say about specific points but was not sure if people generally discuss these sorts of things here.

    Link to recording:

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Tend to agree. I watched it and thought the lawyer was interesting along with 1 or two other and had a similar reaction to Hecker. He has been peddling that story on his website for a while now and not quite sure what to think about it or why we should care.

  5. BAS703

    Hi Richard and Thank You

    I write to disagree!

    Dr Greer’s personal opinion about whether the ET’s are benevolent, malevolent or anything in between, as well as his alleged personal experiences with ET’s has zero bearing on the task at hand.- which is full [D]isclosure.

    And as long as he is pushing in the right direction, he is good, and I for one, am grateful.

    Let me also add that he seems to be able to reach the people at the top far more readily than any other researcher. I believe him when he says that he briefed (and begged) this official and that director and that general, on so and so date. No other researcher has managed that as far as I know.

    Let us be fair and objective here.

    And his event should not be side-lined by people and media, as is happening.

    It is not about Dr Greer. It is about the witnesses that have come to him – they too, have their story. People seem to forget that.

    Best wishes and big thanks for all you do.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Sure, I take your point. One battle at a time. He has a lot of good things to say in his press conference and I was glad about that. And thought that I said so. But, I will not silence myself on what I do believe is potentially VERY dangerous, which is this decades-long fixation on the “good ET-Bad human” dichotomy that has always been presented by him. I don’t believe it and I do think it’s dangerous. Other than that, yes, he has several important and relevant things to say.

    2. Jeremy Mullins

      I recently left a comment on another thread. I think it is worth repeating here.

      You seem to echo Linda Moulton Howe in wanting disclosure that will encompass all areas of alien contact. Ms. Howe mentioned animal mutilations and human abductions. I believe it is extremely important to consider the intent of any off world presence. Dr Greer cannot be correct in considering extra terrestrial activity as “friendly” or “benevolent”. It is a gross exertion of power to trespass on someone’s property, and kill and mutilate their livestock. It is also outrageous to abduct someone from their bed, take them to an undisclosed location, subject them to invasive and degrading procedures, then attempt to erase it from their memory. None of that can be called the behaviour of friendly and benevolent beings.

      I have a deeply rooted distrust in our governments. I firmly believe that the power that pulls the levers of government in the shadows does not have the interests of the common people as its mission statement. I do wonder, however, whether there are agreements in place with some species which permit them to undertake limited and controlled activities as stated by Ms. Howe.

      My biggest fear is that this is done in exchange for protection from more terrifying beings from within the galaxy or some other dimension. Can you imagine something so terrifying that just looking at it would send you mad? A species of extra terrestrial that not only possesses the instinct of a scavenger but super intelligence to focus its cunning. You may think this is just the stuff of sci- fi horror like Alien, but behind imagination lies the potential for reality.

      I think we should tread carefully when we ask to know everything because the truth might be too horrific for us to cope with. Yes, we are for the most part intelligent to accept the truth, but what if the truth is too much to handle?

      The Nazi architect Spier was invited to tour Auschwitz towards the end of WWII. The tour ended with an observation of the workings of the gas chambers. Spier’s claimed that the horrors he saw destroyed his allegiance to the Nazi cause. He told no one about what he witnessed until after his arrest. However, on return to Berlin Spier said to anyone it applied to: “If you are invited to Auschwitz- don’t go there.”

      There are no doubt worse horrors in the universe than we can comprehend. Is full disclosure is foregone, it might be a price worth paying.

  6. Andromeda107

    Richard here is video from Eyes on Cinema talking about the Dalenogorsk crash. I wanted to share because you have talked about this case before.
    Eyes on Cinema is still putting out some great cases .

    Also you mentioned command structure when it comes to the saps , I have often wondered how does a person get read-in to the saps? How does whoever is in charge approach someone to bring him or her into these above top secret programs?

    Also I have watched part of Steven Greer press conference , and it has been very interesting so far, but at 22:50 he starts to talk about how all et’s are peaceful . When he puts out comments like that I cringe, he sounds so ridiculous ,which is sad because he has done some incredible work within the uap field ;he has been able to get secure incredible testimony from very credible military personnel , and civilian contractors.I use to follow him all the time but no so much now, since he starting putting comments out that et’s are are peaceful and love. Richard I just don’t get it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Regarding SAPs, since I’ve never been in one it’s hard for me to know for sure, but having read Davis-Wilson and talked to a few people, it looks like the private contractors often (always?) have final say regarding the matter of who’s in and who’s out. I’ve often wondered about the connection between the author of this article and the Bigelow group. I say this because the author of that piece, Bill Sweetman, did a VERY on-point analysis of the Pentagon’s black budget system way back in early 2000 which very much corresponds to the scenario in Davis-Wilson. ALSO, I’ll just say … one of that group directed me to this article many, many years ago.

      I think Eyes on Cinema also just posted MY interview with the dying “CIA” man which got so much attention about ten years ago. Fantastic YouTube channel. And yes, your thoughts on Greer are mine as well. The good, the bad, and the cringe.

      1. Andromeda107

        Eyes on Cinema did post the video of the interview you did with the dying CIA agent, I had already seen it few years earlier, but I did watch it again.That was amazing that he did that interview with with you.I can only imagine what would have happened if Eisenhower would have invaded Area 51 and S4 with the army. If S4 did have a grey alien at the facility, I wonder how long did it live? And were they successful at communicating with it? I also wonder are these that et’s coming in on scout ship from a mother ship? And when the scout ship doesn’t return does anyone from the mother ship come looking for their lost members/party? I would have to imagine that some of the et’s that know that they are about to crash due to some malfunction of their ship would send some type of message back to where ever they came from letting whomever know ton the other end of that receiving message that they need help.There doesn’t appear to be any evidence of someone coming forward stating that these beings were retrieved by others of their party. Unless these grey’s are some type of biological machine , or avatar as some researchers have suggested , which would make them expendable.

  7. J-Rod

    Very cohesive presentation. Thanks. Great dot points. I thought whistle blowers already had bullet proof protection. Didn’t Biden sign off on it ? So how can they be prosecuted ?

  8. James Hageney

    I doubt this is going to amount to a hill of beans.

    It has been pointed out elsewhere that Gruch is saying no more than Lazar said all those years ago, let alone it’s all third-hand and lacking any concrete evidence.

    Also, consider the rather suspect timing: this and Trump’s impeachment, all happening at a time to distract everyone from the real evidence of Biden family illegality.

    I doubt, very much, that this ‘whistleblowing’ will end up with anything at all.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, as some have pointed out, Grusch at least has genuine bonafides and has been in a very good position to say the things he is saying. For me, that is significant. But it’s true that no “proof” or even hard evidence has yet been brought forward to support him. So we shall see. You may be right. We will find out.

  9. OC

    Lets face it Richard, as far as presidential disclosure, ain’t going to happen with Biden,
    the man can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, blunt truth, but the truth.
    Can you picture him having to deal with all the questions in his declined mental state?

    I think that would also put a stop to any significant disclosure by the “Powers
    That Be (Deep State)” because he would be called upon to make statements and answer
    questions as president.
    No way, no how.

    Blunt truth, political truth as it is now.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree with you of course, as probably do most folks. but it’s a natural question to wonder about. Here’s a thought: Would/could Biden use a disclosure tactic for help in re-election? I have to admit I’ve wondered. Not a truly candid disclosure, of course. But enough to give him some props. I’m probably doubtful, but I do wonder.

  10. Ed Travis

    Watched the video. You mentioned a news source suggesting that there may be a Congressional hearing on the topic as prompted, I suppose, by these latest “whistle blower” and “insider” Revelations. When I heard that, my heart sank and the thought burst upon me that this whole affair is a carefully crafted and executed “rope a dope” campaign. My expectation would be that if Congressional Hearings are called, the witnesses will be the usual cast from AARO, and Intelligence agencies who will testify to the effect that they have found no evidence to support the claims of crash retrievals. They won’t be necessarily lying, although that seems to have become the default these days. It is simply the case that these agencies don’t have the security clearance sufficient to have access to the information. But the Hearings will have the intended effect of discrediting Grusch and Mellon and others.

    As I was writing this, the thought occurred to me that there may be disclosure one day, but it won’t come from actions of Congress or from any government agency. It would have to come via private industry.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Truth … I don’t have the highest expectations of a Congressional Hearing, but for me to throw cold water over it before it even starts would be truly bad faith on my part. I want to give it a chance to see how it goes. But in truth I am not expecting much. Not a breakthrough and maybe even not even a truly positive outcome. We will have to see.

      1. Ed Travis

        Just an FYI, On C2C, George Knapp did a fascinating interview with Jeremy Corbell. Corbell presents an interesting and lengthy background of Grusch, his activities and bona files. He also does a great, hopefully accurate, analysis of the issue of security clearances and seems to indicate that AARO has all the authority needed to secure any and all information needed from the SAPs involved in the cover up. I highly recommend listening to the Corbell interview. For my part, I intend to listen to it again to take notes. Overall, I found it to be rather hopeful. One thought occurred to me yesterday while watching Linda Moulton Howe on the subject was that one oddity of the Grusch saga that seems rather interesting is the fact that he is only 35/36 years old. Considering his actions might well be a career ender, he must be very brave to have come out with this.

  11. Jeremy Mullins

    I am a somewhat frustrated by this update. It took RD a helluva long time to say very little, because there is so little information to be had. I did see a press notice today that said Grusch claimed that Pope Pius was involved in the retrieval of a crashed UFO and handed it over to the US military after WWII. That is more leaky than the Titanic! Where In Vatican City did this UFO crash? The Vatican is a city locked state with a very small area of landscaped gardens. It would be nigh on impossible for a craft to crash there without demolishing some rather historic buildings. Not to mention that most of Rome’s history inhabitants would have seen it fly over and crash! If this fabled UFO crash outside of the Vatican it would have landed in Italy. I can just imagine Pope Pius racing out of his palace to beat Mussolini to the site to claim it! Too many holes in that story to make it believable, which brings into doubt the credibility of anything that Grusch says.

    I despaired a bit to hear Richard say that this would keep him busy for weeks, maybe months. Exactly what information is so detailed that Richard intends to divert his attention and resources away from something more credible or fact based?

    Richard says he is surprised that the media have not taken up this story, really Richard? There’s a war in Europe, the economy has gone to ruin. Biden and Trump are jokes, and every week another maniac kills some toddlers with an automatic weapon. The claims of Grusch are without any evidence and are likely to make any credible editor laugh out loud.

    Please do not patronise us members. As a noted investigator who prides himself on relying on the data and critical thinking, you are not doing yourself any favors.

    For the sake of your membership Richard, get a grip! If you want to speak for 90 minutes plus on this subject, then at least explain why this is such an important topic, given there are no photos, no documents, and some of the claims like the garbage about the alien avenging pope are the stuff of foil hat wearers.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Wow… well thanks, I guess for your candor. First, there are many other topics I am sure I will be discussing in the coming weeks. Yes, I am sure I will be following this story too. Clearly you and I don’t agree on the significance of this latest allegation. I do indeed think it’s very important. I certainly never tried to patronize the members of THIS site. Dude, are you kidding me? The members here are probably the smartest of any UFO-related site anywhere. I would never attempt to patronize folks here. Or anywhere for that matter, but never here. As the days and weeks move on, I will continue to do my best to provide relevant analysis. It’s all I can do.

      1. Jeremy Mullins

        Thank you for responding Richard! I have reread my message and can’t think why I went rambling on about patronising!!! Sincere apologies for that! I hope you agree that it’s good to have differing views, although a bit presumptuous of me on your site!

        Maybe consider my the harshness of my comments Kharma for the lashing you gave to the poor old guy at Contact in the Desert 😁. The universe now forgives you and the next time you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat it be will for pushing the skinny kid off the bleachers in 4th grade.

  12. Scott Santa

    One thing Mr. Grusch spoke to was the VATICAN’s role in all of this especially with regard to the “Magenta” retrieval and I haven’t heard anyone mention it at all, or make a run with it – just a thought.

    All in all an exciting development and yet an underwhelming reaction or response which is disheartening to say the least.

    Thanks Richard, as always – deep thoughts and spot on bullets.

    1. Andromeda107

      I do wonder have much evidence is the Vatican sitting on? I had never heard of the Magenta retrieval until Grusch spoke of it. People, researchers in particularly, should be looking into deeper into the Vatican and they know.

  13. Allan Lavigne

    Though I seldom engage in comments, given the events of the past week I wanted to share my thoughts.
    To quote Winston Churchill; “Men occasionally stumble over the truth; but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”
    Officer David Grusch is to date the highest placed, and credible, Intelligence Officer in a line of government Intelligence officials, to come forward with the broadest revaluations on the UFO reality.
    He should be roundly applauded for his service, his sacrifice, and his true courage which cannot be under estimated.
    Though there are many within the domestic Military Industrial Complex that have, and will continue to attempt to silence him, there are even many more foreign actors that have no rules, who would do literally anything to prevent this information from coming out due to the destabilization it could bring to their political, economic, social, and cultural well being.
    David joins a small, though illustrious band of Intelligence professionals that have come before him.
    Lt. Col. Jesse Marcel, Head of Intelligence for the 509th Atomic Air Wing in Roswell New Mexico, whom I first interviewed in early 1978 as an A.P.R.O. Investigator.
    Then in 1997, Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, Head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the Pentagon, came forward sharing, what Grusch later learned, and brought before the Intelligence Inspector General, that Alien recovered technology was being seeded to private industry, outside the preview of Congressional oversight
    In 2017 former Counter Intelligence Officer, and Head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Lou Elizondo, along with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon, moved the ball even further down the field.
    Neither should we forget the academic, and private industry individuals like Stanford University Immunologist Garry Nolan, Parapsychologist and Engineer Hal Puthoff, Former CIA Scientist Kit Green, and Dr. Eric Davis.
    Nor do I believe we should ignore the contributions to the conversation, as controversial as they maybe, Physicist Bob Lazar, and Space Technology Consultant David Adair.
    Though I am cautiously optimistic that even a broader, and more detailed account of the past, and current state of affairs regarding the UFO reality is coming in the near future, neither do I believe we’ll be seeing a football field size alien space craft towed out onto the tarmac anytime soon for good reason. That being, that even if the domestic Military Industrial Complex wanted to open their Kimono which they don’t, it would be impossible.
    If the American government conclusively demonstrated that we have even a single, intact Alien space craft, irrespective of what other nations may have, the global population would demand that the craft be shared indiscriminately with all 195 world governments.
    Given, for obvious reasons, we would never do that, I believe it likely, that State actors, out of an abundance of paranoia of the military advances, and threats that may arise from a single country with such a technological advantage, would very possibly take preemptive military action before those technological advances could be realized.
    Though I’m certain it’s disappointing that such transparency simply isn’t on the table, particularly given the implications that such technology is speculated could advance humanity, the reality is, regardless of the best minds applied to the challenges, advances would likely only be imperceptibly incremental.
    Ask yourself; to what advantage would a Nuclear reactor have been to the ancient Roman Empire?
    I postulate that much of the technology, removed from context, and without the explanation of its inventors, would be like giving a cell phone to a Neanderthal.
    Neither would field propulsion engineering be applicable to our current vehicles, nor would “Zero Point Energy: interface with the world’s power infrastructure and run either your smart TV or toaster.
    Irrespective of the secrets held in these machines the deserts will not be blooming anytime soon.
    It is possible given that much of the global population has lost faith in its governing bodies, rouge elements, in the chaos, may simply throw all caution to the wind and bring one or more irrefutable skeletons out of the Black Budget closet that would be undeniable proof, and redirect history regardless of the unintended consequences.
    Too, the visitors themselves, for reasons known, and determined only by them, may decide to intercede.
    Are they malevolent? I agree with Richard that we would be foolish not to act with extreme caution.
    Surreptitious, clandestine abductions from vehicles, and homes, medical experiments, forced pregnancies, electronic implants; indicate at best we can only say that their ethical treatment of innocent people rises no higher than ours of lab animals.
    Though world governments, at times, have treated their own populations with equal distain, it is no less troubling that uninvited visitors would act out on an unsuspecting population of another world.
    Though it may seem to the casual observer that these revelations have come over night, the truth is that even the most recent disclosures have been years in the offing behind the scenes, and though more is forth coming we should all exercise patience for it to reach the light of day.
    Lastly, to quote Winston Churchill once again “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former Aerial Phenomenon Research Investigator
    1974 to 1980

    1. J-Rod

      @Alan L. Great post. ” could take preemptive military action before those technological advances could be realised.” Yes. I had this thought a while back also. And it is a concern.

  14. Lauren2844

    Richard i think its about time you talk about Trump and what the Deep State is doing to stop him from running. Never has the leader of the rival party been brought up on federal charges. Only in 3rd world Countries is this ever even tried. I believe you can finally talk about Trump and how the Deep State is trying everything to stop him. Your patrons on this site are extremely smart and can see right through this. If anyone tries to say Trump is bad blah blah blah after the FBI turned over the banking information proving Joe Biden accepted over 30 million dollars for Bribes? No way. Any True American will vote Trump. There is ZERO reason anyone would vote Biden..
    Keep Fighting the good fight Richard! Anyone mad about you and your opinion on something is gonna cancel their membership because they don’t agree with you? Is a member not worth having anyway.

    1. Jeremy Mullins

      Lauren, I for one have never heard Richard make any pro or con comments about Biden or Trump. He seems fairly consistent that he has little respect for the folks in DC. I understand that you are pro Trump and why not? But I quite like a platform that stays out of the politics and focuses on the actions of the incumbent in terms of disclosure, or lack of.

    2. J-Rod

      ‘@Lauren2844 “Anyone mad about you and your opinion on something is gonna cancel their membership because they don’t agree with you? ” I’ve taken out a Gold membership knowing full well that I don’t agree with everything Richard says. And I’m still here.

  15. barbara scott

    good video.please invite timothy alberino to discuss all of the above topics with you.

  16. Fox_Mulder

    Hello Richard!

    Great analysis and commentary, as usual.

    On the topic of Greer’s press conference, I found most of the testimony intriguing and felt that the speakers seemed credible. HOWEVER, Eric Hecker, the guy that discussed the neutrino array in Antarctica or whatever, appears to be a scammer.

    Here’s his website:

    And from his bio:
    “Eric was raised on Long Island the home of the now famous Montauk Project. His childhood included being part of the Stargate Project run by the CIA/DIA. Later on he had experiences in the Submarine Service. Following that he became a plumber for some of the wealthiest people in the world back on Long Island. In 2010 Eric took a contract to work at the South Pole Station for a year.”

    So…he was supposedly in a stargate project run by the CIA? And then became a plumber and somehow has the ability to understand what a neutrino array is and how it works? I suppose his contract would be for plumbing or something closely related. As such, it makes it extremely difficult to believe he has the know-how required to be a credible witness. That combined with the stargate project nonsense gives me Cory Goode vibes, which is unfortunate as it calls Greer’s judgment further into question and casts aspersions on the other speakers / whistleblowers.

    Anyhow, let me know what you think!

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Geeze … and there’s this, also from the Bio: “Always the avid researcher, it was not until Eric began working remotely thoughout the State of Alaska that he started making connections that his own life may not have been what he thought it was.”

      Got a bit of a spelling problem there (thoughout), but I agree his life is probably not what he thinks (or says) it is. 🤣 Ok, so we can probably put a line through 2 of Greer’s presenters.

      Gonna have to say nothing to see there (unless you like wasting time). The amount of Cory Goode type nonsense that started dominating content was why I cancelled my subscription.

  17. Kelley Meehan

    The idea that all aliens are benign probably works for Steven Greer when he is lobbying government officials. After all, aliens who are interacting with our government and corporations would be working with the “good guys” from their perspective. From the outside, to any dispassionate observer the conclusion is the opposite. Benign aliens would bypass corrupt and warlike power structures and find a more direct way to encourage human harmony if that really was their goal. Instead, the interaction feeds elite power and secrecy with a history of increasingly worse results for humanity around the world.

    As an aside, it was Ralph Blumenthal who, in 1986, helped break the story of Mykola Lebed, the nazi associated Ukrainian leader who received a special exemption from the CIA to come to the US and function as a CIA operative in 1949. It was Lebed’s network of contacts that ultimately provided substantial leadership and direction to the Ukrainian independence movement and opened the door for the ideological foundations underpinning the current conflict.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      VERY interesting info on Lebed. Very much in line with, well, everything else we know about post-Cold War Ukraine, which leans heavily into that part of its past and associated ideology.

      1. Kelley Meehan

        A really good 67 page monograph covering the immediate postwar developments was written by Jeffrey Burds as one of the Carl Beck Papers. Entitled “The Early Cold War in Soviet West Ukraine, 1944-1948”, it covers the initial western contacts with Ukrainian terrorist elements both in Ukraine and in displaced persons camps. The increasing tensions that led to the Cold War are not surprising at all. History rhymes once again. It should be online in PDF format.

  18. Christian Morales

    A lot to unpack with the new whistleblower. Things I’d like to learn more about is potential deals made. I never took those stories seriously, but I am reevaluating and keeping an open mind and I know Laura Eisenhower has spoken out about it. Malevolent events I wonder if that was colares Brazil or other events. Crash retrievals I feel like I’m educated well enough. Retaliation and threats and SAPS, I need more education about that. I guess my question is are we working with beings? Was part of the deal was that this stays secret no matter what? What happens if you flip off the aliens and say FU and your secrecy? Collapse of America? Climate change goes on steroids? Men in black kill the whistleblowers? The guy said our future was safe because of the deal followed by I think they would be neutral. Well I got questions about that. You wouldn’t want to cause panic, and frankly idc I want truth no matter what it is. I’d rather take the red pill than the blue pill, but yeah it’s interesting. I wonder Richard if you got any material on the Eisenhower folklore, or the airforce base in 1970 or 71 that was supposed to go on that documentary with Jaques Valle and the guy from the twilight zone 100 years ago it seems like.

  19. Pyroxide_Martini

    Have we ever considered that Grusch actually is part of a disclosure op? Hear me out:

    He’s highly decorated, had the right credentials and clearances for credibility and his “whistleblowing” allows for a controlled narrative, the slow burn if you will.

    It is possible that all the challenges he’s faced to date was also part of said operation to give credence to the whistleblower narrative.

    It may be a reason as to why his body language is often at odds with his verbal language in the interview. He’s uncomfortable sure but not because of the topic, he’s uncomfortable because he doesn’t like the reality of the assignment but he’s a good soldier so he’ll follow orders regardless of where it takes him personally. The mission being more important than the individual.

    So I’m saying it’s not fake, it’s very real, but it’s a very controlled process which is in line with their ultimate disclosure goal. This is a drip feed, the damn walls aren’t breaking, the flow of information will continue to be controlled. Does anyone really think at this stage that those in control of this would really drop the ball?

    Anyone who broke ranks that had any actual knowledge and evidence that could be dangerous to the program, that wasn’t authorised to do so, would be eliminated via apparent natural causes but I suspect the people who really work on these projects at the highest level, disappeared from public life a long time ago. To the public, they either wouldn’t exist or likely “died” for the public record. You’ll never see these people come forward unless instructed to. There is no “out” except by their rules.

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